Monday, February 21, 2005

End of a search

I was listening to shakthifm a few weeks back. It is a tamil radio, but now and then they air sinhalese song. I happened to listen to one of the songs, it was so catchy, it reminded me of some other song that i have already heard but i wasn't sure. But the tune stayed in my mind. I tried searching for that song, but was not successful as i only new the ending 2 lines. I emailed the shakthi fm guys like 10 times, but never go any response. Then after a week or so they again aired that song, with some other sinhalese songs.i thought i would record it ,but before i could do that the song ended and in my efforts to record the song, i forgot to get the first line of that particular song. I again tried to get the name of the song in a few forums with the lines that i knew. But no success.

They again aired it yesterday.i first tried recording , again i failed. But i had time to get the first line. It was "Aahaa khara nagarey".I searched and searched but no success :(.There was no song like that.I was going crazy as i was repeatedly humming the 2 lines that i knew and i wanted to listen to the full song.

Then i saw a song called "Ahankara Nagare".I realized my mistake, i was assuming the small gap in the pronunciation of first word as two words. Then after lot of efforts i was able to download the song. It was awesome. I heard that all day yesterday :).After a long time i felt that special feeling when u hear a song that you wanted for hear badly.

Reminded me of my days of song searches in Chennai. It was the B.I(Before Internet) era. The only way to hear music is to go to the recording center and record the song or buy the cassette. When ever i hear a good rare SPB song, it will be in my mind like a bullet, i will be humming it repeatedly and will be restless till i get it. i will go to the oldest recording centers in ritchie street to get that rare song. Many a times you wont find those songs, But some times you will get lucky. When i come back home, I will shut myself in my room and will indulge in every cooing ,laughs and other improvisations of SPB.I will hear the song till iam tired and come out of the room with a sense of fullfilment/accomplishment.There is nothing to beat that feeling.

Gone are those days of compiling a selective list of song and recording. Now all u got to do is right click on the "A.r.rehman 1992-2005" folder in kazaa or DC++ and save.

but you know that right click can slowly Bankrupt poor musicians :)
i understand that sriks.i have been just another sucker so far.I feel guilty when i hear the words coming out from a musician like you.But some of the rare songs are not available even if you want to buy.
That was a fun song, the video too.
Reminds me of the song "Asereje by Las Ketchup"
I could get only the remix to download, did u get the original track?
nope.only the remix is famous.
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