Sunday, January 08, 2006

Baila Country music again

Long time back i wrote about this song called Ahankara Nagare.I found a good video copy of that song in itube.It was awesome.Here it is.This is one of my fav songs.This is not a mindless heavy beats stuff,check out the beautiful humming with the main hard female voice, the punjabi chorus,interludes.The song also it has instruments like flute which is used with an odd combination of RAP, Mellam , bangra dolls, then there is a tune that is kind of familiar.

Randiu - Ahankara Nagare (Iraj remix)
check out the song here.
If u r having memory problem run in once and replay it again, the cached replay will be lot better.

Thanxs to raj who gave the link to another song called ninaivugal, i went ahankara nagare through that.Ninaivugal is also a good song.check out ninaivugale here

There are lot of Baila country songs

Feels like some familiar song but a good one.
listen jtown here

Bathiya & Santhush - Kirikodu
A combination of Sinhalese and Tamil Vocals.
Listen kirikodu here
I would like see the video of Nethra, not sure whether that one is there in itube.

Ran Ran Ran
Ran Listen Ran Ran here
The video is pathetic.But the audio is an intresting number.Again a mix of tamil/punjabi/rap etc...

There are a few M.I.A albumns too in ITube.

Liked the song. In the beginning, it feels like its the typical bhangra-rap trash, but the flute caught hold of my collar from behind while I was about to move out :)

Do let me know what you think of this --
I left my comments already :)

-- Akshaya
Ahankara Nagare is a cool song! liked the video also, esp the girl in the video. ;-)
Thanks for the links..Sen..another place for me to hang out apart from ifilms and apple trailers.I think it is interesting to see the efforts of the people involved and their use of platform like Internet to showcase their talents. The style of videos and music arrangment makes you believe you can do it too!
i did check out the link.
Any ideas of making videos for ur forthcoming albumn :)?

yes definitely, some of them are very professional some of them are simple and DO ABLE :)
bailare bailare

enna sen super music?!!
haha... not now. but who knows about the future? ;-)

@Motorama -- Your profile pic is sooo funny! :-)) But gives another feeling too. Like pissing at the globalization, coz it brought nothing for that boy.
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