Tuesday, September 09, 2008

LHC - Is this the end of the world ??

Tomorrow is the day, the worlds largest and highest energy particle collider LHC(Large Hadron Collider) will go online.This is the biggest scientific experiment to have ever taken place in the history of science.It is also the most advanced and costliest experiment to have ever take place.This collider will smash protons clost to the speed of light.It is supposed to recreate what the condition where like after Big bang.

Many people are worried about the consequences of this collision experiment.Cause with LHC we are steeping into an unknown area.One of the rumor that has been floating is that the collision could result in small black holes which might eventually grow bigger and destroy the earth.The Scientist community is saying that these kind of collisions happens every day in earth's upper atmosphere.There has been lot of discussion going on on the collider.check it out below

Even though LHC is coming online tomorrow, the experiment will happen only on Nov 26th.

Introducing the Big Bang machine here

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Black Holes ??

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