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why leave Jo, Here is her version

courtesy vikatan

senthil en ippadi jo padam ellam pottu enna payamurthringa
Bayama eruku. Me yet to see the movie this is pretty discouraging and me like Jo dont want to see her like this :((
senthiluuuu, bayam buduthaathe!!!!
pey pey pey!yaravadu kaapathungo

shobana looks like apolished devadasi, but jo looks pucca like a devadasi frm streets
sorry for scaring you people :).IN tamil cinema everything is done in excess.People wont appreciate untill you over act.So shobana's elegant tranformation becomes a scary verion in tamil.

If you haven't, please go get yourself a copy of the movie Englishkaran - more than Shobhana or Jo - Satyaraj has doned this act to the kill :)
English kaaran is awesome...very hilarious...

And Senthil...please put some photos of Jo in Kaaka Kaaka so that we can come back to Normalcy
WAH!! Mommy!! Senthil is scaring me with scary pictures!!!
I agree..Shobana is a very classy lady but at the same time very down to earth!I had the fortune of actually seeing her in Person at a classic dance perfomance by one of my sister's dance teachers student..Thanks to our EB, the power was out for nearly an hr and a half..so the program did not start on time..not only did she wait the whole time in that dark stuffy auditorium...She was also chatting arnd with the ppl sitting arnd her..My mom n myself were sitting right behind her..so she was chatting with my mom!Once the program started she was slapping her thighs along with the music and stayed till the end..Was impressed!
Will check that out too :).

After seeing CM, i saw manichithra thazhu again to get rid of those jothika images :).Forget kakka kakka see shobana's pic again.join the jollu club :)

thanxs for the info buddy.
Shobana is absly gorgeous!

I saw the movie twice..once afyter seeing Chandramukhi...I liked manichitrathazhu the most!

The song - oru Murai Vandhu parpaya...and that mal piece by KJ and Chitra...awesome number!
I don't know what is meant by 'over -act ' literally !!!

But as far as my opinion goes ,Jothika has acted very well( i haven't seen the mallu version but on any day shobana might be better ) - Its difficult to say what would be right amount of expression for this character ..If you compare this character as to one like ' Saami vanthu irukum ponnu ' ,it fits the bill perfectly !!! I would'nt call this overacting !!!It should be how it has to be .

I think by over -act ,you are referring to 'more phsyical ,bodily expressions ' than restrained acting through your eyes ,facial features ..I believe that they are two sides of a coin ,and it totally depends on the situation ,audience and character .

It is also true that they are different stages of evolution of acting ..Nowadays its more restrained acting ,though i don't think it fits always it all situations ..

The same character when a mother dies may just act in a restrained way ,but when that character's wife is raped ,killed has to be very gross otherwise it appears as though that actor is limting himself to his 'Known Method Acting ' rather than becoming that character(in that situation ) itself !!
Forgot to mention what made to write the above comment ...

(sathiyaama Kamal hasaan illa ..nana intah vilayattuku varala )

The main lead in Schindler's list Liam Neeson _ he is is just amazing in that movie ..I really wondered why he did'nt get an oscar for that movie ...

But the same actor has faired poorly in Batman Begins where he has done a restrained acting a bit too much whereas that character required abit more 'open' expression ..
yep.she was.what other song are u talking about?.there is only one duet in the movie which is oru murai.Are u tlaking about "Pazham thamizh"??.
The crux of the story in MR is explaining people the science behind the so called "Sami varathu".The character is a normal person who tranforms herself into another personality gradually.you are made to understand the transformation. But in CM the transformation is not graduall it is all at once and you are not made to think in terms of science you are made to beleive that 'she was possesed by evil'.

CM created a more shocking impact on the people, but the message was lost.our cinema culture has been such that we are more intrested in the emotional impact it is creating than , acting or the validity of such an action on the wholeness of the story.
Sen ,

I think narration was different in CM .Its a technique in screen play writing -'Information Hiding ' or " Giving the wrong Information ' ,where the audience is made to anticipate way such a thing happens .The director has done it nicely .

Yes ,the audience is made to belive that Jothika is posessed by an evil not until the climax .I belive that the voice over narrtaion of Rajni explaining Jothika's split personality was excellent ( not sure if this existed in the mallu version ) .

But the biggest thing that irritated me in CM was the characterisation of Rajni ,which i totally agree - the character was butchered and the characterisation of that samiyaar .......- really bad .Both of them did give me an impressions of a 'pei'padam .
Do u seriously beleive that P.vasu came out with this brilliant idea.He is a scum bag & a no 1 parasite.The major good points about teh movie are lift off from teh original.
jyotika's eyes suit her so much for this makeup, rather than the fishy eys of shobana.
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