Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Thiruvasakam in symphony

Thiruvasakam in Symphony is ready.This great project which is one of its kind is almost finished.Undertaken completely by IR fans and people who wanted to promote quality arts and literature, the musical CD will be released shortly.This project which was started almost 2 years back had become a reality now.All the recordings are done and the final cut is ready.It should be out by early 2005.

The hindi version was put in back burner.The lyrics that gulzar wrote was not doing justice to the saying. "thiruvAchakaththukku urukAdhAr oru vAchakaththukkum urukAr" (If thiruvasakam is not able to melt you,no other script will).The english version is being done by "Stephen Schwartz".There was lot of translation issues here also.
Thiruvasakam starts like this.

namachchivAya vAzga nAdhan thAL vAzga
imaippozudhum en nenychil nINgAdhAn thAL vAzga

which Rev.G.U.Pope has translated as(read his complete translation here)

"Hail, the five letters! Hail, foot of the Lord !
Hail, foot of Him Who not for an instant quits my heart !"

namachivayam is a 5 letter word in tamil.which is translated as "hail the 5 letter's".It seems the 5 letter denotes the 5 elements.Manika vachagar is hailing lord shiva who supposed to be the 5 elements.All these in 2 words in tamil "namachchivAya vAzga" how can u exactly translate this in english :) ?.Well let's wait and see.

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Monday, October 11, 2004

Uma bharathi

As usual uma bharathi is creating political ripples.BJP has given her a show cause notice.It will be intresting to see how things are going to develop in the coming days.I still remeber this beautiful picture.This was the picture of her swearing in ceremony when she won the state election in 2003.For a dalit sanyasin, she had to come a long way to attain that position.It was her moment of greatness and she was thoroughly enjoying it.Great picture, only thing that was missin was a tiger and couple of weapons in her hand.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

En Vaaniley Orey Vennila

This week's vikatan carried an interview of Jency.Yes the sweet voice behind some of Illayaraaja haunting hits of late 70's & early 80's.When i started gathering more information on my favourite, early hits of illayaraaja.All the songs had one thing in common,the singer.It was the same name again and again, Jency*. i used to wonder who this person was.she sang for five years from 1978 - 1982 and suddenly disappeared.She sang mostly for Illayaraaja, one song for gangai amaran and shankar ganesh.There was no picture of her, nobody seemed to have any information about her.There were lot of roumours that she died, etc etc.It was a sweet shock to see the face of that great voice.Apparently she married and moved to kerela and was taking care of family life.She want's to sing now it seems.Let's hope to hear her voice again.




Aada sonnarey

Vattathukkul sathuram


Adi Penne

Mullum malarum


Akka oru rasathi(JC)

mugathil mugam paarkalam


Aayiram malargaley(MVD –PS)

Niram maaratha Pookal



Engeyo ketta kural


Deiveega Raagam

Ullasa Paravaigal


Devi Senthoora Kolam


En Gaanam Engu Arangerum (With IR)

Eera Vizhi Kaaviyangal


En Vaaniley Orey Vennilaa



En uyir nee thane(KJY)



Geetha Sangeetha (JC)

Anbae Sangeetha


Hey Masthana( SPB,VJ,JC)

Azhage unnai aaradhikkiren


Idhayam poguthey

Puthiya Vaarpugal


Iru Paravaigal Malai

Niram Maaraatha Pookkal


Kaadhal Oviyam

Alaigal Oivathillai


Kalyanam Ennai Mudddikka(Rajesh,Radhikha)



Mayiley Mayiley Un
-Thogai Engey (SPB)

Kadavul Amaitha Medai


Meen kodi Theril

Karumbu Vil


Naan mayangi(IR)

Ellam un Kairasi


Naan naan aadanum poo naan paadanum



Namthana Namthana(B vasantha)

Puthiya Vaarpugal


nee illaatha pothu

ilamai kolam

Poo Malarnthida

Tik Tik Tik


Pooththu Nikkuthu (MVD)

Yechchil Iravugal


sirusu chinnanjirusu

azhage unnai aaraathikiren

Theertha karaithanile(KJY)

thai pongal


Thottam Konda Rasaavey(IR)

Pagalil Oru Iravu


unakkena thaane inneramaa

Ponnu oorukku puthusu

vaada en raajaa kannaa
-vaadadha roja poove


Vaanathu poonkili (with SJ)



And this great number under the banton of Shankar ganesh
Paniyum neeye malarum naane(with SPB) - Pani malar -1981

*I later found out that, lot of songs by unknown singers were credit to jency. songs like "devan thiruchabai malargaley" which was originally sung by Poorani and Indira is credited to jency

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Final Frontier, Conquered

The Australians have conquered the final frontier.They have broken the 35 year old jinx.Was a great disappointment for the indian fans.Event thought the serious had its usual IND Vs AUS drama.Everything was sealed after the 2nd test match in chennai.we can invent reasons like, if it didn't rain, we would have won the match and the morale would have been up, if Kishor Pradhan, the nagpur pitch curator would have shaved more grass of the pitch, if lakshmipathy was fit.But the bottomline we lost it.

This series seemed to lack something from the former one's.Let's remember some great moments these teams have produced and hope for some great test matches in the future.

2001 Eden gardens

The greatest comeback match.History was created on eden gardens march 2003.Dravid and VVS made a permanent seat for themselves in the cricket folklore.From a follow on to 171 run victory india crushed the aussies.And of course bhajji sealed the victory with his 13 wickets.

The stars of the match VVS & bhajji taking a victory Lap

The team celebrates the last wicket, McGrath Lbw Harbajan

check out the score card

2003 Adelaide

Dravid scores the winning runs

Again the same pair of rahul dravid and VVS gave a great victory for india.sourav said Dravid,Laxman batted like God.

The Score Card

Read More about it here

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