Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Oh sailabha

Guys, Any idea what malayalam movie this song is from.It goes some thing like OH SAILABHA.. of course KJY and the actor is Jeyaram... the song is refusing to leave my mind....

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Blogswara - My views

Nobody can say that this is an amateur albumn.Wow, everybody has done a great job.Here are my thoughts on the albumn.

Unnai parthathal entha
I remember seeing just the lyrics of this song when Narayanan sir posted in on the blog.It is amazing to see how those few lines of poetry could be made into such a beautiful song.I heard the song and i started traveling in my know how music takes you to places.I thought i will put down my imagination here.

On a lazy sunday morning... i come outside my house in some hill station,i see that it is lightly raining..There is green ever where.All the plants and trees are wearing a new green, a fresh Green.Flowers smiling with water droplets on them.An easy feeling sets into me, I lay down on the swing in the patio and think about my new love, my first love.My mind is singing the song "Unnai parthathal intha kadhal....." :).

Everything about the song is good.It gives u such an easy feel.Music,singing everything is controlled.Baranidaran nice voice.

After hearing this song little later i heard "Mazha Peydha Nalil" :).Another nice song,the music could have been little mellow like unnai parthal,but none the less a good song. Jo's voice is soothing, except for those high points ;).

oru kuju swapnathil
Beautiful song.Nostalgic,melodious and soothing.

shikwhe gille,
Nice song, gives a sense of freedom and Happiness. Only thing that i felt bad was instruments used in the interludes, they kind of stood out and didn't sound good with the rest of the musical scheme.

Alai kadal.
Its a nice song.It is flowing at the pallavi and it gets even better in the saranam.On the down side the musical interludes are very flat and the hard voice doesn't suit the song.May be a female voice would have suited this song better.

U can easily fool ur friend that this song is from a new tamil movie.Its that good.I wont be surprised if deva and sirpi use this song in a their movie.Good composition, singing etc makes this a great song.Both MUX and Meera have sung the song well.

Aisi bheegi
This would have been an awesome song, if the song would have been sung without any improvisation, by the singer.Good composition and vocal decoration's in the song.

Vazhvu sezhika
Very catchy instrumentation. sitar, mirudangam,gatam... etc.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Like everyone iam also eagerly expecting the release of blogswara today.Wishing the blogswara team all the best.

Hello World.... :)

Just wanted to let you all know that Iam still alive.Iam sorry was not able to reply to all those post and emails enquiring about my break.Was completely out of the blog world.Once you take a long break like this it is hard to restart.But i thought i will log in today and wish the blogswara team and say a hi to everyone out there.

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