Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Music from the Baila country

My search for "Ahankara nagare" led to few other sinhalese song. The baila country famous for there peppy music is now making lot of innovative songs with ideas from bangara, rap , tamil /hindi film music. Some of the songs are tri lingual (tamil,sinhalese,english).

Ahankara Nagare is the hit single of the albumn Diviyapura (All my life) by Ranidu lankage.The female voice of Ahankara nagare is ashanthi.I checked out some of her other songs and she was great.She switches from sinhalese to english with ease. Check out the video (link works only in Internet explorer).Video is not of a great quality.

Ranidu & ashanthi

The other group that caught my attention was "Bathiya and Santhush".There latest album "Neththara – Project 4" is hot now. The song Neththara is a rhythmic number with a bangara feel and few punjabi lines.Check out more about the group here

Ranidu and Ashanthi

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