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BBC - Bhiwani Boxing Club

A tin of covers the boxing arena. A majority of the kids here don’t have their own gloves. And to drink water after practice, the lone hand-pump has to be operated very slowly, otherwise sand particles will start coming out along with the water.You look around and have to wonder, what results will you possibly get with conditions like these? Under normal circumstances, you wouldn’t get anything. But the one thing that cannot be factored in is the passion for boxing that seems inherent in the Bhiwani local.And because of this, despite the very basic facilities, Bhiwani has become the boxing hub of India. More Here

A few days back, Bhiwani was just another nondescript north Indian town. Its unique feat of sending five boxers to the Olympics was known to only the die-hard sports fan.Eight days into the Games the scenario changed, and how. The entire nation --- and probably some boxing pockets in the world --- have been enthralled by the exploits of the Bhiwani pugilists --- Akhil Kumar, Jitender Kumar and Vijender Kumar. The three are on the cusp of rewriting Indian boxing history, and this city now hopes for at least one medal from its quarter-finalist trio.More Here
There’s a reason they call ramshackle Bhiwani town in Haryana India’s Little Cuba.As dusk falls, a strange, new fear grips residents of this sleepy North Indian town — the fear of power cuts, which they never really worried about.Over the past week, outages are the only thing that have come between the residents and their heroes: the four boxers in the Olympics coached by Jagdish Singh, all from the Bhiwani Boxing Club (BBC).More Here

The boxing boom in Haryana has been set off due to systematic planning and execution to promote the sport in the State with a combination of helpful factors like irresistible financial incentives, with the sound support of sponsors and the mush-rooming of boxing clubs all over State, aiding the cause of the sport greatly.More Here

As we talk, adolescent enthusiasm gets the better of a couple of boys. So, you’re not being interviewed? one taunts the other. Oh, just wait till 2012, he responds.By now you know Bhiwani has changed in these past two weeks, so dismiss this as a fanciful dream at your own peril.

THE GURU Behind the success of the Indian boxers at Beijing is the coach who groomed them SAY no to four-letter words, it says on the wall. That, presumably, includes ‘loss’. As India hung on to its boxers’ positive talk in Beijing, smiling at home in Bhiwani was their coach Jagdish Singh. Because along with the hooks and jabs that Singh trains his wards in, thrown in for good measure are these little nuggets on the right attitude.More here

A boxing academy on the patter of Australian Institute of Sports would be soon established in Bhiwani.More here

Video of bhiwani and its boxing club with Vijender Kumar interview

Video Of BBC

Video of the Bhiwani Trio's Feat here.


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