Sunday, August 17, 2008

Akhil Kumar

Whether he wins the bout on monday or not.He is a champion.How many times will you see a indian down 2-6 against the reigning champion come out of the ring as a winner and the champion in tears.Here is more about him

Akhil Interview Part 1

Akhil Interview Part 2

Akhil Interview Part 3

Akhil Kumar Vs Sergery Vodopyanov, Final round

Videos from 1119sup

This one from Mani 5577. People are already uploading lot of videos.

IBN interview video

interview with his parents video
The indian mohammed Ali ?
Back From the Ropes
Akhil at the olympics
His Bio at Mittaltrust

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Dear Akhil,

Do not worry about you defeated. Plz keep trying and one day you, Vijendera and Jeetendera will be the Gold winner surely.
Prakash Rao, Village Dinod
Bhiwani (Haryana_
Now from Jabalpur (M.P)
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