Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nan Kadavul

Bala has done it again.He has shown the middle finger to the entire tamil film industry.He has broken all the conventional norms of tamil film industry to give one of the darkest tamil film ever.

Yes the movie wont run for packed houses, yes most of the english bloggers with trash it.That's because this is not a movie for the light hearted audience looking for a good time pass or mild intellectual discussion.If that is the case, you should stop with maniratnam, sujatha and kamal(probably watch anbe sivam again, with a slightly ugly looking kamal walking into the sun set with a stray dog).This is heavy stuff, this is bala and jeyamohan hitting you hard with reality.

The movie has its flaws,screenplay could have been tighter, could have avoided lot of repeat scenes from pithamagan, etc etc.But none of this matters as you wont be thinking about them, when the movie finishes.The movie will stay with you for a while and make you THINK AND ASK QUESTIONS.A rarity of rarity among tamil movies.Hats off to bala and jeyamohan.

Wow! Hard hitting post(Bala ishtyle!)! I'd been keeping my fingers crossed(chuckle - for the finger comparison in your post!) for this 4th effort from Bala!
I am gathering some mental strength to watch this movie!

P.S. - Bala's movie brings Sen's spot's resurrection!!
Annathey-ya izhukkamey oru post podungalen!!
Never ever knew bala was on par with Zen Masters and thinkers such as krishnamurti, Bertrand russell,henry miller etc.Thanks for enlightening. LOL
Best of luck for watching the movie :).

Think you left kamal in that list :).
I would never attach importance to anyone connected with entertainment business beyond the entertainment value they provide and that includes everyone in world cinema.
BTW, kamal is yet to make a movie like "Naan Kadavul" before we can think of including him in the list alongside Bala.
Tamil film industry is like a mirror. When Bala shows his middle finger to it, The tamil film industry shows its middle finger to him.

That's why he says he is going to take a commercial plunge and make a love story.That's why he says if he gets a chance to re-shoot naan kadavul he will re-shoot all the scenes in the movie.

Coming back to your blog after almost year or more. What a first message to read! Bala should be proud that Sen has appreciated the attempt. I know its very hard for a film to get appreciation from you. Nan Kadavul - has won.

Director Bala has again proved his talent! Every thing is good in movie! This is one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life!
thanxs for the comments guys...
Anyway Bala has done a great job in his own style. I think no one can handle this subject as good as he has done. The other intersting plus of movie than photography is music. All the songs are very nice to hear! Chears to Maestro Ilayaraja!
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