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Ijazaat is a movie by padmabhushan S.S.Gulzar , based on a bengali novel by Subhodh Ghosh.You can see the multiple facet's of gulzar in this movie.He has excelled as a writer,director and lyricist in the movie.Gulzar like basu chatterji and hrishikesh mukerjee was another middle of the road film maker, who has given some beautiful movies.And this is one of them.This is a must see for all the women folks.Don't read the story/spoiler if u intend to see it.

----------------------------story -----------------------
The movie starts with mahendra(nasrudeen shah) & Sudha(rekha) meeting in a railway waiting room.They recognize each other, they are litle uncomfortable with each other at first. Then we come to know that they were married once and the story slowly unfolds as flash backs.Mahendra is in love with maya(Anuradha Patel).They actually live together without getting married. Maya who does not believe in marriage is also in love with him but is non committal on marriage. During that time mahendra is pressurized by his family to marry sudha.Mahendra tries to reach maya but she is not in town.So he gets married to sudha after telling all about his past and relationship with maya.sudha is ok with it, if he completely forgets maya and starts a new life with her. They get married.

Sudha finds that mahender is trying to forget maya, but still her thoughts are with him.Maya comes back and is upset on mahender's marriage. She even tries to commit suicide.Mahendra takes pity on her and gives emotional support. But sudha who is unaware of maya's suicide attempts believes that her husband is still in love with her and leaves after 5 years are so they again meet in that railway waiting room.After discussing all their past,rekha comes to know that maya tried to commit suicide and that's why he had to support her. she feels bad for her decision to leave him. What happened in there lives in the past 5 years after they separated adds a twist and ends with a nice climax

Till the end of the movie you are made to take side of the hero and how rekha didn't understand him etc.We are also distracted by there mutual respect for each other and are made to hope for the usual happy ending of the pair getting back together. But at the dawn enters sashi kapoor into the waiting room.From him we come to know that rekha got married again. He comes to pick up rekha from the station and starts telling her why he was late, how he was struck in the traffic etc.He then gets her the shawl that she forgets and asks her to wear it as it is cold outside and by these many small gestures he conveys how much he loves and cares for his wife.Our view of the hero mahendra completely changes with those gestures. Even though mahendra was struggling between the 2 women and tried to be sincere, he never loved or cared for his wife sudha like sashi kapoor.He comes to understand what is it meant to love one's wife.The audience are left with mixed emotions.You feel pity for the mahendra character and happiness for sudha. Everyone is made to think the mistakes that the character mahender has done and how he could have corrected it.Probably take some lessons from the movie for there personal life.

This is a romantic movie, but a movie that talks to the matured audience and not to teenagers. Not sure whether this movie inspired maniratnam for alaipayuthe. It has the same feel of alaipayuthey and like alaipauthey the introduction of a new character at the end changes our perspective of the hero completely making us realize, what is love and affection. It even starts in a railway station and goes into flash backs like AP but no not with a message tat tat tat 6.30 pm central station.

The movie is about the 3 main characters and the story is told in a serious of flash backs. And this emotional drama unfolds in just one night with the story alternating between past and present through those flash backs. The movie which starts with the hero getting into the waiting station on a rainy night ends in the next morning when the dark clouds are not there anymore and the sky is clear.The pent up emotions and thoughts are out. It is all clear now, time to move on.

The movie beautifully sketches all the 3 characters and does not distract into anything else. Every frame is about these characters, no unnecessary comedy or fight scenes. Songs yes, but they too give more insight into the characters than distract us. It is not a typical run of the mill movie where characters are shown in black and white.In this movie you are made to agree and sympathies with all the characters. This movie is a pure writers movie, a good story, exploring the complexities of relationships.Gulzar the lyricist has created a poem with this movie.

Again another movie with deadly songs by gulzar.All the songs are sung by asha. Music by R.D.Burman.

Mera kuchh saamaan -Asha Bhonsle
Katra Katra milati hai -AB
Khali haath shaam aayee hai -AB
Chhoti si kahani mein -AB

The lyrics are just awesome in the songs. Especially Mera kuch saaman, i was wondering why in tamil we dont have these kind of songs.Pain is always expressed in a crying song rather than a lyrically beautiful song like this.May be its because we dont have a gazhal type singing culture that north has.

In 1987 chithra was on a hatrick for the national awards for best singer,she won the national award in 1985 for "Padariyen" - Sindhu Bhairavi - Tamil and in 1986 for "Manjal Prasadavum" - Nakhakshathangal - Malayalam.But the R.D.Burman/gulza/asha team broke her hatrick with "Mera kuch saman".Mera kuch saman won gulzar the 1987 national award for best lyricist and singer for asha.But eventullay chithra went on to get her 3rd national award the very next year for the song "Indupushpam" from the malayalam movie Vaishali.

In 1988 film fare awards gulzar won the best lyricist for "mera kuch saman", but asha and burman didn't get the singer and music director awards.Reason the entry of two block buster movies tezaab and Qayamet se Qayamet tak.They awards went to alka yagnik for "ek do thenn" and anand milind for QSQT.


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A wonderful movie about relationships.

kottum mazhiyo koluthum veyilo iruke irruku senthilin alternate movies!!
:).Bro this is the same story that u narrated to me the other day.
the setting of the movie may be same but in AP it was about " how loving ur spouse after marraige is more important than bfore the It... it is about how one messes up two lives by thinking of ex lover and so forth
so i think they r different ...good ones
AP was not about loving before and after mariage.It was about the true meaning of love.what they had before marriage was kind of an infatuation.It wasn't the true love that came with a CARE.And it continues till he realizes what love really is.

Even here Till the end mahender thinks and convinces us also that he was loving his wife.He did his best.But our perspective changes in the end.He really didn't CARE.
Happy Friendship day
A wonderful movie, indeed! The first time I saw only the second half(imagine that especially this movie with past and present alternating!) but inspite of it couldn't flip to the next channel. It was after a long gap that I got to see the full movie.
yes it is a wonderful movie :)
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