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kamal hassan the Fake news generator

If you keep watching closely there will be atleast 3 or 4 news items about kamal or his family member every week. Even people like simbu were not able to generate that much news, but kamal did. Given the fact that there was no movie release from him for the past two years, it makes us wonder how this is happening. He seems to have a team of people whose only job is to promote him online. And off course his  PRO’s keep feeding one fake news after another to the online media, which never checks the source or truth of the content.

check out this one.

The news talks about a record that the uttama villain trailer has created. It talks about the trailer getting 21 lakh hits in 2 days. but the truth of the matter is it did not even get 4 lakh hits even after 3 weeks. The luke warm response might be one reason why the movie got postponed to april.
Here is another fake news that compares kamal with other actors.

Youtube trailer with the original number of hits.

Here is a another fake news which quotes the trailer hits as 21 lakhs when all it has done is  less than 4 lakh hits.

This is just not one incident of fake news.Here are a few others.
During vishwaroopam there was the fake news of comic proportions that Barry Osborne the hollywood producer of lord of rings was awe struck by kamal and he saw the movie 3 times :).Kamal kept feeding one Bull shit story after another to successfully push vishwaroopam which had a messy  screenplay. He started releasing news that he was going to make a movie called "Moo". Then came talks of him making film of tippu sultan and that he is scouting locations in australia. Then there were talks of him reviving marudhanayagam and vamamargam.He was feeding one story after another to be in the news. so that people won’t forget him.

Most of kamal’s news items are either fake news or a news item that relates kamal to another news item.Like this one when the ebola epidemic broke out. Another comedy of epic proportions.
"Kamal Haasan has warned about Ebola six years ago in his movie Dasavatharam. Is Kamal a Prophet?"

Dustin hoffman's outbreak and a bunch of other movies have come out since the 1970's about ebola and other disease breakout. Guess hoffman and others are also prophets then.

I just can't digest the fact that kamal's PRO team thinks that this generation is that stupid. Kamal a prophet as news?.What these guys don’t understand is. This is not the pre internet era where kamal can watch hollywood movies from his private video tape collection and make a copy tamil movie and take credit for it. Those days are gone. His entire image was built on lies and he simply seems to be continuing it.

Even if we have to give the credit for using ebola shouldn’t it go to the director k.s.ravikumar. why are they pointing to kamal. Off course he paid for the news.But when they questioned kamal on Thenali being a copy of "what about bob?" he said they should ask that question to K.S.Ravikumar as he was the director of the movie.If that is the case then Ravikumar should get the credit for dasavatharam also correct. This explains why kamal uses dummy directors for some of his movies. He uses other directors to make movies that has stories that are copied , plagiarized. The dummy directors are fall guy in case something bombs.If at all if he goes to hollywood nobody should sue him you see.But unofficially takes credit for everything. No wonder most of the lift off movies where taken by singeetham srinivasa rao, santhana bharathi and other namesake directors. Given the fact that uttama villain is directed by ramesh aravind. You can be 100% sure this movie is copied from some foreign movie.


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Virumandi - Spartacus inspired scene


Virumandi - Spartacus inspired scene


Nayagan Inspired scene


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Nitya Kanni - M.V.Venkatram

Ahh....the book is too good.M.V.Venkatram tells a mythological story of a women , who has a special boon.The boon of being a virgin forever.Venkatram tells a wonderful story with it, actually i found out later that this was based on, one of the mythological branch stories of maha bharatha.But not taking any credit away from venkatram, He just turns that mythological story into a one, that portraits the power structure of our society and what's a women's role in that.He actually goes even further and talks about the mighty and the weak.A wonderful book.

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Sayavanam - Sa.Kandaswamy

A beautiful novel. On the surface it looks like a detailed description of a man destroying a garden.But through various metaphors , Sa.Kandaswamy opens up the novel for various lines of interpretation.Excellent writing.

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Nan Kadavul

Bala has done it again.He has shown the middle finger to the entire tamil film industry.He has broken all the conventional norms of tamil film industry to give one of the darkest tamil film ever.

Yes the movie wont run for packed houses, yes most of the english bloggers with trash it.That's because this is not a movie for the light hearted audience looking for a good time pass or mild intellectual discussion.If that is the case, you should stop with maniratnam, sujatha and kamal(probably watch anbe sivam again, with a slightly ugly looking kamal walking into the sun set with a stray dog).This is heavy stuff, this is bala and jeyamohan hitting you hard with reality.

The movie has its flaws,screenplay could have been tighter, could have avoided lot of repeat scenes from pithamagan, etc etc.But none of this matters as you wont be thinking about them, when the movie finishes.The movie will stay with you for a while and make you THINK AND ASK QUESTIONS.A rarity of rarity among tamil movies.Hats off to bala and jeyamohan.

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Inspired kamala hassan videos continued

###Use IE if you are having problems viewing it in other browsers.Some time Youtube might be in scheduled maintenance mode too###

5)Pachathanthiram and Very Bad Things
Very bad things is a dark and serious movie.Panchathanthiram was the lighter version of VBthings.pachathanthiram has many lift offs from very bad thing.Here is the major one.

Panchathanthiram copied from Very Bad Things

Kamal Hassan Panchathanthiram copied From... by inspiredkamal

6)Thenali and What About Bob

Thenali is a full and full copy of what about bob.Here is one scene


What About Bob

7)Sathya and Arjun
Sathya is basically a remake of arjun.I don't want to put the whole movie up here.So here is 3 minutes from the first 10 minutes of the movie.



Talking about remakes.. here is another one
Unnal Mudiyum thambi and Rudraveena.
K.B remade his Chiranjeevi's starring Rudraveena, which was also produced by chiranjeevi, in tamil as Unnal Mudiyum thambi.

Ithazhil - Unnal mudiyum thambi

Lalitha priyakamalam - Rudraveena

Jhanee Bhi Dho Yaaron -Michael Madhana Kamarajan ???

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Inspired kamal hassan part 2

##### If your having problems watching the video's in firefox or chrome. Use IE, youtube video's seem to work better with IE than firefox :). #####

The post that gets the most hits in my blog is the inspired kamal hassan post.I thought, i will do a youtube addition to that post.So here are some of the inspired scenes/movies of kamala hassan.I will updating this post all week before i take off for my vacation, keep checking this post and the Inspired kamala hassan videos continued post...

1)Raaja Parvai and Graduate climax

Kamal Hassan Raaja Paarvai Copied From Graduate by inspiredkamal

And you wonder why he is not getting an oscar award....

will upload other inspirations of Raaja paravai,"Butterflies are Free" and Sai paranjpaye's "Sparsh" later

2)Enakkul Oruvan and Reincarnation of Peter proud

A short summary of Enakul Oruvan

A short summary of Reincarnation of Peter proud

Comedies of Kamala Hassan

Watching Enakkul oruvan was a great experience. The movie is a full length comedy. checkout some of the scenes

I was so floored by universal hero's acting that i personally gave him an oscar.For someone who has mastered the art of handling heroines, Kamal seems to have problem when it comes to acting with mothers and sisters...

Oscar award 2...
Kamal hassan is confronting with his previous birth thoughts in this song.Check out the scenes in the first musical interludes following the winch scenes.Couldn't help but give him another oscar for this performance...

3)Indiran Chandiran and Moon over parador
Indiran chandiran scenes

There is a slight audio lag in the clip

Moon over parador scenes

4)Kadhala Kadhala and Two Much

kadhala kadhala scenes

Two Much lift of scenes
This was the only video i could get a hold of, it has a russian voice overlay.

More inspired videos from sathya,panchathanthiram,thenali etc continued here.

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