Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Inspired kamala hassan videos continued

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5)Pachathanthiram and Very Bad Things
Very bad things is a dark and serious movie.Panchathanthiram was the lighter version of VBthings.pachathanthiram has many lift offs from very bad thing.Here is the major one.

Panchathanthiram copied from Very Bad Things

Kamal Hassan Panchathanthiram copied From... by inspiredkamal

6)Thenali and What About Bob

Thenali is a full and full copy of what about bob.Here is one scene


What About Bob

7)Sathya and Arjun
Sathya is basically a remake of arjun.I don't want to put the whole movie up here.So here is 3 minutes from the first 10 minutes of the movie.



Talking about remakes.. here is another one
Unnal Mudiyum thambi and Rudraveena.
K.B remade his Chiranjeevi's starring Rudraveena, which was also produced by chiranjeevi, in tamil as Unnal Mudiyum thambi.

Ithazhil - Unnal mudiyum thambi

Lalitha priyakamalam - Rudraveena

Jhanee Bhi Dho Yaaron -Michael Madhana Kamarajan ???

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Inspired kamal hassan part 2

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The post that gets the most hits in my blog is the inspired kamal hassan post.I thought, i will do a youtube addition to that post.So here are some of the inspired scenes/movies of kamala hassan.I will updating this post all week before i take off for my vacation, keep checking this post and the Inspired kamala hassan videos continued post...

1)Raaja Parvai and Graduate climax

Kamal Hassan Raaja Paarvai Copied From Graduate by inspiredkamal

And you wonder why he is not getting an oscar award....

will upload other inspirations of Raaja paravai,"Butterflies are Free" and Sai paranjpaye's "Sparsh" later

2)Enakkul Oruvan and Reincarnation of Peter proud

A short summary of Enakul Oruvan

A short summary of Reincarnation of Peter proud

Comedies of Kamala Hassan

Watching Enakkul oruvan was a great experience. The movie is a full length comedy. checkout some of the scenes

I was so floored by universal hero's acting that i personally gave him an oscar.For someone who has mastered the art of handling heroines, Kamal seems to have problem when it comes to acting with mothers and sisters...

Oscar award 2...
Kamal hassan is confronting with his previous birth thoughts in this song.Check out the scenes in the first musical interludes following the winch scenes.Couldn't help but give him another oscar for this performance...

3)Indiran Chandiran and Moon over parador
Indiran chandiran scenes

There is a slight audio lag in the clip

Moon over parador scenes

4)Kadhala Kadhala and Two Much

kadhala kadhala scenes

Two Much lift of scenes
This was the only video i could get a hold of, it has a russian voice overlay.

More inspired videos from sathya,panchathanthiram,thenali etc continued here.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Saina Nehwal Out of Japan Super series

Saina crashed out of the japan super series in her first match itself.she lost straight sets to the world no 7 Mi Zhou 18-21 16-21.

Know more about the game here

So next stop for saina will be the china masters super series sep 23-28..

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Is India waking up?.A 638 crore plan to improve badminton with transparency on the spending.Wow...
The Sports Ministry has decided to provide state of art training and exposure both at domestic and international levels to 40 Badminton players for preparing the sportspersons for world class performance. Under the Scheme for “Preparation of Indian Teams for Commonwealth Games, 2010, the Steering Committee has approved the names of 35 Badminton players so far, for their inclusion in the “Core Group” of sportspersons . In addition, 8 Indian and 2 Foreign Coaches have also been indentified in consultations with Badminton Association of India (BAI).More here

Friday, September 12, 2008


what a dancer.. check out shobana's performance

check out more of shobana here

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

LHC - Is this the end of the world ??

Tomorrow is the day, the worlds largest and highest energy particle collider LHC(Large Hadron Collider) will go online.This is the biggest scientific experiment to have ever taken place in the history of science.It is also the most advanced and costliest experiment to have ever take place.This collider will smash protons clost to the speed of light.It is supposed to recreate what the condition where like after Big bang.

Many people are worried about the consequences of this collision experiment.Cause with LHC we are steeping into an unknown area.One of the rumor that has been floating is that the collision could result in small black holes which might eventually grow bigger and destroy the earth.The Scientist community is saying that these kind of collisions happens every day in earth's upper atmosphere.There has been lot of discussion going on on the collider.check it out below

Even though LHC is coming online tomorrow, the experiment will happen only on Nov 26th.

Introducing the Big Bang machine here

Know More about it here

Black Holes ??

Sunday, September 07, 2008

War War War

Check out this awesome video.This is a simple english song set on the tune of Tamil/Baila song "Surangani". Beautiful,thoughtful lyrics and nice video clips makes this such a powerful video.


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