Monday, August 08, 2005

What is the BUZZ about?

Did U hear the buzz??.I did.Not the buzzing of the regular Bees.Iam talking about the H1 Bees, the new album by srikanth.Sriks invited me to his studio last week to watch the recording of his, to be released album H1Bees.

It was fun. They were recording the hindi version of their main song H1 Bees. Ok don't be afraid only one song is in hindi. There is tamil and english songs also. Everything was done on the fly. I felt that a particular line was not sounding right.The line was changed and punched in. Everything was done in a few minutes. But the whole process isn't that easy. I personally saw srikanth mercilessly torturing the singer karthick(not the Tamil film music karthick, he is an amatuer singer living in va), i even thought of calling the police for a minute :).The punch in process may be easy but it is laborious and straining.But Srikanth and his team doesn't seem to mind.They are putting lot of efforts to come out with a great album.

Unfortunately i didn't get time to hear the whole album that day.Decided to hear it in my own copy.The album is soon to be released. Maybe early next month. There is going to be a release function and everybody is welcome(i take the liberty of welcoming everyone of srikanth's behalf).The album is going to be nominally priced. I hope everyone will support his venture and BUY H1Bees.Look for more information from srikanth.


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I listened to his songs in his website and he composed some very nice pieces of music.
Good different blog from u ...
Naan Mumbai la stranded ....first Rain ,apuram ennoda VISA issues :(
yep.He has been composing for a while now.

ohhhh... what is the probable date of arrival now??.

Good :-) have fun..
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