Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saina Nehwal

A Rising star in international badminton, she is india's best.One of india's many next generation sportsman/sportswomen who are not shy to mention their intentions and are not afraid of loosing.Focused,determined and fearless, she destroys here opponents with raw power and lightning speed.Even though she is not a naturally talented badminton player, her rise is due to her perseverance and single minded dedication for one sport,Badminton.Her story like many other indian Olympic athletes is one of inspiration.

The tough journey had started. Saina had to be taken to the stadium every day early in the morning and the distance from the house was 20 km.It was a challenge for both of us because I had to wake up early so that we could reach the stadium by 6 am. The training session used to last for about two hours.After attending the training session, Saina had to attend school. This way I had to drive my scooter around 50 km daily as Saina, apart from attending rigorous practice sessions, had to concentrate on studies,” her father explained.The impact of this tough routine began to show in the first week as Saina would often fall asleep on the back seat.Sensing the danger, Saina’s mother started accompanying them on the two-wheeler. This continued for three months.Ultimately, the family had to arrange a house near the stadium in 1999. This time the distance was about 7 km from the stadium.More here

Watch IBN video "Move Over Sania, Saina is here"

Anyway… going into the Nationals, it looks like Saina is the only serious obstacle to Aparna Popat's quest for an unprecedented eight consecutive National singles titles. She's the hottest prospect on the horizon; at 14, she is one of the top players in the country. She's had a string of impressive results abroad, so not many will be surprised if she manages to upset Aparna this time.More here

I just uploaded some of her olympic matches on youtube Here is the match between saina and Maria Yulanti,unfortunately this one has only the 2nd and last set.The awesome first set is not there.If anybody has that please upload. will upload and update the remaining parts ASAP

Beijing 2008 badminton Quaterfinals match Between India's Saian Nehwal and Indonesia's Maria Kristin Yulanti Wed Aug 13.Saina lost the match.

I moved the match videos to a separate post here

All Saina Nehwal posts in my blog

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saina Nehwal Philippines open videos

Saina Nehwal Vs Maria Kristin Olympic match video

Saina Nehwal Vs Ella karachkova match video

Video of saina nehwal losing a the junior world chamionship

Video,Asian Games will be tough: Saina

Video:Saina joins Mittal champions trust, Manisha Malhotra talks about saina

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