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Inspired kamal Hassan

The blog by KKK on kamal. Made me want to add more information's to the inspirations of kamal. So here it is.

Kamal is one of the easily inspirable people in tamil film industry. My ideas about kamal and his greatness all started crumbling when i started watching english movies other than the regular box office hits.I was surprised to see the number of movies that he has copied or got inspired. I will be watching some obscure english movie and suddenly one scene in that movie will ring a bell , it will remind you of a kamal movie and boom. if you put everything in perspective you will know how that movie got transformed into a tamil movie.Kamal copies entire movies, small scenes, characterizations, makeup etc etc.

Kamal is a big big fan off dustin hoffman, If you closely observe kamal's body actions, movements and facial expressions in many movies it will all resemble Dustin hoffman.For example you can see the "Rainman" in "Guna".Here are more

#)Avvai shanmugi/chachi 420
It is not just a copy of MRs.Doubtfire.It is a mix of both Mrs.doubt fire and Tootsie.
Tootsie has dustin hoffman dressing as a woman. All the scenes with the landlord (manivannan) are total lift off's from tootsie.

#)Raaja Paarvai
This movie is a lift of from Butterflies Are Free (1972) ,The blind school scenes are based on sai parajpaye's SPARSH and the climax scenes from Hoffman's "The Graduate".

#)Enakkul oruvan
Reincarnation of Peter Proud(1975)

#)Indiran chandiran
Richard Dreyfuss Starrer "Moon Over Parador"

Richard Dreyfuss & Bill Murray ‘s What About Bob

God Father

#)Devar Magan
you will be surprised. Kamal he himself told the inspiration for the movie was "God Father". Now put shivaji as the Marlon brando, Al pacino as kamal, the barzinni and other mafia's as Nazar. Gang wars into clan fights, you got the Devar magan. It is definitely a great adaptation; lot of credit goes to kamal. But still inspired, by his very own words.

#)Kurudhi Punal
Govind nihlani's Drooh kaal ,jumping before train sequences from money train

#)Vassol raja M.B.B.s
Munna bhai M.B.B.S

#)Hey ram
Hey ram is one of the best movies i have seen. Lot of credit goes to kamal on this movie, but like all his other movies there are some inspiration's in this movie.
Apart from the controversy on the story, there are scenes lifted from some movies.
I was watching Barabbas starring anthony quinn. It is a biblical story. Barabbas is the criminal they set free so that Christ could be crucified. The whole movie is barabbas quest for the reason why he was spared and how he is haunted by jesus crucification. Ultimately He understands his mistake in the end.
Similar story line as hey ram. If You are thinking this is just a coincidence. There is a scene where barabbas pondering something stumbles on a blind beggar, who with his haunting white blind eyes tries to touch barrabas face with his searching hands. A chilling scene. There is a same scene in hey ram where the blind muslim girl in the hut tries to reach kamal.
Take a few chapters of "Freedom at mid night" and mix it with Barrabbas and Gandhi’s sandal story you have a rough version of hey ram.

#)Vetri vizha
Was based on the Robert Ludlum book "Bourne Identity"

Let's not go into the james bond style story line of this movie.Check out the costumes, it will remind various movies from star war's to biblical movies.

The great thing about the movie is not the story line.But how the movie is narrated. Unfortunately a very old technique, used by kurusawa in the 50's.Actually kamal is not the first to be inspired by Kurusawa's Roshmon, vennai balachander's has already taken "Andha Naal" on the same style.Jail interviewing part is from "The Life of David Gale".

KKK's list

Very Bad Things (1998)

#)Naala damayanthi
Green card(1990, Andie MacDowell, Gerard Depardieu)

#)Sathi leelavathi
She-Devil (1989, Meryl Streep, Roseanne)

#) Magalir mattum
Nine to Five (1980, Jane fonda, Dolly Parton)

To Sir With Love (1967, Sidny Poitier)

#)Anbe Sivam
Planes, Trains & Automobiles

zero said
#)GUNA is based on Tie me up Tie me down.

Remake of Sunny Deol starrer Arjun.

If you think Kamal has made some XYZ movie without any inspiration at all, beleive me it is a false notion.The fact is this that you still havn't seen the original.When you are watching some old english movie one day, you will come across a very familiar scene and then you will know how much inspired that XYZ movie is.


New video addition to this blog......Checkout Inspired kamala hassan part 2 . here

Sample Video

Raaja parvai copied from graduate.Graduate scenes at the end.

Kamal Hassan Raaja Paarvai Copied From Graduate by inspiredkamal



Excellent now lets see what Kamal fans have to say to this

I dont think Nayagan is straight rip off from God Father. Kurudhi Punal shows Govind Nihalani for Story in credits. Everybody knows that Vasool Raja is a remake of Munnabahi MBBS (Vaool Raja Producers bought the rights for Munnabhai).

ps: I am not a fan Kamal. Infact I am fan of Superstar.
While I'm not a Kamal fan (I've not watched most of the movies you've mentioned here, and the only Tamil movie in the list I've seen is "Anbe Sivam") I must say from what I've seen, that at least his movies are not direct copies. I think a movie maker should be allowed the opportunity to present someone else's idea in his own style. If one can adapt from a book, why not from another movie?

my idea was not to instigate kamal fan's.I just wanted everyone to be aware of the truth.

you cannot say any movie that is copied from an english movie as a straight rip off.In order to make it an indian have to add 5 songs, some women sentiment fights etc we use the word inspiration.Iam not sure whether u have seen all the 3 parts of godfather.nayagan is a fine mixture of all the 3 parts with a little pit of tweeking here and there.

For example:Mosca before shooting mary, looks at 2 dress, he chooses the priest dress over the policemen dress and shoots her on the steps of the opera house.In nayagan tinnu anand dressed in the policemen dress shoots him on the steps of the court.

This is just one example if you watch the movie closely you will see enumerable no of rip off scenes.
Getting inspired for one or 2 movies is fine.But if you take his last 20-30 movies most off them are inspired.Don't you think he lacks creativity.And when ever he is acting, he already has a reference and he is either trying to emulate or improvise a chareacter of the english movie, which is easier than trying to create a charecter in your imagination and act.

And there seems to be a double standard.It is plagarism/copy if Deva or Anu malik do it.But it is inspiration if kamala hassan/mani ratnam do it.
check out my response @

Senthil just rocks.
I would like to admit I am a fan of Kamal.
And mostly knew about the originals (in case, there were) after seeing what Kamal did to it, except for some movies like Avvai Shanmugi and Anbe Sivam whose originals were quite (or very) well known even in India (including tootsie too as its inspiration as they obv have the same storyline).

U have to note here than Kamal has been only an actor in some of the above movies. So u cant accuse him for Enakkul Oruvan (yuck movie) and Vetri Vizha (which was lifted from a book, uncredited). Neither were they his productions.

His first production Raaja Paarvai had its hollywood inspiration (I knew about the climax being a lift off "The Graduate". but dint know abt "Butterflies are free").

His comedy were ventures (most of which he wrote!) were heavy inspirations. Agreed. Indiran Chandiran, Sathi Leelavathi, Magalir Mattum, Avvai Shanmugi (though i found it very good and havent seen tootsie yet), Thenali, Panchathanthiram, Nala Dhamayanthi etc.
But, I found the reworking worked to great levels in some movies - namely Sathi Leelavathi, Avvai Shanmugi and Magalir Mattum. Rest were much below Kamal's standards. IndiranChandiran was actually better. (Hey! come on. he was excellent at comedy!)

Nayagan definitely was Mani Rathnam's movie (and FYI, Godfather Part III was released after Nayagan, so cant be its inspiration :))) and had some inspired scenes from the Godfather I and II. He also made Anjali which is inspired from E.T. (plotwise too!) and Thiruda Thiruda (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid).

Kamal has always maintained that Thevar Magan was inspired from the "Sicilian Tragedy" (in his own words) and I found it a brilliant adapatation. When Kurosawa does it in Ran, accept when Kamal does it too (though unlike Ran its from a movie itself.. something similar to what Vishal Bharadwaj did in Maqbool which was already done by Kuro as Throne of Blood).

And come on, how many days are you ppl goin to pointing to Kuruthippunal, when Kamal actually remade it and credited Govind Nihalani for the story. The screenplay was significantly different and had additional scenes (Kamal's fetish for hollywood comes up to the fore, in the train-jumping sequence from Money Train :(( ).

And, Sathya was a remake of Arjun and duly credited and the movie was very similar to Arjun. So, where does the hollywood inspirations comes from?

Vasool Raja - Duly credited again.

Vikram - Kamal himself laughs at this movie now (and Sujatha too). Too bad a movie. No comments.

And Virumaandi - please, telling virumaandi's narration was inspired from Rashomon is a (kinda) disgrace to Rashomon (I am not belitting Virumaandi here) as Rashomon's main theme was blurring of truth in any huma being's vision of how it happenned. But in Virumaandi (and antha naal too), there is an "actual truth" that is revealed after different narrations. Virumaandi as a story of rural crime lives was riveting and worked great at that level for me!

That's it..

Frankly if you see here, Mr. Senthil never reduced Kamal’s effort or greatness

You have just justified Kamals approach but what Mr.Senthil quotes is still unanswered. Why should Kamal always adapt from some other script,

When will he think on his own was the question Mr. Senthil raised,
If a music director today’s adapts all of his songs from say Ilayaraja don’t we blindly brand then as copy cats? Example Nadeem Sravan or Deva for that matter.

After all you claim he is the best in the country today, then when will we see 100% original scripts from Kamal?

Mr.Zero, your answer to this?
I agree some of the movies where not his production. But all his productions, all 7 off them were inspired, that includes sathyaraj's "kadamai kanniyam kattupadu" also.Talking about other production movies, He has been directing movies under names like santhana bharathi, singeetham srinivasa rao or c.sundhar for quite sometime now. And why does one always puts kamal in those inspired movies.Cause they know he is well aware of the english movies and he can easily emulate the performance, so if you are making an english movie in tamil the first name that comes to mind is kamal.I don't believe KB would have gone all the way to remake a movie like ennakul oruvan, without some convincing by kamal.

"Butterflies are free"
Has the hero who wants a place of his own away from his over-protective mother. He is a blind guitarist, living in a apartment by himself. Meets this beautiful girl and learns a lot from her. Goldie hawn the neighbour moves a stool or something and the hero falls and says her that everything should be in the exact places and shows her the step calculations for every object in the room.

Sathya's villian charecter was inspired from marathon man. Let's not go into mani ratnam. Its another long story.

If you have to tell Virumandi's story to some one how will you say it.It's a 2 lines story. There is nothing great about the story, except for the narration style.

My post was not whether kamal credit the originals or not. It was on how kamal easily gets inspired.
Mariyathaiku uriya Senthil avargale - Intha padatha ellam yen ezhutha marantheergal? Ungal sumaiyai kuraikkai naane (oru theevira kamal rasigan!) post seigiren:
Aalavandhan - 7/Silence of the lambs copy endru pathirikkaigalil padithen!
Mahanadhi - An innocent man (A pathetic movie starring Tom Selleck)
Kadhala Kadhala - Two much (Another pathetic movie!)
Chankayan - theriyavillai neengal thaan detective work saithu kandupidikka vendum!
Soorasamharam - Witness(Peter weir/harrison ford)
Azhiyatha kolangal - Summer of 69 (Kamal comes only for 10 minutes,but I am sure, like you said, that he would have persuaded Balu Mahendra to remake the film!:-)
Thillu Mullu - Again, a 10 minute appearance! aanalum oru remake thaan illaiya!!
Pesum padam/pushpak - Charlie chaplin/Buster keaton padangilin copy enru neengal sonnalum solluveergal! aachariyam illai!!

I can understand the feelings of kamals fan's club members.But can't run away from the truth.If you feel so strong about what the press and people are saying , why don't u guys give a press release from the rasigar mandram's that

#)kamal never got inspired.
#)He has been the most original of all the creators :).
#)Next oscar should go for kamal for his original acting and nobel prize for literature for his stories.
Nice post! I was dumbfounded after reading this post.
actually there are more.. i have left a lot of movies :).

If were to think that I should only read Tolstoy and Dostoevsky in Russian, Takhzi and Basheer only in Malayalam chances are I may never be able to read them. A translation bridges the gap of a Communication, often the translator would bring in his or her own interpretation( Sub consciously). These translations bring something new to a language making them richer.
Unlike literature, cinema is a different medium involving cost, so it cannot be directly remade as the original version, you have to work on it, to suit local contexts, and make it interesting for the locals. That initself needs creativity. The very fact that these movies have a made a difference( It does not need to be a great one ) to the Tamil viewer, make it worthwile for the attempt to make those movies. How many Tamil viewers would get a taste of all the films that you mentioned here ( You have been fortunate enough to be in Washington to see most of these movies and you now know that Kamal has copied them), the majority of Tamils here in India dont have that choice.

In my opinion, Kamal hassan may be not a original, he may copy Dustin Hoffman, He may have only external inspirations yet he has given the Tamil viewer a choice which, Tamils otherwise do not have. May be Kamal would do well to accept that his movies have been largely based on western movies apart from, that I don’t think you can take the credit away from Kamal Just like that.

So lets not judge someone subjectively. It does not help anybody.

Warm regards,
great point.He does give a choice to the viewers, that is one good thing about his inspirations. And he had contibuted a lot to the film industry by bringing in new technologies and skills.Iam not taking the credit away from him.

But i feel that we are giving to much credit to him.We are infact giving the credit of tolstoy and vaikam mohammed basheer to him.

If a man get's inspired in a few movies that is fine.But if most of his movies are inspired then there is some serious creativity problem with that person.

Remaking a movie is easier than making a original movie.But somehow we seem to give more credit to kamal for his remakes than some of the original works that are coming out.Are we not encouraging plagarism in a way.

Hindi film industry has become so lazy that they are reproducing most of the south indian movies.There is a clear lack of creativity.I personally feel giving more credit to remake movies will only lead to such a state.
dint get much time to continue the discussion..

if ur point was just abt pointing the world-wide inspirations for kamal, it wud have been great! it wud have been like finding things about an artist and an introspection on his work.. but ur intention seemed to be more abt pointing abt the plagiarism (c'mon u used this word more than once!).. thts y i had to talk abt credits...

That kamal is inspired from movies (here i am not talking abt all dud movies mentioned. take away lesser movies like panchathanthiram etc.. from the list) is a fact. If ur article is broad (and not a childish one in pin-pointing "hey this is from that movie and so he is a copy-cat! hurrah!") in discussing his movies and their inspirations, it should not be like belittling his work. But then y wud u tell something like this? -
"If you think Kamal has made some XYZ movie without any inspiration at all, beleive me it is a false notion.The fact is this that you still havn't seen the original.When you are watching some old english movie one day, you will come across a very familiar scene and then you will know how much inspired that XYZ movie is."

So u made the conclusion that it will be a copy. Can you imagine any neutral sensible article making such conclusions?

an artist's intention and his art is more important. "Taxi Driver" was inspired from Ford's "Searchers", Sergio Leone's first 2 movies of dollar trilogy were almost scene-by-scene remakes of kurosawa's yojimbo and sanjuro. So y be cribby on someone and still claim that u r neutral and say "Why should Kamal always adapt from some other script" (quoted from one of the anon comments)?
So isnt every work inspired from somewhere and is it that bad (reg. the plagiarism-peeve u found in Hey Ram.. in which case i feel any filmmaker who gets inspired from that scene in Barabbas and have it in his movie..)
Wat abt filmmakers like Tarantino who keeps referring to some movie he has seen in his past and liked in every scene of his movies. Of course, I ve seen similar articles on him telling that he is a plagiariser and so on.

On contrary to ur view, I still feel Kamal is under-rated as a film maker here, considering what sort of reputation the likes of Mani have..

Keep them coming!
zero ,
i have acknowledged his contributions, he has always been in the technological fore front in the tamil/indian film industry and i consider hey ram to be one of the well made movies in recent times.

My comment on the xyz movies is exactly what i felt when i was watching the movies that inspired him.I used to wonder about him standing apart from the other directors and delivering very fresh movies, but when you see the original, you get a feeling that you have been fooled.And it happened again and again every other movie has a scene lifted off from some obscure english movie.That was not once or twice, it happened too many times.I think if some one had made getting inspired a habit,its gonna be hard for them to create something from scratch.

I dont agree that just because someone else is getting inspired, kamal should also do it.So is deva a great music director??.

Do you think there will ever be a day when kamal can make a original movie that can inspire someone??. Well i would like an english director to get inspired from a tamil movie.for that what do you think we should do?.Feel that kamal is an underrated film maker?
I do agree that both of them are in the same league when it comes to inspirations but not when you compare them as directors.Mani approaches the audience as a romantic lover trying to seduce them.where as kamal is the circus ring master who comes with a "Hey look at me.see what i can do" attitude towards the audience.
my point here is not to compare mani with kamal (the other discussion in lazygeek's blog was that of course).
I understand ur point on discovering originals of some many Kamal-starrers (As I had mentioned in a prev comment of mine, I too "mostly knew about the originals (in case, there were) after seeing what Kamal did to it" and was frustrated many times. I desperately search on the net for authentic info on the net, confirming if the movie was really a copy and that sometimes was very disheartening. A movie like Kuruthippunal (now i wont crib about it being a remake of Drohkaal. Kamal did say he is remaking it. and if u saw Drohkaal later, it was not kamal's fault. I liked both versions) borrowing an unnecessary action sequence of a train jump from "money train" is really sad. In fact i found that was ur main concern even from the way ur post was written.
But i wud like to point out that there is a difference between inspiration and plagiarism. Though the line does blur in some movies of kamal (may i say again that i never disagreed on that part), telling something like this was immensely not agreeable for me - "Take a few chapters of "Freedom at mid night" and mix it with Barrabbas and Gandhi’s sandal story you have a rough version of hey ram.". I found this kind of inference very amateurish (which is very common among people who take pride in identifying plagiarism/inspiration). That was like belittling a creation like "Hey! Ram" (which you liked) with some suggestions like this. Mix this old movie with this other movie and you get this movie.. (This aptly suits for movies like "Kaante" which can be explained as "Mix first half of usual suspects with reservoir dogs and you get Kaante". Not definitely for Hey! Ram).
And also, pointing out plagiarism in Virumaandi (u left "Life of David Gale" ;)) wasn't politically correct i guess. One thing is that Virumaandi doesnt dwell multiple narrations the way Rashomon uses it. Neither does Antha Naal. Both of them have some hidden truth that is revealed later. And to say Virumaandi didn't have anything else other than the narration technique is really surprising (though everybody says this). Its been long time since i saw a movie steeped into nativity like Virumaandi.
So leave aside some yesteryear direct pilfered-remakes like "Enakkul Oruvan", "Vetri Vizha" and some of Kamal's list of comedies (i immensely liked some though). His serious work in the 90's have been refreshingly great!
And i still say everybody gets inspired. That kamal wont be able to start a story "from the scratch" (now what is this?), "For every Kamal there is at least one English original movie", "lack of creative energy" etc. sound like ur lament on seeing so many originals of kamal movies rather than an analysis of his work.

And, when i said "I feel kamal is under-rated", I was talking among the critics. The general public still somehow think he is the passport for an Indian Oscar.. ;). But the critics bash him for being indulgent, has unnecessary scenes in movies, say that he thrusts his view in his movies, he copies from english movies etc. So i guess u got what i meant when i said he is under-rated. He being a film star shadows his image as a good film maker.

The hidden truth is revealed in andha naal ,but not in rashomon.In virumandi he has just taken the idea and tried to make it into a tamil version.You cannot give multiple endings in indian main stream cinema. There should be a good and bad and good should triumph over bad.

you can view it from a humorous view point also.All that kamal has done is in his effort to make a great narration technique movie he has ended up making an ordinary indian movie.In any indian movie the hero is wrongly accused in a murder or something and he later free's himself from it by proving his innocence. Kamal has just put the deleted scenes of such a movie back to give the 2nd view points :).

As far as Hey ram is concerned, it is again the same frustrations. I was so taken back when i first saw the movie. Some of the scenes that made deep impact on me were the blind girl and his imagination scene in the bathroom. But later when i saw barabbas
i understood the central theme, the quest for forgiveness and peace. For barabbas it was jesus and for hey ram it was gandhi. Then i hear that there is a story of gandhi's sandal's etc. It is a dejavu, he has done it again. And slowly the idea that there are more inspired things in the movie sets into your mind. For talk sake can u promise me that there is no
inspiration from any other movies(apart from what we already know) in hey ram??.

Can u point me one movie which is not at all inspired from any movie in the last few yrs. I again say it "He cannot CREATE A MOVIE FROM SCRATCH. can u give me a few instance of his creativity. He is great as a recruiter of talents and as a technical person but not in story telling, screen play etc. He is not a romantic, he does not have a sense of beauty and presents the movie from a male view point. He lays down all that he knows rather than presenting one idea in its wholeness.

Story telling is an art and it is not kamal's cup of tea, so is presentation. You take a KB movie, a clock, a dog, a water falls, a magazine, an instrument every object is used creatively to express the story, enhance the scene. How many times did you see any other object or beautiful scenery or some nice shots to show the scene progression? Did u wonder why there aren't many?. It's cause all that he thinks to convey is his image. Kamal, More kamal. He JUST CAN'T DO IT.

I cannot divide kamal as a film maker and an actor and give separate points to each of them. Even in that case, it is his mistake that he let's his actor indulge in his movie. As a film maker you should know that u have to stick to the story lines and the integrity of the movie rather than twisting the story lines to project the super hero actor.
some clarifications!

The hidden truth is revealed in andha naal ,but not in rashomon.
Thats what I meant by One thing is that Virumaandi doesnt dwell multiple narrations the way Rashomon uses it. Neither does Antha Naal. Antha Naal was also not going Rashomon's way. (Just in case, it didn't reach you correctly).

Kamal has just put the deleted scenes of such a movie back to give the 2nd view points :).
Thats exactly what i thought about virumaandi and said in the comments section of lazygeek's post - "Still showing the protagonist in bad light due to some grossly erroneous narration (and assert in the movie that it is erroneous!) has been [shown] many times and so I felt it doesnt owe that to Rashomon."
As far as I see, the key point of virumaandi was not its narration technique the likes of which has been done before even in tamil cinema (the new aspect is only showing the same scene in two diff camera angles etc.). It was the close look at the lives of rural crimelords that made virumaandi riveting. So thts why i reiterate Virumaandi was not owing its quality mainly to Rashomon as u claimed (I dont think the story being a 2-line-narration-story makes it any less worth as u said). Strip off the multiple narration part (which i think was not a big plus), still the movie hit the nail.
you are right on the fact that both AN and virumandi or not a complete copy of rashomon.But as i said before in a indian movie you cannot have an open end.Truth has to triumph.

Usually in a movie, a scene where you have to reitrate something that is already shown, the director tends to show it as a series of still shots of the old scene or a short summary by mouth or some music in the background and the actors telling the story.

The idea of showing the same scenes again for 30 mins or an hour with a slightly changed story is a Rashomon inspiration and that's what i meant.

i don't understand what you mean by the "close look at the lives of the rural crimelords".Tell me what was the new thing that was told in virumandi that was not told in any other movie regarding the crimelords.The movie does the double narration of an one hour movie and goes to an usual climax of fight in the jail.As usual there are songs and fights.Yes they have been done differently but i don't think there was any thing great told about the crimelords.Please don't include the technical excellence of the movie to kamals credit , it belongs to lot of people who had worked behind the scenes.
In the movie Mumbai Xpress, after the car accident when Kamal talk to the cop all his actions are inspired from Mr.Bean.
Vaazhga inspired Kamal.
I have been seeing this forum ..Quite intresting discussions between zero ,senthil !!Intresting

1.Kamal is definetely inspired by lot of other movies-No Doubt .To pick him and then crucify him is definetely not done .

2.Forget Kamal ,if you observe all the movies produced these days they will be inspired from one movie or the other .Not that they do it intentionally ,but if you watched around 4,000 movies in your life time ,you are tend to produce inspired movies .In those days ,there were lesser movies that were seen and hence less inspiration .But as communication became better and hen people got exposed to different kinds of film making ,inspiration will come in !

3.But i take strong exception to Anbe Sivam COmparison - Both the movies were totally different ,except for few shots ....ANbe SIvam is much much superioir product than P,T and automobiles movie .

4.I think Kamal has a huge passion for films - You can definetely write movies from scratch - one movie in 2 years or so - but Kamal does not prefer ,he wants to be continously involved in movies -

5.If you take music ,this can be well understood -ANy music which is produced now is definetely inspired from something - if we do it for ourselves .i.e when something flows sponatenously ,it will have soem inspiration - You can definetely choose to compose a song that does not resemble on any thing ,but that will not be sponatenous ..Of course you should not count Blantant Lifts !

I wrote a blog by name ' I met my wife ' ..I thought it was very original ..But after sometime s,i felt there is not even 1% original in this -This is something dealt in many movies only the narration was different ,thats it !Read it and you may also feel the same ..:)

-Ramki ( i write only small stores in my blog - No View points :) )

Inspirations will come in i agree but.

1)straight lift of scenes is definitely not inspiration

2)The level of inspiration.Iam not sure whether u have read "nandhavanathil oru andi" by jeyaganthan. its a short story which talk's about a grave digger and it was the inspiration for pithamagan.The crux of pithamagan is that story but bala had made the movie in such a way that it will inspire another 20 directors.

3)What you are getting inspired about?.
Kamal always get's inspired on an english movie and gives a tamil version of it.

Villagers migrating to cities was the inspiration for cheran's "pandavar bhoomi".something that is happening right in midst of us.why cna't he look at things that really affect people or what they are going through.

Lot of people have got inspired.but they added so much too what they got inspired.But kamal as far as iam concerned may be a lot of things, but he is just uncreative.whether its the technology,acting techniques ,story etc etc everythign is just inspired from something.

Anbe sivam is not a total lift off.But most of his movies are 2,3 english movies mixed into one.So Anbe sivam might have another english movie which we havn't figured out :).
"Please don't include the technical excellence of the movie to kamals credit , it belongs to lot of people who had worked behind the scenes."

I again disagree with you .Unless the director creates sufficent inspiration ,the technicians cannot perform well .This include smy music god Illayraaja too .

The same PC Sriram - Have u seen his work in Mugavari ?Really pathetic -!!!!

2.I do agree some scenes were lifted .But why pick Kamal alone ?What about Maniratnam ?What about Rama Gopal Varama ?Rakesh Roshan and a lot for other directors ?Every director after 1990s has to be inspired ,be it a visual media like movie or a novel -Some where ,it has to be there -It all depends on the intrest.

3.Is it acceptable if somebody just shoots something which is there in a novel ?It is an inspiration from written media .

4.I take strong exception to compare Deva with kamal Hassan .Let me take an example - AR Rehman copied the starting piano piece in 'Hello Mister ' from a piano piece -Now just because he copied a small piece ( which is equivalent to some shots ina movie ) ,will you label that he is an uncreative person ?

5.Sure Kamal is not as creative as KB -Kb is a real genius .But he is atleast trying different - Also ,he has improved his directorial and script writing skills .Recent movies like Abhay ,HeyRam ,ANbe Sivam ,Mumbai XPress were very much orginals . .
Well,As fas as IR is concerned, What you say is partially right.But IR is one of the most biased person in the industry.Can i say all the Ramarajan movie directors provided lot of inspiration for IR??.

3.When any movie is taken the story of the movie is still a written media.

4.I dont know what you are saying.Are u trying to say kamal,deva and ARR are all creative persons?.

5,2.These are seem to be reasons to justify his inspirations.Why should we be considering maniratnam etc when talking about kamal.Let's talk kamal.Abhay/Alavandhan might have killed a lot of people because he had a bad childhood.But it does not mean the murders where right.Before law he is a murdered.Similarly in all his movies, is kamal getting inspired or not, copying or not.The simple answer is yes, rest are all reasons why Abhay murdered someone or why robinhood stole from the rich.
1.ARR is definetely a creative person .A few things inspired heavily does not make him uncreative .I would emphasise the time when he came .SO much has been done in music ,all you can do now is inspired music -

2.IR is biased - in what way ...Because he scored better in Ramarajan movies ???? Wel, what about Mohan movies ,all movies of Sundar Rajan etc ...Even for the same Rama Rajan in 1990s ,IR did not deliver hits .We need to consider this .

3.I too agree with you kamal is inspired -But every director after 1980-1990 is some kind of inspired - but you have to consider directors who have done very well and diversified themes .It may be an inspiration from a movie or from a novel or from real life incident .The general opinion is that if it is taken from a novel or from Real Life incident ,it is inspiration ,if it is inspired from some other movie ,it is a copy .For that matter all of Balu Mahendar's movies are from amovie or from some novel .
1) I didn't say rahman is uncreative.I just didn't understand your come you can say kamal as creative and deva as uncreative?.how can kamal get inspired and deva not.

2)Again i talked abt IR to say that, he gave great music , just not because the director inspired him.He gave good music for various other reasons also.
Ir is biased because he always produces good music for people he wants to.All a producer has to do is fall on his feet and put the poster with his face.Or keep a name with raja.Iam not saying anything about his music, iam just talking about his biased attitude towards different producers.

3)Kamal has lifted so many scenes from so many movies.Entire movies in many cases.They were real copies.You are trying to argue that everybody is doing so kamal can also do it and it is not wrong.

Let's say someone takes your short story adds a 2 lines here and there and publishes in his blog as his will you react.would you say everybody is inspired and so did this guy who copied from me?.I dont know how u will react but I will stand up and point out that it is ramki's story and the other guy copied.Creativity has to be respected period.
Senthil ,

I would disagree with you on Raaja.I don't think Raaja ever wanted publicity in this way .He never participated in any of the Silver Jubliee functions ( Except a few ) or any special screening or etc .

He wanted music to be treated as an art and respect for him .I don't know which incident made you think so .There is a fine line between arrogance and self-respect :Even Kannadasan was mis understood for his self-respect he demanded.

OK -My fullstop on the topic is this ,
I don't want to say that Kamal is not inspired .But i see him evolving over the time and he is improving leaps and bounds .

Inspiration /Plagrism is a very subjective issue -only the creator can say whether he genuinely copied or it was inspired .

To be exact ,we don't have anybody original after KB left .All the others ( backyaraj -exception ?) were only inspirational .Among them ,i find Kamal Hassan is standing tall .

Inspiration cna be from another movie ,a novel a real life incicent or anything -In my opinion ,what differs Inspiration from copy is that tha treatment that the inspired guy gives .

Well-No one compares Kamal Hassan with Roshmon or Speilberg or so -But among his contemporaries ,he is definetsly standing tall .

Yes- I wrote on blog by name 'I met my wife' and found that i was unconsiously inspired -Infact every story i wrote was inspired from something .

ANyway ,Nice discussion ..:)

(Neenga enna panreenga ..full time movie viewer a irupeenga pola ..Yesterday i saw LOTR- behind teh scenes . did not have very good opinion of this movie .,but after i saw their hardwork ,i was really moved.
It shoudl have been Kurusowa instead of ROshmon :)
I wont say publicity.I would say he was very favorable for people who stroked his ego.a demand for Self respect not at the cost of other's self respect.

Ramki i think you havn't met IR.Oru tharava meet pannunga approm sollunga.I had the oppurtunity of meeting him once, i personally felt he was arrogant.

kamal & kurosawa vaa..?? ramki ethellam too much :)
He is not standing tall among the tamil directors itself.See by glorifying everything that he does, we are killing creativity.

kamal is taking different type of movies cause he is getting inspired by different type of films and following foreign film techniques which we are not used to and we feel it is different.Give a simple boy meets girl story , as a director he should be able to present that intrestingly.But i dont think he can, he will fail if he plays with the other directors on a level playing field.But he can take a story like alavandhan and add as many gimmicks on that and present it to you.But at the End of the day it is a crappy movie.

So i dont think kamal is better than a cheran or bala or gautam menon.I feel we can have more number of creative peoples in the industry only by supporting every small director who comes with creative movies than placing all the glory on one person who is very frequently getting inspired.

Yeah yeah i realised that i met my wife was inspired.That's y i ignored it.But still the way you construct the story is good(Kamal kitta solli ungalla next filmuku screen play writer akidraen :)).I liked Karruppu and amma.real good ones.All the stories seem to have a night shyamalam stories like twist at the end :).

I have become a Full time movie viewer lately :).
Hello Raja,

Tell me from where Indian, the movie was copied. Also tell me about Punnagai Mannan, 16 Vaithinile, Valve Maayam, Moondram Pirai, Saagar, Ek Tuje khe liye and so on. Ultimately, kamal rules full stop.
no one says kamal has genuine ideas..did kamal ever come around and say "hey these are my own ideas" nooo way..lets appriciate the fact tht none of his movies have running around the trees and color boms exploding songs...besides tht kamal is a very good actor...everybody is inspired of somebody..may be dustin hoffman was inspired too or brando was inspired too
hey sen....i dont know how ur page has reached me.i've been a great fan of kamal's for most part of my life....untill i started watching hollywood-the movies that matter.i couldnt help but agree with you.but kamal doesnt just stop with dustin hoffman.he's also highly inspired by Al pacino.

he's not the only inspired soul though.we have mani rathnam too.
every movie has a similarity with an earlier hollywood or western flick.the lates i caught was a scene from the marlon brando starrer "streeetcar named desire".there's a scene where brando gets drunk and hits his wife who's carrying then.shes duly taken to safety --to a neighbour's house.brando returns home after his stupor wears off only to find his wife gone.knowing he's wrong, he goes out in the rain screaming out her name whilst searching for her.she then apears at the window and the both hug eachother and patch up very quickly.----we have this scene with almost no change in AAYUDHA EZHUTHU.we see this all through rathnam's career.scene's, scripts, styles flicked and adapted to suit the indian scene.

the idea is not to belittle manirathnam's works but to take off the romantic credit associated only with originality.
the best line in kurudhi punnal "every man has a breaking point" is a take off from "shawshank redemption".now does that say something or not.

the final scene in "indian", where he makes a call from an std booth with a black full lengthed suit is from the last scene of "silence of the lambs".

talking of silence oif the lambs--in the jail scenes, aalavandhan does anything but justice to anthony hopkins and the makers of the movie.

u have rightly pointed out devar magan.hope u could connect the scene where sivaji dies while playing with his grandchild the scene in godfather when brando dies.

allright i wont go on.hahahahhaha.i dont have the patience either.
kick ass,
Yes kamal's movie does not have any running around the tree scenes, a few off them.The problem is when you are talking you are completely ignoring all the comedy movies that are coming out.There are duets and running around tree scenes and a "Cheena thana" type of songs also.When u think back about good movies you will come up with those same 4 movies in the past ten years that everybody talks about.

yes same thing with me, was disappointed to see the scenes from english movies lifted directly. kurudhi punnal is a frame to frame copy of drooh kaal with some extra strong masala.He follows the acting style of different actors dustin hoffman , al, nasrudeen shah ,charlie chaplin etc.
To all those kamal critics out there...
If you find him to be a copycat both as an actor as well as a moviemaker why the hell do you keep watching his movies in the first place?
Doesn't that smack of hypocrisy ? After all these criticisms about
plagiarism and lack of originality, if you go on to watch his next movie,clearly reveals your true inner self.
And what next Senthil?
Kalathoor Kannamma was "inspired" from a hollywood movie as well? (It won't be difficult to find a movie where a child is shown praying to god and singing!
Going by your logic, let me follow the method of deduction. Coke has water. Patta Sarayam has water. Coke = Patta Sarayam?
How can you be blind to the other ingredients present in Coke and Patta Sarayam?

pst pst... did you know that Pulp fiction was a direct lift of Mahabaratha???
"Ramasamy's wife was held captive by Kuppusamy, and Ramasamy fought his way and got her back" - this is the storyline. You need brilliance to wirte a Ramayanam based on this! So there! (Hey, you know what all the movies where the hero's wife is kidnapped by the villain, we can say that it's a copy from Ramayanam!!!). Swathi Muthyam was released five years before "Forrest Gump" was made. Look at the similarities between the two! Crazy mohan's "Meesai Annalum Manaivi" was staged 12-14 years ago! Long before "Mrs.Doubtfire"! Tenali story was not credited to Kamal. See the credits! There are similarites between some of his comedies and English films. But saying that "anbe Sivam" is from PT&A is little too much! Two guys stuck together and running around is very common in many hollywood movies. The same thread is there in "Anbe Sivam" but that does not take away the brilliance of that movie, the sincertiy of the effort should be appreciated - it bombed badly at B.O. I want to ask you guys, why don't you look around and see what kinds of movies your Superstar (or the likes of layathalapathi, supreme star etc.,)
has acted? Is there one original movie? Everything is a remake of Amitabh's or somebody elses! That too frame by frame copy (including your Chandramukhi). Kamal has done much more to tamil/indian cinema, than any of these buggers! Period.
I forgot to add one more thing. "Alavandhan" is based on Kamal's story "Thayam" that he wrote on "Indhayam Pesugirathu" weekly magazine as a serial 19-20 years ago. You guys read that first, before saying that "alavandhan" is a copy from Silence of Lambs!!!
Ungallukku oru O pottukkaren thalaiva!
Phweeeeee!! (Whistle ma!)
I have clearly mentioned in my post.what was the level of lift offs from each movie.The second list is that of ganesh and the third is that of zero.So no PT&A is not a frame to frame copy.But it does take that road movie stuff for its first part.Kamal himself has told that the street play communist part was an inspiration from shafdhar hashmi's life and keep watching more movies and you will find the rest of the componenets of the movie.

So are u trying to tell me that kamal made avvaishanmugi without any inspiration of Mrs.doubtfire or tootsie.Did u see tootsie??.Did u see what about bob??.Did u see Very Bad things??.

If you are comparing kamal with vijay and rajini,definitely he is better, no doubt about that.But within tamil nadu and within the context of tamil masala movie he is a good actor.His contribution to tamil cinema is great.But not to indian cinema.All he has done is rehash hindi movies into dont give fleeting stmts that he is the best actor in india etc etc.I seem to get these kind of fleeting stmts from people who havn't seen many good movies outside the tamil movie circle.If you take vijay's acting as a measuring scale to realize the acting talent of another actor, then not kamal every other extra artist would do great.please see more good indian movies to realize where kamal stands in indian cinema.

you want to talk about one for the english and hindi movies that came around the time period in which he wrote the story dhayam.There are quiet a few movies, "important movies" which talk about child abuse.

As i said before iam not wondering whether kamal is crediting himself for all the lift off question is why is all his movies are inspired from some other movie.why is kamal as a film maker is considered better than cheran or bala who come up with original stuff.Because they dont borrow a story line that has already become a success??.On the same premise you look down at deva and look up at kamal.Deva has given songs ranging from beethovan's symphonies to bob marley's reggae beats.But no he is a plagiriser.But kamal is an universal hero, how do u justify that.
Kamal is not the only one who gets inspired. Do you know how many movies and movie-makers across the world have bene inspired from Kurosawa? And talking about the Indian and the world stage, if you examine say, Robert De Niro's films you won't find versatility there. You can see traces of the bad-boy-mafia-don "You mess with me i mess with you" shades in almost all his characters. Still ask any Indian about his favorite actor and De Niro will be one of them, never mind the fact that he hasn't watched most of his movies!
What Kamal does is
a) Take a thread or core from a movie and weave his creativity from there or
b) Take certain "contexts" or screens and uses it in his movies.
c) Remake movies AFTER giving credit to the original maker. Did you know that Kamal was involved in the discussion of Drohkal with Govind Nihalani? Also Govind had praised KP after Kamal showed it to him.

What about Kamal's movies themselves being remade in hindi?

The Ulaganayagan title was given by K.S Ravikumar when Tenali was released because the rights were sold for a very good amount overseas, owing to the sizeable Sri Lankan Tamil population there - nothing more, nothing less.

We're all talking about opinions here as far as one's best actors are concerned. In the Indian stage, IMO Kamal shares the stage with many other greats and in the world stage, he would definitely give a run for at least a few of the so-called greats, the only issue being cultural differences and market canvas.
"Kamal is not the only one who gets inspired. Do you know how many movies and movie-makers across the world have bene inspired from Kurosawa?"

Forget all this things.simple question just say yes are no.

"Did kamal get inspired by other movies"

"Is he getting frequently inspired by other movies??"

"a) Take a thread or core from a movie and weave his creativity from there or
b) Take certain "contexts" or screens and uses it in his movies."

Dont you think Music director deva/anu mallik also do that.

take a thread or core from a song and weave their creativity around it.

Kamal's acting is for people who want to see the acting visually.FOr people who has been groomed with the over acting of shivaji, no wonder kamal is a great actor.

Acting for you is still the physical acting.The acting that is demonstrated to you in a very visible way. But no, good acting is an invisible should never have a sense of the should only feel the character.It should just make you emote with the character.

There are lot of good movies,iam talking about indian them and you will understand who kamal is.
I still stand by my view and if you ask me for a simple yes or no i will say NO and proceed with my Coke&Sarayam analogy i'd posted earlier. I've watched enough movies to at least discern good acting from the mediocre but that's just me...
Let's leave it at that :)
See you in your other blogs:)

Sir Sen & Sir KKK have been all over the globe and seen all the best movies and know every thing about film making and konw the naunces

Here again!

Sir Sen & Sir KKK have been all over the globe and seen all the best movies and know every thing about film making! (Even "braking point" dialogue is a copy, right!!!).
I think Mr.KKK (who calls us "adivarudigal") is the purest soul on earth who has no favorites in any field or form. Thanks for your comment on us, anyway!! From
Sagara sangamam, Mahanadhi, Devar Magan, pushapk to Mumbai express - everything is a copy! That's what you want to say. Say it.
(BTW, if Nayagan was such a copy of God father, why was it included in Time's top 100 movies all around the world, buddy?!!!)(Cheran and Bala are few movies old and you can't expect them to have the same popularity of Kamal who's been in the field for 40+ years, Sir Sen! That does not mean they are not good - hope you can understand that!!)
You guys want to bad-mouth Kamal Hasan and enjoy an ego-trip based on that, why should I stop you from doing it?!! Enjoy the ride!!!
Go through your comments alone in the postings and see how you go from "inspired" to "all copies"!! One time you say why Kamal gets inspired so much and next you say he do not have any creative skills and all the movies are copies etc.,! Now, I believe in Bernard Shaw who once said "Never argue with a FOOL, becuase in the end the audience would never know who is the reall FOOL"!! So right!! I should stop here. Let the audience see your real color!!! See ya!!!
thanxs for ur expert opinion.
I am a Kamal fan. I dont mind inspirations. I find Avvai Shanmughi funnier than Mrs. Doubtfire. I dont care about the originality as long as I am able to enjoy it. And, there is creativity in adapting different movies to suit your storyline. Let us try for example to write a paragraph on , lets say, Indian Independence. Our thought process is clouded by all books (textbooks and otherwise) that we have read and would be reflected on the paragraph. That would be Inspiration

On the originality subject, there is a Samuel Jackson movie "187" that looks like a scene-by-scene lift of "Nammavar". 187 released after Nammavar. Go figure. - Rajesh
Guys, take a paper and try putting up an art or write a four line poem and publish it here - the world will show that there are thousands already written in similar lines - "Guys try "creativity".
You guys want to bad-mouth Kamal Hasan and enjoy an ego-trip based on that, why should I stop you from doing it?!!

aptly said AP!

what happens most of the time is that the person we think is the best turns out to be not as good as what we think he/she is and as a protest for deceiving us(when actually, it's us who got ourselves deceived), we dont mind calling him/her a loser and start praising the second and third bests, eventhough we hardly like them and their talents...sad, but true.
without belittling u if u urslef have found out so much y rnt kamals greatest critics ripping him apart n y is he getting international awards n recognition despite him being labelled by u as copycat.nothing is original everything is an inspiration u will never understand that I guess there is a very thin line b/w copying n inspiration...anyways nice try
These are just excuses.twisting the facts for our favourite will put down different words if this was done by some other hero or a music director like deva.

minimal ego,
what if our knowledge have been minimal and without knowing the truth we have been praising a second, third level hero for a long time.

what international awards did kamal get??.what international recognition are u talking about?.He is not an international star, truth is his films are struggling in tamil nadu itself.
Well iam tired of answering all the die hard kamal fans, so let me write an answer once for all.

Most of kamal's efforts nowadays are to appeal to you visualy, in a land of illitrate peoples the only way someone could be recognized is my showing them visualy that something is changing and happening.kamal does that by changing his makeup everytime and doing visual gimmicks. Similarly tamil movies still follow the koothu, drama style of shivaji where OVER ACTION is considered as good action.And kamal excels only in that class of movies.

Kamal was a better actor compared to many in tamil film industry.He did try to make different movies, but they didn't spring out of his creativity, all he did was to borrow ideas that were already existing. Which many do but the uniqueness about kamal is he cut and pasted scenes from various movies to make his own.He needs an visual inspiratin to do anything.nothing is done from the scratch.

An actor should be able to make you get into the story more by his acting rather than say what a great acting he is doing now.Most of the time when he cries or does some supposedly great acting what he is doign is like, someone in the crowd shaking his handly wildly above his head to catch the attention of another person in the crowd.He is trying so hard to get your attention, he stands out of the crowd and out of the story.

So Kamal can only be evaluated with in the masala films group.His movies cannot be compared with other quality movies that are being made in india cause all his movies are his character centric.The story comes the second.within tamil film industry which hardly produces any quality movie he is better, but if you are talking beyond the boundaries of tamil nadu, please see many movies of the other region and deeply understand their cinema history before blindly rooting for your hero.

i am trying to put some of the good indian movies here. check them out for reference
hei senthil!

inspiration is life..
inspiration gives birth to creativity......

someone got inspired by cycles and gave birth to motor bikes and that inspiration has now become a V-Rod.

when you compare deva and kamal, may be both are inspired in their own way but what we appreciate is the output after their inspirations......

[i][b]i conclude by saying
Not all inspired are creative at the same time no all creative are uninspired..---->Dhilip
hei senthil!

inspiration is life..
inspiration gives birth to creativity......

someone got inspired by cycles and gave birth to motor bikes and that inspiration has now become a V-Rod.

when you compare deva and kamal, may be both are inspired in their own way but what we appreciate is the output after their inspirations......

[i][b]i conclude by saying
Not all inspired are creative at the same time no all creative are uninspired..---->Dhilip
DO u mean to say that all the movies u ve mentioned on the other blog are completely original movies which were made from scratch?? i see some movies there with blatant rip offs..
One thing I would like to say is Kamal didn't copy all the movies. Coz most of them are neither directed by him or produced by him. But the fact is all his productions are inspired. Can we blame Kamal for getting inspired(either his own or other directors)????????????

Basically Kamal is an actor. An actor who has good knowledge of every department of movie making unlike other heroes(or should I say actors). An acor can always act in any movie may be a remake/inspiration. We have to credit his acting skills. Let me put it in this way: you take a shakespere play. Many people perform it. Its the same story and screenplay. But still why people gor for a particular Theatre. Because those artists perform it well. They act well compared to others. In the sameway you have to see how Kamal performed in those roles. I think he has done excellent job in this.
Some one asked why only music directors are only being criticized for lifting tunes but not Kamal for acting in copycat(inspired???) movies. Acting and singing are entirely different from composing music. I can sing the same song better than SPB. That shoes my talent.( Hey I am not a singer. Just giving example:-) ). Kamal can perform very well in a role than others. Where as composing tune is entirely different. U can not compose it better. Its the same. Only thing one can do is they can do a better archestra( I mean tune is same, but they can use diffrent mix of music instruments). So we can definitely criticize a music composer but not an actor. So we can not blame Kamal for acting in a copycat movie but we have to just see his performance( I dont think any of you have doubts abt his performance which is unmatching).
Coming to HeyRam, some one is talking about Midnight's Freedom and Gandhi's Sandals. HeyRam is a movie based history. And history is same in any book or movie(only views are different). So one should not expect Kamal to change the history and show something new. Probably Barabbas is a lift and its a bit but not the entire movie. And I accept that its Kamal's mistake(??) as he is the director for that movie.

But in India, if the director/actor says that he is making a movie inspired by some other english movie it shows a big effect at box-office. And ego is also not allowiung them to accept the truth. But I always fell that even if a director copies the story from some other movie if he directs the movie in his own style we can always appluase them(I mean though theme is a copy treatment should be different). But if its frame to frame copy we can not appreciate the director. this is my view.

So now tell me wheather can we blame Kamal or his directors for copying(getting inspired from) stories?? But the criticism should be rational rather than personal.
Senthil, U asked 4 Kamal's international awards!
He has won Asian best actor award 2 times for "Saagara sangamam" & "Swathy mutyum" ! And Virumaandi won the Best Asian film award in Seoul
i totally disagree that aalavandhan is an inspiration from 7 or silence of the lambs.IF U R gonna put it that way then every psychological thriller has to be a remake of movies that had the same base & came out earlier,then we can never have 2 movies with the same base.then there had to be max only few love stories becoming hits,or not being called inspirations,cause so many love stories have the same base!
kamal hassan is only best actor in india movies . v cant say he copying from other old movies. if see like this then all other movies r also based on old movies. so when u compare with other actor in indian film . kamal hassan is the best actor in my point of view
Well let it be as u say, here I want to make one thing clear to everybody. How many of u know that all the plays of shakespeare are folk tales? Every body who loves him knoes that. He is not admired for the story but for the way he presents it. And our Hero is of same type, can u compare any world class hero (Marlon brando, Al pacino and etc....) to the perfection of Kamal? the way he acts. fights, dances, sings? No one that is why he is universal star?
Mr Sen,
I wanna say somethin. Let me say u something.Kamalhassan is no equal to kurasova or coppola or any of the so called best director, but he is no less than brando,or any other so called best actors.... basically he is an actor and goes with it.. never mind whether he lift off sequences from the so called best movies.. he knows wat he does.. pls don advice him on tat.. he is the best actor india had ever produced.. and the most ignored.... u gotcha accept tat..
if he had been an director and had copied, i would hv accepted wat u hv said.. but he is not so..
if novels is adopted and made into a film, does nt the credit goes to director..? don say he does nt hv creativity.. tel one personality in the world who can handle all aspects of film makin???? and one who can act like him with so many characters in such a short span..??????? Any awnsers....
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Yeah right. If you contnue digging futher, you can go on to say that Kamal was not the first actor to become producer/director/singer. Come on, give examples of people who inspired him to do that. Also start with examples on who first discovered video cameras, color film, different kinds of lenses and angles, etc. and then say Kamal copied them too!!!! Get a life - if you can't appreciate his excellent acting, then just shut up. I am no fan of anyone - I watch all kinds of movies (tamil, hindi, english), and I do know when to appreciate when I see great acting. As far as Tamil goes, I can say that Rajini is the best when it comes to style and being liked by the audience. But when it comes to playing the character, Kamal is the best.
Ok, if we talk about inspirations, I have to tell one thing. It is nothing but, We Indian have no right or grade to talk about originals. Even see, we are making movies by seeing others,
dressing by seeing others,
even our constitution has many rules and regulations which have copied or inspired from other countries. If we invented something of our own and we are using and then talking about, INSPIRATIONS means its worth something. So dont make any arguments.
But I would like to say, If u r copying something tell them frankly. In Tamil film industry manypeople are there, they tell the truth after one year of the film's release. Like Kamalhassan,..... Even the award winning film Kathal kottai is also inspired from a french film (I have read in a book), Dheena is a copy of malayalam film I have seen (Suresh Gopi as hero). But even today all this films are told as originals.
Hi All,

Its interesting to note somewhat healthy debate going on here.

The one thing we almost fail to recognize is that the film industry, at the core, is not a creative cream. Even the Hollywood or European movies are realization of good novels/stories that've been there for quite sometime. Unfortunately, its us the South-Indian filmocrats, who do not resort to adapting from novels but rather find it easier to rip-off from the more established screen plays ..

This way, the core creativity of imagining up the true/original story has been out-sourced, if you will, or delegated to the better minds who do their part well.

Having said that, even in written novels/stories its hard to imagine anything thats purely & pristinely original... There are just degrees of plagiarism.
My opinion is that Kamal Hassan is a very good copy-cat. Other tamil movie actors/makers copy as well and i have nothing against them (except Mani Ratnam) because both of them are talked about for doing something "so amazing." I feel this to be untrue and I dislike both of them for it. You can copy all you want. Rajini (the greatest man ever) does it in almost every single one of his movies. But what you can't do is act like you are a boon to Tamil Cinema which is what i feel Hassan and Ratnam are doing.
I do not like Kamal even when it comes to his acting. He is far superior than other tamil actors, I admit, but that is not saying much. The only thing i respect him for is his sense of comedic timing which is very very good, far better than his acting or his directing. His comedy movies should be watched for sure, copy or not, but i strongly dislike his so-called serious movies which are mainly just immense bores. Same goes for Mani Ratnam but Ratnam doesn't have any redeeming factors.
I also wish people could stop calling Kamal Hassan "India's Robert De Niro" or "Al Pacino" or "Tom Hanks." I am sure that Hassan may be India's best actor (as said before, doesn't say much) but it undermines De Niro's, Pacino's, and Hanks's acting abilities.
By the way, someone asked what english movie Indian (the movie) was ripped from. The answer to that question is that Indian was more of a Shankar movie than it was a Kamal movie. That is why it had very lil "copying."
kamal is not a ordinary human
he is a always working man
but his films are copied from the other films his is a cyco man
Come on guys every film maker in the world has inspiration from one and another, do want to listin the great ilayaraja and arr copies go and visit this site
you will find how great ilayaraga and arr, are you guys ready to compare them with deva.

Kamal is the best in indian cinema.
Kamal is a muttal..he is a womeniser who likes to marry hot women and then use them to boost his career and then when hez on the peak.. he dumps them

Enough of Kamal!!!hez a grandpa who loves to flirt.

I agree with the statement above (Kamal only, not Ajith. Vijay's much better of course)
Are u guys fools. Kamal had never said that these movies were his own thoughts or ideas. U know every thing has an inspiration. U cannot create any thing without a inspiration . so stop complaining about kamal and jus watch the english film and kamal film again U would definitely see lots of difference in both . Jus tel me a director who has no inspirations. It was in 50s and 60s where ideas were created . and after that almost all the movies it was adapted. So stop fussing boys and appreciate kamal for his dedication to tamil industry for almost 3 generations...........
Ya i completely agree with ur views on Kamalahassan........and i wud like to attribute his cretive skills to full use only in one movie 'ANBE SIVAM ' and tht ws his only masterpiece......gr8 dude keep going...BTW my blog is

I think we are expecting too much from an individual who has chosen acting as his primary professions. How much can this man multiply himself? He is a visual and psychological treat to watch - I think he has invested too much of his time and money in putting together efforts (on himself and others) providing quality movies to watch. Coming out with a good story, script etc. which will provide meaty roles and good wholesome entertainment (content, visual, interesting personalities being created etc) is all someone else’s job. Because nobody has come forward, though about and invested efforts in coming out with quality story, he is forced to look for ideas and inspiration from earlier movies to justify his noble aspiration of providing movies that bring about the best in him and his co-actors in those movies. If one of us can spend time and come out with a original idea which will be a challenge to his skills and be a commercial success, I am sure he will be more than happy to make a film out of it. At the end of the day, one cannot live with love and fresh air alone – Money is very important. This guy is doing a fantastic job (best in the world, I would say , given all the financial, marketing, and other operational limitations that he is facing) balancing to provide best films that are also a commercial success (I hope).
Nice Talk goin on here...

I am a great fan of Kamal. and i am a firm believer tat Kamal has great capability to cause a magic in the Indian film industry.

All the Important points have been already discussed and I ve got just ONE more point to add to this...

If you want to keep criticize Kamal of lifting stories and concepts, why dont you spend some time.. lets say 40 years in the film industry and make atleast 10-15 movies whithout even lifting a SINGLE context from ANY existing movie in the WORLD... I d really appreciate if u cud do tat.. If u cant do tat.. then Just sit.. n watch the movie and appreciate the one who s doin it in such a best ever way as possible..
and someone was criticizing Kamal's acting.. Man !! If u re criticizing Kamal's acting, then u better dont watch any other tamil Movie..

When we watch Kamal during his performance, we watch Kamal performing on the screen.. Is it his fault.. WHY IS EVERYONE WATCHIN KAMAL ACT ON THE SCREEN, LIKE U SAID? ITS BECOS THE MILLIONS HAV SEEN HIS PERFORMANCES IN NOT ONE, BUT MANY OF HIS FILMS.

and in no film i ve seen him OVER act.. atleast upto the level of Sivaji Ganeshan. (Note the prev. point..)

Kamal is primarily an actor.

Tamil film industry doesnt feed him with excellent Stories.They are either inspired/Copied/
ordinary stroies

He cant be the best in everything.In the West, they have specialists in everything and when everything gets together it makes a good movie.

Undermining his greatness, becasue of lack of originality in stories is meaningless.

Kamal is one of the finest actors of our times! PERIOD
kamal is an actor. We are fans of him for that only, and not for his story creating ability or his personal life etc etc etc... Its just 'Acting' and 'Performance on Screen' for which he is taked abt........................... "He is a best actor, best performer" - if you have something to aruge on this, then we(kamal fans) are ready to reply back...
Senthil, After reading your initial posting, I couldnt help except agree. It is quite shocking 'cause I am a fan of Kamal. But you are very right.
Of late, I watched Director Bala movies and have fell in love with each of them. (Sadly, there are only 3).. especially Pithamagan. So, creativity is not dead in Tamil Film Industry.
Well, First of all you dont have PROOF that kamal haasan copies some one else, GIVE THE PROOF,
Just by saying that this movie is that dont make sense, some movies resemble in some way but we cant say that it is copied version, I know avvai shanmugi resembles that english movie, but there is so much of INDIANNES in this movie,
Aamir khan movie is a remake of an old english movie, the name is needle...., I dont exactly remember,
Like this I can say many number of
english movies which was copied and remade by actors like shah rukh khan and aamir khan.
The movie BAADSHAH is a remake of an english movie and you even the last scene in this movie is copied from RUSH HOUR.
kkirukkan, You want what kamal fans wants to say about this blog of yours,
No one can act as versatile as he does,no one can entertain us like he does. A PERFECT ACTOR KAMAL HAASAN.
Very interesting thread.
Kurosawa's "Throne of Blood" was entirely, scene-to-scene (or act-to-act, to be precise) movie make of the Shakespearean tragedy "MacBeth". It may not even be possible to count how many possible Broadway productions and movies have really been made out of Macbeth. Now "Throne of Blood" is Kurosawa's interpretation of Macbeth as Maqbool is of Vishal Bharadwaj's. Having seen both in addition to Roman Polanski's Macbeth there is no better performance of Lady Macbeth that Tabu's role in Maqbool.
BTW Droh kaal was offered to Kamal but he could not star in it and made Kurudhi punal based on Govind Nihalani's movie.
Lets talk about heroes with missions to accomplish. We can argue that the earliest instance we see of this is either the Ramayana or the Labors of Hercules or Puranas starting from Matsya avataram. Rama enlists Sugriva's help to defeat Ravana. Now, how many movies from how many continents have not used such a premise? Did Sampoorna Ramayanam (1960) also inspire the further Bond series? Was Ian Fleming familiar with the Ramayana?
We must also note for example that "Sigappu Rojakkal" (1978) shares the same premise as the very popular and critically hailed Kryztof Kieslowski movie "Red" of the "Three color triology" (1994). I am suspicious but is not the whole premise that the earlier movie comes out of the later movie a little thinly stretched then?
In a similar vein we must also note that many films are inspired based on some stories - book, plays, and real life stories - from somewhere. How many original stories are around in the world today? We have variants - Saving Private Ryan is a variant of The Longest day which itself is based on a book.
Reincarnation of Peter Proud came much later than Madhumati and Nenjam marappathillai, both stories of reincarnation and reminders of previous lives. Now which is the remake?
Even the concept of reincarnation is a very Indian concept, scarcely talked about or believed in the West as such.
Godfather is from Mario Puzo's book but Scarface was released in 1932 by Howard Hawks when Mario Puzo was 12 yrs old. So did Mario Puzo develop his ideas about gangsters from Scarface?
If we talk about family feuds did we not set the trend with Mahabharatham? Was not Bhishma slain by his own "grandson" and died in the presence of his grandsons? The kings who sided by Pandavas and Kauravas are the modern dons, aren't they? Arjuna was in exile when he married women other than Draupadi, as did Michael Corleone after killing the police inspector and running away from America and hence from Kay Adams. Arjuna is the third brother in the family who is the army commander for the kurukshetra war as is Michael Corleone the third brother in the Corleone family.
Eerie similairities, are they not?
Fistful of Dollars was remade from yojimbo but even the premise of Yojimbo was already borrowed from old Westerns as Kurosawa himself was inspired by them. You can watch the DVD extras from Yojimbo and this is stated in the DVD extras.
Lets even look the premise of the ever popular Star Wars. The first movie was Star Wars IV : a new hope. This was inspired from Kurosawa's Hidden fortress (Kakushi toride no san akunin; 1958) and acknowledged by George Lucas himself. Idhaipaarthuthaan 1960-la Sampoorna Ramayanam vandhadho? They all share the premise of a princess in captivity being rescued by two main characters assisted by a large number of "lowly" characters.
I am not a Kamal fan, however I appreciate some of the movies he has acted/remade. He definitely copied a few movies with added Indianess. In a way that is not wrong because would you expect a poor class man who cant speak English to go and watch Mrs. Doubtfire, Tootsie, Godfather etc. So, in that sense Kamal has done an amazing job in bringing Hollywood and its liberal concepts to Indian cinema. My biggest qualm with Kamal is that while he brings these new age movies to the front benchers, he also copies the style of acting of those Hollywood actors. That is unacceptable from an actor. One cannot copy another's style no matter how good you are at copying him. I know it is difficult to copy so many actors and in that sense Kamal is versatile. Nevertheless he copies their style of acting. His portrayal of a mentally challenged person in Guna has a lot of Dustin Hoffman from "Rainman". Kamal has time and again imitated Hoffman, Marlon Brando, Al pacino in a lot of his movies. If you want to be branded as a great actor, then create your own style. Thats what make sets actors like, Sivaji Ganesan, Sanjeev kumar, Naseerudin Shah a class apart. Yeah, they never brought hollywood to indian cinema except maybe Shah but they are not imitators. They are artists.

By the way, the original of Vasool raja isnt' Munna Bhai. Go watch Patch Adams!!
munnabhai isn't an original!! :D

patch adams is a wonderful movie, and vasool raja..not so good(when compared to it)
This guy kamal lacks creativity and originality.. and excessivel obsessed with hollywood and oscar
Most People who watch english movies are in a illusion that AlPacino,DeNiro etc... are acting gods and they can't be compared with any other actor in the world...Any actor who performs his role with passion and close to reality can be compared to any international star irrespective of what language they speak or even if they are known within a state!!!!...And kamal is brilliant at acting... If he had acted bad in a number of english movies then we can say that he's bad...Just bcoz he acts in indian movies, we can't say he is not close to any of the actors above...Going by the experience in cinema industry kamal is one of the few who has the potential to be compared with Pacino's[Also there r other actors like mamooty,mohanlal who has exceptional talents..]...i m a fan of Pacino and Deniro but doesn't mean that i look down at indian actors...
Yes, Kamal does get inspired by several movies and adapts them into his narrative. But this is what even many hollywood directors do! If you watch the Special Features and interviews of "Dr.Strangelove" (a classic dark comedy) the movie makes tell how they were inspired by other people's work for a particular scene or dialogs. This is the case with many other movies. Lifting entire scenes is something that is done uniquely by Indian movies and Kamal is no exception.

However, this does not take anything away from Kamal's achievements because his movies are always difficult to make. It is very easy for a talented actor like him to just let other direct him in whatever movies in whatever ways but he has given credit to the originals where it is due. for some other movies where 4-5 scenes are lifted from other movies it does not make sense to write that up in the credits does it?

Kamal himself has said that he is very impressionable and if he spends a few hours with someone then he starts imitating or adapting that person... so maybe it is in his nature to get inspired.

As far as copying is concerned, there is not a single actor / director who has not copied. almost 50% of Rajni movies are scene to scene direct copies of Amitabh or other hindi movies.
I really appreciate your work in collecting data about most of Kamals movie and from where it was inspired. Great Job! BUT....

U dint seem to understand the difference between COPY and INSPIRATION

INSPIRATION is a positive term , my dear friend....Inspiration is another form of creativity

From what u said "Kamal seems to inspire most of his movies from hollywood , which shows his lack of creativity " , i can clearly see that u dint seem to know the difference between STORY and SCREENPLAY .

Using the story is inspiration
Using the screenplay is copy

to give instance of copying screenplay, plz see the following movies
tamil Majaa = malayal amThomannum Makkalum
tamil Kreedam = malayalam kreedam
and all Jayam ravi/Raaja movies from telugu to name a few

But Kamal only uses the story (inspiration)

If u say Kamal lacks creativity because he uses same story from hollywood , then spielberg,tarantino,kubrick lacks creativity because they use stories from novels/books for most of their movie

The emperor of thriller , Alfred Hitchcock , in fact, was inspired from books , for almost all his movies! . none of his movie in fact is his own idea. so will you say that Hitchcock lacks creativity ....Silly!

If you appreciate the difference between STORY AND SCREENPLAY you will be able to appreciate the genius of Kamal haasan and how ur post was wrong

For god sake never say Kamal haasan lacks creativity ... it only makes me laugh at your ignorance

Arun Bala
Sorry I dont hv an account but would like to bump in as the talk is abt Thalaivar.Senthil I would like to know abt Sadma,Sigappu Rojakkal,Salangai Oli well that u brought in Tenali(which isnt his film).and btw Hofman's Rainman to Guna....dude u got some serious obsession to prove that u watch a lotta english movies.
I second Arun Bala's thoughts. Though I have watched some of the originals (infact watched the originals first before the Tamil versions), I should say that other than the story-line, it could never be said as a rip-off from the original. Infact I liked certain adaptations in Tamil better than the originals. I think in a movie, more than the storyline what matters most if the screenplay. Best example would be "Thillu Mullu" where, narration-wise the story-line would be mundane, sober or may be even unbelievable. But the movie is reality is so watchable - even repeatedly and I never fail to laugh everytime I watch it. Based on your post, you *could* even accuse Kamal of originality but never on creativity!
Why does our so called legendary hero,an self proclaimed intellectual,Mr.Kamal hassan copies from other languages.I am not totally against his plagiarized works,but why should he comment as if he is the only great creator in Tamil Cinema.
i have no issues whether kamal ripped off, inspired, borrowed a spark from other movies or not.. let him be more down to earth or what he upto....

he talks too much... and asks english aka hollywood will get award from kollywood..... similar to oscar... can he play the movies to them?

Senthil has commented that somce scenes appear similar thats crap.

no time... will post it next comment
This is what I say about remake/copy/adaptations/inspirations. Give credit where due.

Taking a hollywood movie and remaking it for a different set of audience belonging to a different culture is perfectly alright.

For instance, how many people in India will understand the hollywood movies mentioned above? Even if they how many can relate the story with their life and surroundings? For them it will be just another "great english movie". Now, the same story when presented in their local language with Indian locales will make them enjoy the movie more and relate it to their life/experiences.

This is what makes great entertainment. After all entertainment does not know international boundaries :) The more people the story reaches the better.

It is entertainment after all. Give credit where due.
so what if he inspired by all these films u mentioned.still the actor must have some sarakku(in the head)to perform like ulaga nayagan and that cant be done by other naistars
as long as the content is "new and is food for thought" to the audience he is catering to, KAMAL is doing a great job.. Critics can go to hell.
A Jobless fool, started this.
Sensible ones tried to reason.
The Fool argued.
Good ones left.
Fool has gathered an army of fools.
Don Quixote fighting wind.

Can you find where I have flicked this from?

Good guess...its an inspiration of your blog and its aftermath.

Get a Life!
dear friend..........excellent work....your investigative efforts is appreciated and its a lot of fun to learn that kamal is a copy cat.......this song is dedicated to ulaga nayagan......neela saayam veluthu pochu..dum dum dum dum............raja vesham kalanchu pochu dum dum dum dum.......

kamal is a born culprit

comments by true superstar fan
magalir mattum is a xerox copy of hollywood film " 9 to 5" acted by dolly parton which was released in 1981. kamal hassan has put.."story, screenplay and direction by kamal hassan in magalir mattum movie in tamil....i also believe that he produced that film....kamal anna...ungala mathiri yaaraalum copy adika mudiyathu......neenga great

i agree with certain movies...
but not some ones

yes it is inspired ..but not copied...everything is inspired...even in hollywood ..then according to your logic, the last scene in godfather 3 can be said to be lifted from nayagan itself ....since both have similar endings...

2.Devar magan
yes..inpired from godfather(plotwise)..but you need talent to bring it in village you need to work the screenplay from scratch..

3.hey ram
[Take a few chapters of "Freedom at mid night" and mix it with Barrabbas and Gandhi’s sandal story you have a rough version of hey ram.]

if you think these are copies,then every hollywood director is a copy cat including alfred movie cannot be original from scratch...

4.vettri vizha

your reason is not good..infact rashomon itself was adapted from a novel known as "in a groove"...then according to your logic,every flim is copied..

[Let's not go into the james bond style story line of this movie.Check out the costumes, it will remind various movies from star war's to biblical movies.]

this is a mokkai reason..infact star wars plot itself was inspired by seven samurai which was said by george lucas himself..then i would say james bond stories are taken from a books..

6.ennakul oruvan

the movie peter itself was inspired from madhumathi...

Every movie in this world is inspired from some or the other..there is no movie from scratch...

As far as immitation of actors,can you answer me this simple question->

ITS NOT ONLY KAMAL,EVEN SHIVAJI WAS TRYING TO IMMITATE ORSON WELLS IN ACTING...every actor atleast try to immitate each other..infact only few actors have come up with original acting like marlon brando,jerry lewis in comedy..

i agree with you that some flims are plagarised..the problem in tamil cinema is that it has no role model flims or models who were truley original to look at in tamil cinema...

if you agree,quote some directors who have taken any movie from scratch???lets see your reply to this...
all stories have been told
the blog owner is an educated man; thus, instead of calling Kamal a copycat, he launched a diatribe and comfortably, that is, stop before you push the knife in, used politically correct words like 'inspiration'. I am sure he has a point; don't we all do? Unleashing a detail-laden commentary goes show how he obsesses over kamal, a feet even a well-informed kamal fan cannot boast of, atleast sometimes. Sen, assuming he is a Bengali, must have grown on a staple diet of Bengali movies(read the 'art route'), and the lack of support of critical paparazzi, particularly the drug-addict National School of Drama-types, who even find their way into the censor board, has become only too evident, particularly because, more than anything else, Kamal has achieved the best of both worlds, commercial success and critical acclaim, notwithstanding the Hashish-smokers brouhaha. Let's just say he copies; you cant deny the fact that he does it elan and loads of imagination; it takes genuine talent and pain to do so. No commercially successful actor would dare pulverize a regular, unstoppable hero-like image, to do something like Mahanathi, a role that bespoke the travails of common man and his rather precarious moorings (hanging by a thread, a thin thread at that), a film that is a true celebration of the core values of life. The last series of original stories told are all now called ithihasas and puranas and epics, which Bengali intellectuals or intellectuals of any cast, creed, and colour would jump to ridicule as rumble in the jumble and petty skirmishes between village ruffians. Kamal was denied national awards many times only for the reason that he was good looking and God forbid, can act and God forbid, and make his movies get to the masses.
Till now evryone said he is a genuis...

No slowly people r saying everyone else is copying and nothing wrong !

He is now same as anyone else ...

I can understand what you are trying to prove. Kamal does have a tendency to project his image in whatever he does. He tries to project that "I AM THE BEST","ONLY I CAN DO THIS".

Still that is no reason to stereotype a man. You, me and everybody knows that if Kamal had decided on ripping off(as u say), and had just presented it as it was, there would not have been a single taker for the movie. Devar Magan. Let one of them say that they were not affected by the movie, the performances and all.

Probably you want him to admit that he did copy. But then there will be people just as you who would just brand the movie as a rip-off and not appreciate it. And believe me here that no single work by a single director/creator was ever original. You have to get inspired to create something. Kurusowa might have ripped off entire stories from his granny. Who knows?!!Agreed.Kamal could have avoided using some of the exact scenes as it is. But in the end, it is how a man makes u feel that matters. In that way, Kamal is a genius. And for the projection of his image. Remember Mohammad Ali!? If he is the greatest, it is just because of the fact that he kept telling it.
Folks dont waste your time replying to his "findings". Lets respect his freedom of speech.
Sens level of bias is shown in his list of suppsedly best movies @ All of them are from bengal or another Communist state Kerala. Do you think this guys deserves to be replied ?
few scenes from Nayagan is copied from "Once upon a time in america,1984" like putting salt in the sea.

Also Moonram Pirai's story line is a copy from "City Lights" like a girl is helpless (blind/Amnesia) and the guy helps her and wen she gets her (sight/memory)he forgets the guy actually helped her.

I am not a kamal fan or whatever. My point is, there are a lot more English movies than Tamil movies and if you take any Tamil movie you can dig into the English archive and come up with a film that contains scenes from the said Tamil movie so you can automatically accuse ALL Tamil films of being plagiarism. And as the list of Tamil films are increasing, soon you can see an English movie and dig into the Tamil archive and find a film that contains some scenes like the English film and accuse ALL English films of being plagiarism. So whats the purpose of this childish don't give credit to Kamal fight here? Who cares if you smear him or not. Not the Tamil movie goers certainly.
I am not her to deny anything you said..But, When kamal wanted to do original scripts like mahanadhi and hey ram, who came to produce that? mahanadhi he did with no salary..hey ram his own production..Dasavatharam was his original script and those who say it as kuppai don't know to analyse it..Anyway, even for dasa he had to mix commercial elements to do it..NO ONE CAN DO ANY CHANGE ALONE..Kamal has to be commended for making people watch other hollywood movies too through few of his adaptations. Change happens very slowly so that you can't guess which caused it..Kamal's try to show different scripts which are taken in hollywood is a part of the change. You have to accept it bcz, only now you find these since YOU HAVE STARTED WATCHING FILMS..those people who knew only MGR should be made to watch hollywood only through the same kottagai where MGR stood before them..even now sivaji's works are called outdated..if you look back from the present every move will seem outdated..go back and you will know that it is not..IT WAS NEEDED AT THAT POINT OF TIME..
some one has requested to use the name of the original creator..

my reply..sir, the original creator whom you think would have been inspired from something else..I am a creator and I write based on life of people around me and things that I read..If maruthanayagam is a film based on mohammed yousof khan, you will call it a crap? then you, who learn from other's experience and books you read is living a crap life..You are watching many remakes and so called inspirations in tamil cinema..Look from your heart over the films that kamal has adapted..YOU WILL KNOW THE MEANING OF ADAPTATIONS..He need not use their name..
I am totally Sick of this.. and deeply embarrassed by Such things in all kinds of domain.
If you inspire somebody's work then give a credit to them by appreciating their work publicly and use it ,if not then it is purely a Copy cat work for your "SURVIVAL".
Because of Such kind of work, in all fields ,Our Nation's reputation is at stake.
DONT blind yourself and dont get lost in all of the Media claims and Hype. The Media will do anything for its survival and TRP rating.
They Praise such copy cat work
As in the past,it will record and even watch & broadcast you die.FUCK them
Even in technical forums the way other sees us are very embarrassing.I dont Want to be one of those Cut copy paste consultants.never
The movie MANMADHA AMBU is copycat version of “ROMANCE ON THE HIGH SEAS” 1948 musical romantic comedy film .Another shameless rippoff.

The song neela vanam uses a reverse narrative style which is been there since 50s which is good.However its again a ripp off from COLDPLAY @3:00 See and decide for yourself
I'd seen a movie 'FX' I think, kamal had copied a sequence from movie into his 'Vetri Vizha'.. he stands into a phone booth, a gang fires on the booth after jus kamal came out from that. this scene exactly resembles the scene from FX. I heard he had a lot of collections on english movies. Well, he used it to copy those for tamil audience. We enjoyed when watchin those, but he is still a COPYCAT.. And I think the writer here, might be a fan of Kamal. R u still a fan of him!!? Thanks for your work out buddy!!!
what ever he makes, he copies he is still the best actor i have ever seen. none of the indian actor(includes sivaji or dilip kumar etc)can be compared with his acting.Yeah i agree he is making inspired movies for the last 15 years but you have to look back movies like "moonran pirai" "16 vayathineley" and many more. most of his copied movies are inspired by story and screebplay not by acting. so as a actor you cant blame him at any cost since he never copied bodylanguage or manarism of any actor even in avvaishanmugi or what about bob
you need two days to read all the comments - my two cents worth. All of us get inspired by various things throughout our life. Some are knowingly done some become part of us. When you grow you get inspired by your parents, teachers etc and subconsciously mimic them. Kamal reads lot of books, sees lot of movies and does get inspired, attracted by few scenes, dialogues etc which when found appropriate automatically gets adapted in his movies also. I don't believe this is copying - this is inspiration. you are not able to show the entire movie as copied without credit given - where you have shown (vasool raja for example), it is a REMAKE and credited too - infact, you should not have listed such movies at all. I believe Kamal does a pretty decent job - here is another person sitting in america telling us that they are original creators of everything - give us a break please!!!
Good job on making a list. Actually, you can copy paste the filmography of Kamal's movies and they would all be 'inspired' movies. I used to be a big fan of Kamal before I moved to US and started watching hollywood movies. People like Kamal Hassan and Balumahendra plagiarize from obscure movies and never give credit to the original work. You can make a similar list of the "legend" Balu Mahendra as well. It would be so amusing if it is not so sad :(
he was just an actor, not neither a writer nor director. And those which he had written have pure inspiration. He has not stolen credits. You have to accuse the directors and writers.
all those inspirations what kamal had used does not have "thirukural quotes" and all those movies never had a " Pure Tamil movie name". almost all kamal movies has the movie name in pure tamil " Maha nadhi" " Anbe Sivam " " Thevar Magan " ' Virumandi " and so on.. and one more thing... No body ever has the balls to take a risk to act all those english ripped off in tamil, except Kamal Hassan. He is the only suitable guy to perform and equalize the acting skill of holly wood. He uses his talents. He can't do what is going in our mind as per our thinking. he does what he does. and he does it very well on what he knew.
Mrs doubtfire is not totally remade in thamizh.. he just taken the plot.. and entirely scripted in much better way.ppl who have seen both will know
I was watching a Charlie Chaplin Film The Gold Rush released in the year 1925...The Woodhouse Climax of Michael Madana kamarajan appears to be inspired from The Gold Rush
Basically kamalhaasan minus hollywood inspiration = Actor Mohan
Hi I am Ram,

Saagara Sangamam is a copy of which movie???
Action done by Kamal in Vantha Kokila is copied from which actor????
Maro Charithra copied from which movie.......
AAkali Rajyam was copied from which movie......

If you like English movies so be it... don't underestimate or take away the credit of an Incredible actor like Kamal and Rajani just because you like some English movies which i am sure you cannot follow without the subtitles Mr. jackofall.blogspot :-)
Dear Friend if lifting so easy and reproducible why don't others do it? Before Mrs Doubtfire was released crazy Mohan delivered a stage play on the same stoy line!. And where was Appoorva Sakkotharagal lifted and the best of all MMKR and Salangai Oli. Come out of your frog out of well blogs!!

Actor Kamal Hassan is going to act on a new film based on Communist. He already has three film Visvaroopam-2, Papanasam, Uttamavillan. Shooting also finished for those films.
Actor Kamalhassan has said that he will going to release maruthanayagam film which was abandoned at half due to financial issue. Maruthanayagam started 1997 by Kamalhassan himself acting, scripting and producing. England princess Second Elizebeth has participated for this film starting ceremony.
Actor Kamalhassan has said that he will going to release maruthanayagam film which was abandoned at half due to financial issue. Maruthanayagam started 1997 by Kamalhassan himself acting, scripting and producing. England princess Second Elizebeth has participated for this film starting ceremony.
Actor Kamalhassan has said that he will going to release maruthanayagam film which was abandoned at half due to financial issue. Maruthanayagam started 1997 by Kamalhassan himself acting, scripting and producing. England princess Second Elizebeth has participated for this film starting ceremony.
Well said bro.. Even Avatar is a direct lift from Malayalam/Tamil movie - Vietnam Colony.. I read it somewhere & found it to be true.. :)
Bro, may be the blogger wants Kamal to listen to the script first, then search if there is something similar already taken in the western & decide to act or not.. May be he wants Kamal to say - No ba, naa original script mattum dha nadippaen, no inspiration please.. Kamal mela full of gaandu, clearly visible..
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U fucking asshole born to Western father's what is your problem ..does only Kamal haasan copy??what about ur Ur Rajini kanth who copied from all Amitab bachan movies and Malayalam and other laugage... Don't b biased asshole..
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