Friday, July 15, 2005

2004 National awards

Best Actor Saif Ali khan, Best Film Page 3 , Wholesome entertainment Veer Zara.Are you ##$%@ kidding me.Clearly the awards are not awarded fairly.India's perinial problem politics is slowly creaping into the national awards also.

Sharmila Tagore, a sweet mom and the Chairman of Censor Board of India has just bought a new toy to her son.The National award for the best actor.I first dont understand how an actor like saif was even considered for the awards.How did they let him be a contendar for the award first?.The pathetic thing is that the next in line was shah rukh khan.

"According to inside information, Sudhir Mishra, head of the jury, was very keen on Shah Rukh Khan getting the award. However, the other members voted him down, arguing that "Swades" was pretentious and too obvious".Sudhir mishra proudly goes around saying that he voted for shah rukh khan.Dude the award was for best actor, for that persons ACTING in the movie, not for the message and story that the movie carries.Have we gone down so low that shah rukh khan and saif ali khan have to contend for the top spot.Sudhir mishra should taken responsiobility for this fiasco, rather than going around praising saif's acting.
Chairman of the Jury for Feature Films, Sudhir Mishra defended the choice of Saif, saying, 'Shahrukh in Swades was not a bad performance. There were other performances also which were good. But here is an actor who is approaching a role in a different way.more'

Being the head of the jury,he should have seen to that the award goes to the right people.Last year the jury was headed by basu chaterjee and the best actor went to vikram and best actress to Meera jasmine for her role in "padam onnu:oru villappam",direction went to gautam gosh and the best film to the sweet marathi movie Shwaas.

Basu chatterji with the jury

Apart from sharmila tagore, the yash chopra's gang has also been responsible for the award coming to saif.Hum Tum was there films.Yash chopra was awarded an undeserving dada saheb phalke in 2001, he got a phalke award even before mrinal sen got it.

Page 3:
Madhur Bhandarkar himself is surprised that this movie has won a national award.And is trying to guess why he was awarded the swarna kamal.
"The film has surprised me and everyone else. I think the National award jury must have liked the fact that the film tackles several socially relevant issues all at once. I feel a film that has a positive message for the audience always has a better chance at the National awards.more"
Madhur bhandarkar's page 3's selling point is the same thing that he is supposedly talking against.People saw the movie as they read the page3 of any newspaper and after 2 hours 10 minutes of entertainment for 20 mins he moves to the page1(real news).I consider madhur as another person who gets inspired from parallel movies to make semi commercial movies.Chandhini bar has its core story from dharmaraj's chakra, and this movie page 3 is nothing but a commercial version of govind nihlani's "PARTY".There is the four times best film winner girish kasaravalli's(the only person right now who can break sathyajit ray's record of 6 movies) movie, there is a budda deb das gupta's movie on the fray and the award is given to page 3 :(.

Veer Zara:
Again the Chopra gang.First of all, why award it for 2 movies in the category.Either it should be for autograph or veer zara.Why put both of them?.Why stop with 2, they could have awarded it to 20 movies.

Similarly vidhyasagar.Just because he scored for a K.Vishwananth movie, he gets an award.Every year the kerela film industry produces atleast 4 movies with better classical music than swarnabhishekam and they dont see it.What's up with Best Lyrics for Pa.Vijay.Very average lyrics, looks like he just tagged along with the other awards of autograph.

Its nice that autograph got some awards best entertainer and best singer.And it was nice of the jury to recognise J philip.
"Also highly-appreciated was the Special Jury Award to J Phillip ‘Kutty’ for his performance in the Tamil film Dancer, with the jury applauding him for his 'incredible acting and dance performance despite being a physically-challenged person'".

The Congress MP Rajeev Shukla has written to the I&B ministry, questioning the integrity of jury for National Film Awards.
"Following from what seems like haphazard criteria for the selection of the jury, including its Chairman, the selection of award winners becomes even indiscriminate and the jury appears to pick and choose winners based on personal choices or even vested interests of the jury members. more"

Well this is not the first time these kind of things are happening.When i was writing the review on umrao jaan and 36 chowingree lane i thought jeniffer kendall was not awarded the best actress that year because the movie was in english.But found out that there was politics in that also.see below

1. At the 2000 National Awards, at least two of the 129 films — Daman and Pukar — which were unanimously rejected by the 17-member jury, went on to win major awards. While Raveena Tandon got the Best Actress Award, Anil Kapoor was adjudged Best Actor. Both films had not even been fully screened for the jury.

2. Claiming that Raveena Tandon had campaigned for BJP during the last elections and her uncle Macmohan was on the jury, director Pradeep Krishan and two others (cinematographer Shashi Anand and Odissi dancer Madhumita Raut) quit the jury.

3. A year before the Raveena-Anil imbroglio, there was an uproar from Calcutta over Kirron Kher winning the Best Actress Award for Bariwali, in spite of her dialogues being dubbed by a Bengali actress — a fact that was not mentioned in the entry form.

4. The first big rumble on the National Awards front was when Rekha won the Best Actress Award for Umrao Jaan over Jennifer Kapoor’s far superior performance in 36 Chowringhee Lane. Many were shocked again when Amitabh Bachchan won the Best Actor Award for Agneepath, by no means his best performance.

Anil kapoor won it for pukar, but nothing changed for him after that, he is still a nobody.There is a difference when undeserving people win it

Raveena & Anil
Yash Chopra

and when the deserving people win it.The joy is immense when the right talent is recognized and awarded the nation's prestigious award.Hope the iformation and broadcast ministry will look into the the letter of Rajeev Shukla and fix this big hole in the jury system.
Vikram,Mrinal Sen & Meera

Mom serves Saif honour on platter

pathetic thats all one can say
congress pointing at BJP vice versa
whole thing was started by congwallahs.
They havent given Late Shivaji a single national award, bunch of jokers.
Entha awards yellam romba subjective .....
I will advocate an award for Kamal Hassan for Hey ram ,alavandaan will reject it completely .SO in case if we both were judges what do we do ?There cannot be any Objectivity in this !!

But in this case ,it is urprising that all the members tood for Saif ALi khan - Ithu rombe a ve over thaan .... But the jury also has a point in saying that it is not necessary that only serious looking actors needs to be given awards .

I disagree with ur statment on Page -3 and Madhur .The story line may be similar but it is the screenplay ,plot ,charcterisation ,visual treatment that needs to be looked ,not just the story !Story can be inspired from real incident ,novel ,another film ,any book or any news item .

Regarding Pa .Vijay ,again this is sujective ..Neenga apeadi solreenga ..IN salem ( Or chennai ) in one blind school they have kept this song as the School song .If a song can inspire so much ,how do you think its average ?
seri senthil ...Naan naalaiku India poren ..three weeks ,iam gonna miss ur blog :)
that's why there should be a good system in place for the awards.

"The story line may be similar but it is the screenplay ,plot ,charcterisation ,visual treatment that needs to be looked ,not just the story"

Did u see page 3??.First of all there is no characterisation,good visual treatment,plot etc in the movie.The movie is no more than a page 3 column in a paper.

regarding the pa.vijay song.I think vairamuthu and kannadasan has written 200 better song than this. There are very good inspirational song by VM in many rajini movie.I found the lyrics average,didn't think it deserved a national award.

ramki,i thought of posting some short stories next week and u r not going to be there??.
it was disappointing to note Saif Ali Khan won the National award for best actor and that too for his performance in the movie Hum Tum!
I wish they could see the light and 'recall' their decision coz he so doesnt deserve the same.

Sen, somethin off topic. I've been searching for this song Amudhe Thamizhe online but no luck so far, assuming u have a collection of all the wonderful songs cld u pls help?
The kovil pura song right??.what is ur email id??.Or send a email to mine(it is in my profile).
comedy time venuma
Hindustan timesla
Salman vs Aish transcripts padi
koduma eppadidhan intha alodo suthinangalo andha amma ?
Next years national award winner will ostensibly be Salman Khan, for his real life acting as 'THE TERRORIST' and the best actress award goes to Ash for asking Salman to f***K off! :P
Why do you bring poor Kamal Hassan into all your arguments, I am a Kamal fan too,lets talk about the present dude.
Sen, am glad u have the song. I've sent u a mail.

can i have one amuks please (of your email send button along with m.lens)

awards ellam jijupi, namma oorla sirpi, s.a.rajkumar, adityan madhiri asaamenga ellam state awards kudukarangale andha madhiri dhaan ;)

LOL on Aish/Salman transcript - so neengalum Thennavan/Senthil madhiri nu sollunga ;)

epdi da, unnala mattum dhaan idhu ellam mudiyum, why shd Aish be given 'best actress' award for asking Salman to 'back' off :P, may be best 'dumb' actress ?

Enna idhu, ivlo touchy feely connection ayiducha blog network la...

Ungaloda skills pakarappo, Ganesh unga munnadi kadugalavu dhaan ;)
i was happy wit last yrs choice, this yrs choice is crap. wud vijay get a national award for kadillakku mariyadai? tat the level of acting in hum tum
its a farce, fill the jury with bollywood jokers, and loosers, then they wont look beyond hindi cinema and throw the crumbs for non-hindi cinema, which is much better any day.

there are other much better performances,

next year amithab ll gt award for sarkar, he doesnt deserve it, hes done a bad job, not gr8 (if u ask me ill say no1 in bwool who is called a star can act, not like ppl in regional cinema)
At this might come true.
weekend enna panrey??.
amitab has already got national award, next is straight dada saheb phalke award.For his political connections he will surely get, just mater of time.
As Mumbai Ramki pointed out, the awards are all subjective and is totally dependent lightly on the whims and fancies of the jury and heavily on the powers that wield influence over them.

I think, gone are the days when national awards were considered the ultimate accolade in any film person's career. Now, it's taking the look of just another award and that definitely does not augur well for the industry.

I really feel sad that they deemed Swades pretentious. I really think that the movie deserved the national award. But, unfortunately that does not seem to be the case. In fact, when I wrote a blog on my thoughts on the movie, I had presumed that a national award was a given.

Well, I still stand by Frontier Gandhi's quote that I had posted in that blog.
Senthil, I fully understand and appreciate ur concerns.. I was so furious at Saif being awarded, when I was looking out and found the apparent reason, I was like "What the &$%#?"
Even though what you say looks like conspiracy theory and you may find lot of opposition from fans of the corresponding stars, I am inclined to believe you. The national awards and film fair awards etc are not judged properly.
Saif won the race and Sharukh was second!!! Terrible, these people are. Page 3 was in the similar line of Split Wide Open and that was a much better movie.

Ella idathileyum lobby irukku
including oscars...

ella National Awards judges ume dharudhalai dhaan.indha dhadvai koncham over dose.

remember TIME cud choose only two movies. naan Mani fan but Nayagan and some other film in the whole of indian cinema for the last 50 yrs?

adhaan mani safea "iam not dancing over the roof top bcos of this" nu escape ayitaar...

next yr Dhaadha Saheb Palke
will be Subash Ghai "for his outstanding contributions to Indian cinema notably his visualisation of songs like "Choli ke peeche kyaa he which depicts Indian culture in a realisitc way"

enna sirikareenga?
evlo bet?
Sad that politics shows its ugly head everywhere! I read in Balaji's blog that MGR won national award for Rickshakaran!! Probably this time it was to pacify Sharmila Tagore-amma for locking up her husband! Who else were in the race other than Saif and SRK for the best actor?
Swades was definitely a better movie than page 3.But i dont think it deserves a national award, maybe when no other beter movie was there.I would definitely root Swades for the Nargis Dutt Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration, not sure about the best pic.Unfortunatley this year BOSE TFH was in the competition for the nargis dutt award.

arvind, gp

Let's hope it wont repeat again.

Time magazine stuff was the choice of 2 guys.Those guys choose from what ever small number of indian movies they saw.Nothing to do with lobby there.

I will bet you that subhash ghai wont get the phalkhe award next year.But i wont bet that, he will never get the award.He will get it before Shyam benegal and Govind nihlani.

me too,
MGR got national award??.Iam not sure about that info.Firs of all i think these 2 guys should not have been in the competition.If said can be there then vijay migh as well be there for "Thirupachi" anyways by sudir's stmt the award need not be give to heavy acting.

The other actors who where in the competition were
Vijay Raaz(the contractor guy who loves the servent maid in monsoon wedding)for Hari Om and

Subodhro for buddadeb's Krantikaal
Indira Gandhi wanted MGR to side up with Congress for the 1971 Elections..As a token of appreciation, she awarded MGR, the national award for 'Rickshawkaran'.
Senthil, did you see Kazhcha? Both Mamootty and the child artist had given truly wonderful performances in the film..But the film was completely ignored at the national level :-(

now there is aravind also in the blogosphere adhanale, clear'a correct'a acknowledge pannanum ok?
For ganesh both arvind and aravind are the same... this shows that he doesnt discriminate unecessarily. hail o' ganesha!
last year it was ok
what about autograph?
do u agree with the jury there?
You have been tagged! Pls check the 1st comment in my blog for the pic with the title "All by myself".
no i didn't see kazcha.I tried but DVD not availabel :(.I heard it is an awesome movie.Seems vikram first wanted to do it tamil.Then dropped it cause that story cannot be told without adding masala to tamil audience.sad it was overlooked.

okkk.i will address as DC Arvind okvaa.Or DCA in short :).

poonapothu viduda.

popular cinema award is given to good commercial movies.So yes autograph is good for that award.

after International Film Awards for Indian movies which finally was for Hindi film industry and which was a farce even National Film Awards is turning out to be a farce.
With dad in jail mom thought of giving her son some present.
why do these people decide by votes and not by performance??
Best movie Page 3 what a comedy.
I think its a Comedy of errors.
they vote based on the performance,but surprisingly everybody that this was the best performanc eof the year
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