Thursday, November 03, 2005

Vijay Tendulkar plays

Vijay Tendulkar's famous marathi plays are out in dvd with subtitles, can't wait to watch them.More info hereand here

This week outlook has an interview with tendulkar, on a question about 'Maximum City' and its author.This is what he said about sukethu mehtha.

He wants to run away from the realities in Mumbai, he wants to feel safe; yet he wants to write about this city. And that chapter where he talks of (Bal) Thackeray...I was very sorry to read that chapter. He makes Thackeray out to be some clown, makes a laughing stock of him when the reality is that Thackeray is a terror. It's a creation to entertain readers.more

Tendulkar's plays in books

Thats really good. The last I saw of Tendulkar was in a Doordardshan TV Series called swayamsiddha with shekhar kapur and priya tendulkar. That was many moons ago.

Some of tendulkars plays have already been made into films. shantata..., kamla come to my mind.

But it will be interesting to watch them in the play format.
Among his works,Ardh sathya and aakroash are not coming to mind?? :).
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