Thursday, August 18, 2005

Kungfu hustle

Can u pack a Mask, Mummy,Matrix, Crounching Tiger and stories of some of the famous kung fu movies into one.If yes it will be kung fu hustle.The movie is outrageously stupid at times and highly engaging in other.The director uses all kinds of techniques and borrows from all the famous english and chinese movies to take u on a rollar coaster ride mixing great action with totally ridiculous comedy and unexpected romance.

The only thing that mattered to the director stephen chow seems to be to keep the audience engaged and narrate the movie in a way that nobody can predict what is going to happen.And he has succeded in it.You cannot predict what is going to come next, the movie springs constant suprises.When you think that the movie is shaping into a story, it totally changes and you have to start all over.Well first of all you wont be able to predict the hero for a very long time.

In order to enjoy this creative ride, you should first free yourself from logic and view it, almost like an animation.This movie is an explotion of imagination,you have to follow the movie as it is and enjoy the imaginative characters and impossible stunts.Stephen chow has played with the components of various succesful movies and has mixed them very well.You would have never seen a movie like this.So you will either like it or totally dump it.

I have seen this movie ,few months ago ..I liked this movie very much ,.....Full crap and full time pass ...

You have aptly said that the unpredictness is teh key in this movie ....Neither teh audience nor the characters themslves know whtas next going to happen :)

-I wld give teh entire credit for this movie to the director ,the way he has shot and imagined the scsnes ..Of course screenplay writer has to be applauded for the plots ...

But i would challenge ur view that he has borrowed .....Iam not sure which part u are referring to ...Sometimes when we do certain scenes in a certain way ,then it becomes a standard ....Like slow motion ,time slice ( used in Anniyan ) ,flash Back ,Voice over narration,Montage etc ..Even in Anniyan ,except for that 3 sec ditto of matrix ,everything had Time -slice technque _ I strongly condemn this to be called as Matrix Technique !

Imagine some foreigner seeing 80s movies of Tamil Naadu ..It wld appear the same for him ,esp the silambu fight scenes .....But i think we have to differentiate between what is borrowed and what is a film technique ...
Did you like it?
I didn't mean to say that he borrowed the story.I meant to say the techniques and the feel of it.There isn't much of a story to borrow from in this movie :).

I liked it.
Oh, namma captain padam mathiri irukke! :-)
It is true if we are talking about story and logic part.... But i also said unexpectability.Captain will fial miserably there :)
Go watch Narasimha and you ll know that it is as unpredictable as it gets. No kidding here. Its worth anybody's money. Pity that I dint catch it in theatres. Pure, great piece of unintended satire.
Sen, Well.. the anon who wrote the prev comment was me [a case of not signing into blogger before submitting the comment].
i saw the movie of my cousin is a big captain fan and was forced to watch it.I enjoyed it man.Watching captain do all those crazy stuff. i was ROTFL.
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