Monday, August 22, 2005

Weekend movies

Arindhum Ariyamalum

Watched this movie after reading some good reviews on it.was disappointed. An usual masala, but a decent movie compared to the rest of the contemporary movies.But are these the best movies that we can come up with ??.The current tamil film's are so filled with garbage stuff that we are being forced to accept mediocre movies as good one.

Cindrella Man

Was expecting a robert de nero's raging bull kind of performance from rusell crowe, was disappointed. No extra ordinary performances a simple and nice movie.

Kannadi Pookal

A very different movie.The movie talks about the fragile mind/heart of a child. Started wondering when did tamil directors got so sensitive. Given the boy's mallu accent .I suspect this is a lift of from some mallu movie.My suspect came true.It was a remake of the Malayalam movie "Ente Veedu Appoontem" , which fetched the child actor Kalidasan the national award.He shared it with ashwin chintale for shwaas.

The movie dealt with a beautiful subject .But felt something was missing, seemed it failed to connect the various good points of the story.The movie had so many good situations which the director could have exploited. But somehow he didn't .But he has put all his efforts to add some unwanted songs. The kid in the movie was driving me crazy with the malayalam accent. What was the need for the kid to give his own voice. Couldn't they dub his voice.

Ek Je Achhe Kanya - Bengali(The Girl)

Konkona sen sharma's first film. Good performance by her.she did not look like a debutant at all in the movie. The DVD cover said the movie talks about how youngster take up violence nowadays blah blah blah.....I thought ok let's see this movie that talks about violence and youth. It turned out to be a super remake of alicia silverstone’s CRUSH. Iam searching for the guy who wrote the movie synopsis on the DVD cover.

nalla padam katara oop padam paraka ;)
I had a lot of expectations about Cindrella Man. Because of Ron Howard + Russel Crowe. :( Couldn't see the movie yet.
ghannu bhai,
what to do , bachelor guy, no other work.Not a family man like u

The movie is good.but don't have HIGH expectations... :)
Sen ,

Bachelor guy veetu phone number kudunga ...Unga amma kita pesi aganum ...Parallel cinema parthu parthu unga Male Harmones sethu poga pothu !!!! ( By humble personal request based on my expereince - for heaven sake don't even speak abt parallel movies when u go for ponnu parkum padalam- assuming u don't have a girl friend now )

Well ,i think even commercial movies have lot of intresting points which are missed easily under the comment 'yet another masala ' .....Infact makinga successful commercial movie is very very difficult !

What consitutues a commerical movie and what constitutes a art /parallel cinema wld be an intretsing discussion ..

I also went by Kamal's comment that Lord Of Rings was just economically superior ,but not until i read the Behind the scenes book did i change my opinion ...Kamal was totally wrong !!!
was ur personal experience that bad :).

ramki, you cannot apreciate a movie just because some people has put efforts.all movies put in efforts.Don't settle for mediocre films...
whoa!!! even we saw couple of movies this week end....hubby dear is one movie freak and my next post was supposed to be on the same...we did a lot of theater hopping this week end...

and I saw Arindum Ariymalum...I found it bit interesting coz of Arya..he is quite good in the role!
Totally Agree with you about Kannadi pookkal..antha paiyanoda Malayalam accentuated Tamil was a torture!
BTW, antha kid is Jayaram's son aana! :-)
yeah do write ur views.AA as i said was better thatn the rest of the garbbage that is coming out.But i wont say that it was good.

jayaram's son got the national award before dad :)
agree with no reservations on Arindhum Ariyaamalum.. thoroughly mediocre, but for some good humour scarcely strewn over the movie (and even that works only coz of good acting by Arya and occasionally by Prakash Raj).
yep.that's waht i felt to.
Weekend-na double dose prescription-a??
yeah yeah :D
sen ,
I disagree with you that all people put efforts .That would be just impossible .An Ar Rehman who works on repeatedly on a song tries so many things till it is perfect cna never be compared to a Yuvan Shankar Raaja who may not do that amount of effort .

It is not that we appreciate them just because they put in some efforts ,but there are so many intresting points in a commercial movie which we just ignore under the big name of ' oo..this is just commercial ' ...
i didn't say it is yer another commercial.i said yet another masala.Iam sick of watching the smae kind of stuff in every other movie and , out of repeatition i think i cna put one downas another masala movie.
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