Sunday, September 21, 2008

Inspired kamal hassan part 2

##### If your having problems watching the video's in firefox or chrome. Use IE, youtube video's seem to work better with IE than firefox :). #####

The post that gets the most hits in my blog is the inspired kamal hassan post.I thought, i will do a youtube addition to that post.So here are some of the inspired scenes/movies of kamala hassan.I will updating this post all week before i take off for my vacation, keep checking this post and the Inspired kamala hassan videos continued post...

1)Raaja Parvai and Graduate climax

Kamal Hassan Raaja Paarvai Copied From Graduate by inspiredkamal

And you wonder why he is not getting an oscar award....

will upload other inspirations of Raaja paravai,"Butterflies are Free" and Sai paranjpaye's "Sparsh" later

2)Enakkul Oruvan and Reincarnation of Peter proud

A short summary of Enakul Oruvan

A short summary of Reincarnation of Peter proud

Comedies of Kamala Hassan

Watching Enakkul oruvan was a great experience. The movie is a full length comedy. checkout some of the scenes

I was so floored by universal hero's acting that i personally gave him an oscar.For someone who has mastered the art of handling heroines, Kamal seems to have problem when it comes to acting with mothers and sisters...

Oscar award 2...
Kamal hassan is confronting with his previous birth thoughts in this song.Check out the scenes in the first musical interludes following the winch scenes.Couldn't help but give him another oscar for this performance...

3)Indiran Chandiran and Moon over parador
Indiran chandiran scenes

There is a slight audio lag in the clip

Moon over parador scenes

4)Kadhala Kadhala and Two Much

kadhala kadhala scenes

Two Much lift of scenes
This was the only video i could get a hold of, it has a russian voice overlay.

More inspired videos from sathya,panchathanthiram,thenali etc continued here.

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fantastic.. waiting for more.
will be updating this post throughout this week.... keep checking
Dude there is no audio in any of them and they don't play fully.
There is audio.Sometime firefox kind of hangs and does not play the youtube video's.I have noticed that.It is a prblm with firefox.If you close the browser and open again then it will play.Or otherwise paly it on IE.It will play fine.
Good catch on Kathala Kathala.. but Indiran Chandran(not sure of the year) was made before Two Much (1995)

Keep rocking.. looks like you have spent a LOT of time watching movies.
thanxs.. u r right, two much came later. i removed that video.
Kamal was taken seriously only after Nayagan. So there is no point in complaining anything that was done before that. He did recently comment that "If he were to do nayagan today, he could do it much better than what he did then even though he won a national award for that movie".
did you watch Salangai Oli starring Kamal, the dubbed version of Saagara Sangamam (Telugu). It was directed by K.Vishwanath. I am sure you will like it. See if you can get your hand on it.
Kartick V
Hi, i find that u have done some great research about kamal movies being copied or inspired from old english ones.. I have seen some of them myself(realized it too) and havent seen some.(will do so in near future)
Wonderful job.. definitely

but one thing i must say is whatever be it, i'm not able to digest "U being so floored by universal hero's acting that u personally giving him an oscar" kind of talks.
His movies have something more than just the inspiration or copying aspect in it, which i call his own improvization, which is what actually makes the movie good. and to be frank, that copying part is mostly done by the directors not the actors, so blame them not kamal. (at the time he was acting those movies, maybe kamal himself din know that they were copied.. who knows?)

I dunno why but just my opinion, honest opinion that kamal is undoubtedly a wonderful actor and he deserves to be someone much better than what he is already.

P.S - taking some specific scenes from specific movies, making fun of it.etc is easy.. tell me ur fav indian actor, i can do it for him. lol. probably not for hollywood actors but indian.. definitely... cuz most of the times the directors force some actors to act a scene the way they want. so easy pick.
Infact two much was Copied As Naam iruvar namakku iruvar , only the Comedy scenes where taken in kadhala kadhala

I really like your blog posts... specially those on Tamil Cinema

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