Monday, August 29, 2005

shobana in manichithrathazhu

Every day at least 2 people come to my blogspot searching for the keyword manichithra thazhu.I thought i will make those guys more happy by putting some pics from the movie.So Ladies and gentlemen let me present to you the 2 time national award winner , the very talented shobana.

studying hard for the exams

In a tranz

SHobana ,always a class actress .....ALthough i feel Jo has done a good /decent job in CM ..I would say she was the saving grace of that film ,apart from Vadivel - Rajni A jokes ....
ennappa namma voottu pakkam varmatiya
ennovo nadakudhu marmama irukiradhu

whats up buddy ?!!
Shobhana, a boyhood crush! :-) She is a great actress, no doubt in that!
she is a class actress.

was sick :(.

u 2 jo :)
once i saw talapathi i liked shobana! super acting in tat film, enakku malayalam puriyadu want to learn it
malayalam is 60% tamil only.You have to learn a few extra words other words you can make out.Keep watching asianet you will learn the language automatically.
sen ,
asianet enna time nu solla liye ..if he watches from 11 Pm - 12 Pm (IST ) ,no language required :)
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