Sunday, July 11, 2004

Postmen In The Mountains

I remember seeing that movie in 31st international film fesival in New Delhi.I was so taken away by the movie.Especially the photography, it was so stunning.I liked it so much that i wanted to own a personal copy of the movie.i tried searching for it on the internet then. There wasn't much info during that time.I tried looking for it in various blockbuster etc after i came to USA.but was never able to find it.Thanxs for netflix, i atlast found it.

It's a sensitive story between a father and son.The retiring father a postman, is passing his job to his son and on the last trip to deliver the post .They get to spend a few days(well it takes days to deliver the mails in the mountains of hunan region in china) and they understand lot of things about each other that they were not aware of till then.The movie is a physical journey of the father and son on the postal route, and a mental journey of there life till then.The movie bridges the old responsible, patient father and the young careless, impulsive son. Its the coming of age for the son and end of responsibilities for the father.I don't want to go into the details.See it for yourself.

This is a great movie,a poem on celluloid.every frame is so picturesque.But seeing it on the small screen was half enjoyable compared to watching it on a wide screen indian theater.i remember a scene where the son shoots a paper rocket on the hill.The paper rocket floats slowly from one end to the other of the theater screen,with the panoramic view of a valley as the background.Hundreds of dragonflies fly around in the orange evening sunlight.That scene was literally unnoticeable in small screen.

Is this in English or Chinese??
It is in chinese.You can either see them in film fest or in DVD and Subtitles are available in both :)
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