Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Inspired by Magic Lens,kaleidoscope and cosmic blob.I also decided to put my pics on the blog.I will be posting pics for rest of this week in my photo blog here.Do check them out.

padam kamikararu doye namma annathaye
yennam neenga parka than bro :)
onnam padam kaana??
thirudhavey mattiya da... ozhunga modhalla posta padi.linka click pannu..

Have you seen Trikaal? I watched it the other day and was awe struck.

Btw how do you upload images from the movie.Do you captures images from the dvd?
Yes trikal is a great movie.Did u check out all the characters in the movie.It has got a whole gamut of familiar faces in it.Remo fernandes/alisha chinnoy :).

Yep capture them form dvd's
kalakkal!!!! :)))
thanxs IBH :)
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