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Outlook india has 2 interesting articles in this issue.

"Power to the People" talks about the how dharam singh's govt in Karnataka is implementing the panchayat raj which will give Rs 3000 crores at the disposal of the panchayat's.They are also transferring the government functionaries to gram panchayats. Even thought there are lot of questions to be answered, the idea of giving more power to panchayats is great. Let see how it is going to change the dynamics of development in rural Karnataka.

Read the article here

"Dial 1 For India"
This article talks about Maran's plan of introducing a flat rate for STD and local calls. Not sure whether it will get implemented. If it did, it is going to another major breakthrough in india's telecommunication problems.

Read the article here

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why leave Jo, Here is her version

courtesy vikatan

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shobana in manichithrathazhu

Every day at least 2 people come to my blogspot searching for the keyword manichithra thazhu.I thought i will make those guys more happy by putting some pics from the movie.So Ladies and gentlemen let me present to you the 2 time national award winner , the very talented shobana.

studying hard for the exams

In a tranz

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bhanwari devi

Another movie and another inspiring personality.This time i saw Bawandar, which was the true story of Bhanwari devi.

Bhanwari devi was a saathin* worker who was living in a remote village in rajasthan.This is a village which is in a completely different world.A world where child marriage still happens, where the age old code of caste system is followed, where a man can have his way, where questioning and reasoning are a SIN.

Bhanwari was a lower caste kunwaran(potter women) who was educating the women folks and was fighting against child marriages. She earned the ire of the upper caste gujjars, who were not able to digest the protests of a lower caste women. They wanted to teach her a lesson, result she was brutally raped by them in front of her husband in 1992.Her rapists where Ram Sukh Gujjar, Ram Karan Gujjar, Gyarsa Gujjar, Badri Gujjar, and Shravan Sharma.This gang included a priest,a village head and a uncle ,nephew pair.

After the rape bhanwari didn't do the romanticized filmy style suicide or she didn't move out of her village , neither did she bow down and withdraw from fighting against injustice. Her resolve became stronger and she took the matter to the court.

The fight of bhanwari was not an easy one.She had to go through million's of procedures and hurdles even to file a case.First she had to do a medical examination, given the remoteness of a village, you have to travel a bit to the nearest hospital to get a medical examination. Once she went there she found that there is no female staff there and she didn't wanted to be examined by a male staff. For that she had to go to the capital jaipur. she does.That takes a couple of days and because of that it leads to a week medical examination results.

She had to fight wealthy and powerful people who had strong political conneciton.As expected the judgment went against her. All the accused were let Free. It didn't end there. The judge pronounced some of the most shocking remarks ever heard in a judicial statement.

Bhanwari Devi was a Dalit and so, her rapists — upper caste men — could not have possibly raped her.
Talking on the fact that she was raped before her husband the judge said
It isn’t possible in Indian culture that a man who has taken a vow to protect his wife, in front of the holy fire, just stands and watches his wife being raped, when only two men almost twice his age are holding him.’ The judgment also states that it is highly improbable that an uncle and his nephews would commit rape together. The presence of one Brahmin amongst those accused leads the judge to observe that gangs in rural areas are not usually multi-caste and so the accused could not have acted together.
The judgment came as a shocker to many peoples and It united all the women's organization to fight for her case. The case was taken up by many women's organization ,concerned feminist lawyers and the National Commission for Women.

But Bhanwari was determined to fight further and get justice. She said that she had nothing to be ashamed of and that the men should be ashamed due to what they had done. Her fighting spirit inspired fellow saathins and women's groups countrywide. In the months that followed they launched a concerted campaign for justice for Bhanwari. On December 1993, the High Court said, "it is a case of gang-rape which was committed out of vengeance". As part of this campaign, the groups had filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India, under the name 'Vishaka', asking the court to give certain directions regarding the sexual harassment that women face at the workplace. The result is the Supreme Court judgement, which came on 13th August 1997, and gave the Vishaka guidelines.more

This case has far reaching implications because it has also given birth to a writ in the supreme Court seeking to enforce women's right to an environment free from sexual violence in the workplace, and which emphasizes women workers' vulnerability as agents of change. In particular, where the government employs women in hostile and traditional communities, the absence of a safety net leads to greater risks of sexual violence as was Bhanwari's experience when her work against child marriage resulted in her gang rape. Rather than acknowledge the occupational hazard and assume responsibility, the state left Bhanwari alone to battle out her case in a trial court, against the upper caste offenders whose clout and power was unequivocal in her community.more

Her rapists offered her compensation to withdraw the case. Her reply to them: "Tell our village elders you raped me, restore my dignity." Her entire family withdrew support because they felt she should have compromised and withdrawn the case. Her constant refrain has been "mujhe nyay chahiye"(I want justice).

Bhanwari was not able to get her rapist punished. But her fight has resulted in a law for sexual harassment against women all over india and she has become a source of inspiration for lot of rape victims. And she fought against her rapist all along, living in the same village with her head held high.

I think her husband has to be appreciate immensely for standing besides her all through out the issue. Given the indian social setup, he must have gone through a lot of hardship. Change comes with lot of hardship and pain. And mostly it is people who walk in the front who have to bear the pain, so that those who follow them can lead a painless life.BHanwari deci is one such women who symbolizes the change. A front runner, she might have lost her case but her efforts bore fruit in another way as the Work place harassment law.


Blogger annie meets bhanwari devi

govt help to bhanwari

amnesty mention's devi

mail support

Neerja Bhanot memorial Award

It is still happening


*Saathin(friend) is a women’s development programme run by the govt of Rajasthan.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Safdar Hashmi

I recently watched the movie "Salim Langde Pe Math Ro" and the movie started with dedications to "Safdar hashmi".The movie made me think about him, thought i will introduce this great theater personality to people who didn't know about him.

On 1 January 1989, Safdar Hashmi and his comrades in Jana Natya Manch were performing a street play in an industrial township just outside Delhi. Municipal elections were due in Uttar Pradesh, after a gap of more than a decade. The performance was at Jhandapur, where one of the candidates in the election was Mukesh Sharma, a local factory owner-cum-small time goon, close to the then ruling party, the Congress (I). I remember how the bright winter sun lit the brick-paved streets of Jhandapur that Sunday morning.

As Mukesh Sharma's procession arrived where the play was on, Safdar requested Sharma to take another route and come this way later. In response, the actors were attacked with sticks and iron rods. Safdar was singled out, his head bashed in, and left for dead. A factory worker, Ram Bahadur, suspected of giving refuge to leaders of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), was shot dead at point blank range.

Safdar, aged 34, died in hospital the following night. By then hundreds had gathered at the hospital in a spontaneous show of solidarity and protest. Fifteen thousand marched at his funeral on January 3, the largest funeral ever for a theatre artist in Delhi. Protest demonstrations swept the country, and several hundred thousand marched in dozens of cities and towns.

On January 4, less than 48 hours after his death, Moloyashree, Safdar's comrade, companion and wife, led the actors of Jana Natya Manch to the site of the attack and completed the disrupted performance. The play was called 'Halla Bol' ('Attack'), done in support of striking workers. The image of Moloyashree in performance, fist raised in quiet defiance on the spot where Safdar was felled, remains a stirring, inspiring image.more

Safdar's killing unleashed a wave of grief and rage in India. The funeral procession was a nine-mile-long serpent of artists, workers, students -- people from every fragment of a fragmented nation. The play that had been interrupted by his murder was performed on the first anniversary of his death in towns and cities throughout India. Safdar's wife, Moloyashree, was also a member of Jan Natya Manch, Safdar's theater troupe.

"Hashmi's triumph," one journalist wrote after his death, "was that he reached the people. Perhaps that is the one sin the political hoodlum will not forgive in an intellectual".more


It is pathetic that our judicial system took 14 years to convict the killers of safdar hashmi.

"The spontaneous protest after the murder led us to form the Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust (SAHMAT), an umbrella organisation of painters, writers, theatre-persons, film-makers who try to reconfigure cultural symbols in an activist manner," .more


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Weekend movies

Arindhum Ariyamalum

Watched this movie after reading some good reviews on it.was disappointed. An usual masala, but a decent movie compared to the rest of the contemporary movies.But are these the best movies that we can come up with ??.The current tamil film's are so filled with garbage stuff that we are being forced to accept mediocre movies as good one.

Cindrella Man

Was expecting a robert de nero's raging bull kind of performance from rusell crowe, was disappointed. No extra ordinary performances a simple and nice movie.

Kannadi Pookal

A very different movie.The movie talks about the fragile mind/heart of a child. Started wondering when did tamil directors got so sensitive. Given the boy's mallu accent .I suspect this is a lift of from some mallu movie.My suspect came true.It was a remake of the Malayalam movie "Ente Veedu Appoontem" , which fetched the child actor Kalidasan the national award.He shared it with ashwin chintale for shwaas.

The movie dealt with a beautiful subject .But felt something was missing, seemed it failed to connect the various good points of the story.The movie had so many good situations which the director could have exploited. But somehow he didn't .But he has put all his efforts to add some unwanted songs. The kid in the movie was driving me crazy with the malayalam accent. What was the need for the kid to give his own voice. Couldn't they dub his voice.

Ek Je Achhe Kanya - Bengali(The Girl)

Konkona sen sharma's first film. Good performance by her.she did not look like a debutant at all in the movie. The DVD cover said the movie talks about how youngster take up violence nowadays blah blah blah.....I thought ok let's see this movie that talks about violence and youth. It turned out to be a super remake of alicia silverstone’s CRUSH. Iam searching for the guy who wrote the movie synopsis on the DVD cover.

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Gehrayee movie review up in Alternate cinema

More pics updated in my photo blog

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Kungfu hustle

Can u pack a Mask, Mummy,Matrix, Crounching Tiger and stories of some of the famous kung fu movies into one.If yes it will be kung fu hustle.The movie is outrageously stupid at times and highly engaging in other.The director uses all kinds of techniques and borrows from all the famous english and chinese movies to take u on a rollar coaster ride mixing great action with totally ridiculous comedy and unexpected romance.

The only thing that mattered to the director stephen chow seems to be to keep the audience engaged and narrate the movie in a way that nobody can predict what is going to happen.And he has succeded in it.You cannot predict what is going to come next, the movie springs constant suprises.When you think that the movie is shaping into a story, it totally changes and you have to start all over.Well first of all you wont be able to predict the hero for a very long time.

In order to enjoy this creative ride, you should first free yourself from logic and view it, almost like an animation.This movie is an explotion of imagination,you have to follow the movie as it is and enjoy the imaginative characters and impossible stunts.Stephen chow has played with the components of various succesful movies and has mixed them very well.You would have never seen a movie like this.So you will either like it or totally dump it.

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Utsav review up in alternate movies.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Smoking ban in cinema

If yesterday's post was inspired by ramz. Today is inspired by Ganesh.

Ganesh has posted a good blog on the ills of smoking. Which was very good, but he expressed his view that "I for one appreciate this one deed. We have to start somewhere isn’t it?".And many seem to agree.

I for one dont appreciate that deed. We have to be assertive and not let some one take even a minute piece of our "Freedom of expression" cake. This is totally unacceptable.Iam sure a court judgment will be passed against this ban soon.

Taking the same case

#)Shouldn't we be banning students using drugs in movies
#)scenes of people drinking
#)rape scenes
#)scenes depicting politicians as bad guys and politicians as corrupt
#)scenes of clashes on religion and cast basis.
#)scenes of bombs and gun shots.

Well i can list 1000 of more important things that are happening in real life, which if removed would make a positive impact on people/society. End result will be that all the current directors have to go.We have wake all the black and white directors from there cemetery and ask them to direct clean movies.

In today’s context every movie has 80% bad things, to show that good will triumph at the end.Given that factor why single out smoking ??.If iam making a movie , if one of the important component in my movie is the smoking habit of my hero.I cannot do it now, my govt is stopping me from expressing my idea to another person. My govt is restricting my freedom of expression.

This is what will happen when incapable people are elected into high office. This is what will happen when u put a person without any sound knowledge about democracy in high office.This darling son of the fundamentalist ramdoss who is against smoking on screen is just carrying out his dad's wishes. What did he accomplish in his ministry other than this??. He will be remembered only for his order on this ban and nothing else and people who where talking great about laloo cause he issued orders to use mud cups rather than plastic cups will sing ode to him too.Anbumani and Laloo will be remembered for there gimmicks rather than accomplishments in there ministry.

People have been smoking and drinking from god knows when. It is not the movies that made him smoke.If there is no smoking scenes in the movie what is going to happen.He is still going to go out and smoke in the interval or during a bad song.You aren't doing anything about that.

If you don’t want your kids to watch those type of movies ask the govt to have a special certification or something for that. Like A for adults, lets have S for a movie which has smoking scenes. Prohibiting your child to view that movie is ur duty.There are n number of ways to discourage people from smoking, but not like this.

When alcohol is supposed to be the greater of evil , it is still allowed and there are so many scenes and songs about it. Then why smoking alone should be banned?.I guess maybe the union minister drinks but doesn't smoke.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Get closer to your flag

Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore at olympics

Rakesh sharma took it to space.

Ram's post on flags and the independence day triggered me to write this post.

What does a flag represent?.Is it something sacred,something patriotic, something that symbolizes the sacrifice of all those people who died to protect this nation?.Or is it just a piece of clothe with a beautiful design.

In our country where everything from cows to coconuts are elevated into a sacred thing, the flag also got elevated to something very sacred.We called our country as bharath matha, gave some weapons and seated her on a tiger or a lion and made the country into a goddess.And promptly the flag also took a place in the hands of the devi.The flag was taken away from the citizens and was given to the god.

There were times when an indian citizen cannot fly a flag on days other than republic and independence day.The reason, the govt didn't want the sacred flag to be misused.

The people in the govt didn't show there patriotism in taking efforts to take back the parts of the country occupied by pakistan or china, or in stopping the many million peoples who are infiltrating into the country.They showed there patriotism by keeping the flag a sacred thing and keeping it away from the common man.

I vaguely remember a scene from the movie "American President" where talking about someone who has burn't USA's flag.The president says that he is happy that he is providing that freedom to his citizen.He is happy that the citizens of his country have that freedom and are exercising that to raise a point.That came as a shock to me.Rather than considering a flag as a important thing as something to remember the sacrifices of our leaders.He was placing an individual's freedom above the sacredness of a flag.

i was irritated to know that in our country we can't even hoist the flag on days other than independence and republic day till a few years back.But it all changed because of an idealistic young man.

Naveen Jindal an industrialist, filed a case asking govt to permit every citizen to raise the indian flag in his house/company.He won the case.But that wasn't the end.The govt of India appealed against the judgment which allowed him to hoist the flag.
On January 26, 1993, he hoisted the flag at his Raigarh factory. The next day, it was no longer there. When questioned, the factory manager explained that the flag could not be displayed daily. Jindal was shocked and furious; he ordered the manager to hoist it back.

"The flag looked so good," Jindal remembers. "It was a symbolic way of showing our love for our country. Psychologically too, it was great. The workers felt they were working for their country, not for a company. The one common thing that bound us together in our office was the flag."

Raigarh's collector, superintendent of police and other senior government officials would occasionally hint that Jindal was not allowed to display the flag. None of them, though, could counter his argument: "If I cannot fly my flag in my country, where else can I fly it?".More

But some people are sceptical that the flag might be misused.Like the incident where designer malini ramani made a strapy knee length dress resembling the flag.There was lot of protest to it.It was an incident that told that we dont have the maturity to see the flag as something other than a sacred one.Why do we get offended on a so called misuse, can't some one be patriotic by huging or feeling the flag over his/her body, by being closer to it??.why do we always keep a distance from the flag??

Narain Karthick

Now that the restriction on use of flags has gone with the Flag code introduced in 2002.There will be more incidents of so called MISUSE of flags.But strangely even those purist who dont want people to misuse the flags by commeners, dont seem to fly it in there houses or offices.

Now you can fly the flag not only on independence and republic day , but all through out the year.Even the govt's ban on the use of flag symbols by sportsmen was lifted last month.So excersice your right indians, Get closer to your national flag, let it fly on the independence day and every other day of the year in your home and office. Cherish the freedom that this nation has given to you, give importance to the flag depending on the context in which it is used.


Naveen jindal and his yuva hindustani site
The supreme court verdict in pdf
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Ketan Mehta's Mirch Masala

Ketan Mehta's "The raising" is getting released today.Dont know how this one is going to be.But his other great movie Mirch Masla's review is up here on Alternate movies.

Think this movie inspired a tamil director, result he give a pathetic version of the original movie starring nadhiya, raghuvaran.Think the name of the movie was "irandil ondru".

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Inspired by Magic Lens,kaleidoscope and cosmic blob.I also decided to put my pics on the blog.I will be posting pics for rest of this week in my photo blog here.Do check them out.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Prarambh & Pratha


Kumar Dave’s Prarambh is a simple story of a begger.The movie has Vijay Raaz & Gauri S. Karnik in the lead roles.

------ story------
The movie is about the begger bholu(vijay raaz).Bholu is the official begger of a temple in a remote village.He has his usual routine and is leading life in his own style.In comes chamki(Gauri S. Karnik), another begger who sits before him and starts begging at the temple.His revenue goes down because of the competition.He fights with her and later falls in love with her.How the whole thing affects his life is the story.

The idea of the movie seems to be about the story behind a man's decision to work and make himself useful.But the theme is not conveyed well.The story is simple, the movie is also short.I think the movie could have still be shrunk, there were lot of elongated & repeatitive scenes.

On the +ive side , the movie was not depressing, actually it was funny.Yes the story is about a begger's life but it is a lighter story, it is not at all emotional at any point, that becomes the drawback of the movie also.It talks about bholu's problems, how he has to pay money to the local rowdy,his efforts to act like a leaper to earn more money.His frustruations on how people give more money to a women carrying a child than to a man etc.

Vijay raaz is very convincing in this role.Think he didn't have to put that much make up to act like a begger.Gauri S. Karnik, who comes as a loud mouthed begger women has also acted good.

The film is made in a shoe string budget,i guess there are totally 4 locations in the entire movie and probably 5/6 characters.A simple and decent movie, nothing great about it.But you wont regret watching the movie either.


I saw irfan khan in the poster and took this movie.It back fired.The movie turned out as an example of how you can go wrong trying to take a good movie.Except for irfan khan other actors are pathetic, even he is not that great in the movie.

Supposedly based on a true story.The movie talks about the story of a girl who is being used by the the powerful people of a village in the name of god.

Leela marries Deepak, a college educated guy of there village.He goes back to college and hears the news that they villagers had converted her wife into a Devi(Goddess).Ninni Pandey the priest(Irfan khan) and other bug guys of the village have branded her as the reincarnation of Goddess Choksa Ma and the villagers start workshippin her.The rest of the movie goes around to say how people exploit the superstitions of the villagers and the efforts of deepak to get his wife freed from it all.

Yes it was a low budget movie, and it was evident in all departments of the movie.very bad production values makes it an below average movie.Pallav pandya a ARRehman wannabe has scored music.couple of songs are good.The movie is directed by raja bundela.

Raja Bundela on pratha

Monday, August 08, 2005

What is the BUZZ about?

Did U hear the buzz??.I did.Not the buzzing of the regular Bees.Iam talking about the H1 Bees, the new album by srikanth.Sriks invited me to his studio last week to watch the recording of his, to be released album H1Bees.

It was fun. They were recording the hindi version of their main song H1 Bees. Ok don't be afraid only one song is in hindi. There is tamil and english songs also. Everything was done on the fly. I felt that a particular line was not sounding right.The line was changed and punched in. Everything was done in a few minutes. But the whole process isn't that easy. I personally saw srikanth mercilessly torturing the singer karthick(not the Tamil film music karthick, he is an amatuer singer living in va), i even thought of calling the police for a minute :).The punch in process may be easy but it is laborious and straining.But Srikanth and his team doesn't seem to mind.They are putting lot of efforts to come out with a great album.

Unfortunately i didn't get time to hear the whole album that day.Decided to hear it in my own copy.The album is soon to be released. Maybe early next month. There is going to be a release function and everybody is welcome(i take the liberty of welcoming everyone of srikanth's behalf).The album is going to be nominally priced. I hope everyone will support his venture and BUY H1Bees.Look for more information from srikanth.


The experiences of my philosopher friend here

check out srikanths songs here

srikanths chennai recordings

Friday, August 05, 2005


Ijazaat is a movie by padmabhushan S.S.Gulzar , based on a bengali novel by Subhodh Ghosh.You can see the multiple facet's of gulzar in this movie.He has excelled as a writer,director and lyricist in the movie.Gulzar like basu chatterji and hrishikesh mukerjee was another middle of the road film maker, who has given some beautiful movies.And this is one of them.This is a must see for all the women folks.Don't read the story/spoiler if u intend to see it.

----------------------------story -----------------------
The movie starts with mahendra(nasrudeen shah) & Sudha(rekha) meeting in a railway waiting room.They recognize each other, they are litle uncomfortable with each other at first. Then we come to know that they were married once and the story slowly unfolds as flash backs.Mahendra is in love with maya(Anuradha Patel).They actually live together without getting married. Maya who does not believe in marriage is also in love with him but is non committal on marriage. During that time mahendra is pressurized by his family to marry sudha.Mahendra tries to reach maya but she is not in town.So he gets married to sudha after telling all about his past and relationship with maya.sudha is ok with it, if he completely forgets maya and starts a new life with her. They get married.

Sudha finds that mahender is trying to forget maya, but still her thoughts are with him.Maya comes back and is upset on mahender's marriage. She even tries to commit suicide.Mahendra takes pity on her and gives emotional support. But sudha who is unaware of maya's suicide attempts believes that her husband is still in love with her and leaves after 5 years are so they again meet in that railway waiting room.After discussing all their past,rekha comes to know that maya tried to commit suicide and that's why he had to support her. she feels bad for her decision to leave him. What happened in there lives in the past 5 years after they separated adds a twist and ends with a nice climax

Till the end of the movie you are made to take side of the hero and how rekha didn't understand him etc.We are also distracted by there mutual respect for each other and are made to hope for the usual happy ending of the pair getting back together. But at the dawn enters sashi kapoor into the waiting room.From him we come to know that rekha got married again. He comes to pick up rekha from the station and starts telling her why he was late, how he was struck in the traffic etc.He then gets her the shawl that she forgets and asks her to wear it as it is cold outside and by these many small gestures he conveys how much he loves and cares for his wife.Our view of the hero mahendra completely changes with those gestures. Even though mahendra was struggling between the 2 women and tried to be sincere, he never loved or cared for his wife sudha like sashi kapoor.He comes to understand what is it meant to love one's wife.The audience are left with mixed emotions.You feel pity for the mahendra character and happiness for sudha. Everyone is made to think the mistakes that the character mahender has done and how he could have corrected it.Probably take some lessons from the movie for there personal life.

This is a romantic movie, but a movie that talks to the matured audience and not to teenagers. Not sure whether this movie inspired maniratnam for alaipayuthe. It has the same feel of alaipayuthey and like alaipauthey the introduction of a new character at the end changes our perspective of the hero completely making us realize, what is love and affection. It even starts in a railway station and goes into flash backs like AP but no not with a message tat tat tat 6.30 pm central station.

The movie is about the 3 main characters and the story is told in a serious of flash backs. And this emotional drama unfolds in just one night with the story alternating between past and present through those flash backs. The movie which starts with the hero getting into the waiting station on a rainy night ends in the next morning when the dark clouds are not there anymore and the sky is clear.The pent up emotions and thoughts are out. It is all clear now, time to move on.

The movie beautifully sketches all the 3 characters and does not distract into anything else. Every frame is about these characters, no unnecessary comedy or fight scenes. Songs yes, but they too give more insight into the characters than distract us. It is not a typical run of the mill movie where characters are shown in black and white.In this movie you are made to agree and sympathies with all the characters. This movie is a pure writers movie, a good story, exploring the complexities of relationships.Gulzar the lyricist has created a poem with this movie.

Again another movie with deadly songs by gulzar.All the songs are sung by asha. Music by R.D.Burman.

Mera kuchh saamaan -Asha Bhonsle
Katra Katra milati hai -AB
Khali haath shaam aayee hai -AB
Chhoti si kahani mein -AB

The lyrics are just awesome in the songs. Especially Mera kuch saaman, i was wondering why in tamil we dont have these kind of songs.Pain is always expressed in a crying song rather than a lyrically beautiful song like this.May be its because we dont have a gazhal type singing culture that north has.

In 1987 chithra was on a hatrick for the national awards for best singer,she won the national award in 1985 for "Padariyen" - Sindhu Bhairavi - Tamil and in 1986 for "Manjal Prasadavum" - Nakhakshathangal - Malayalam.But the R.D.Burman/gulza/asha team broke her hatrick with "Mera kuch saman".Mera kuch saman won gulzar the 1987 national award for best lyricist and singer for asha.But eventullay chithra went on to get her 3rd national award the very next year for the song "Indupushpam" from the malayalam movie Vaishali.

In 1988 film fare awards gulzar won the best lyricist for "mera kuch saman", but asha and burman didn't get the singer and music director awards.Reason the entry of two block buster movies tezaab and Qayamet se Qayamet tak.They awards went to alka yagnik for "ek do thenn" and anand milind for QSQT.


listen to the songs in musicindiaonline
gulzar interview in hindu

A wonderful movie about relationships.

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