Sunday, August 17, 2008

India at the olympics

Wow.Is this really happening.Apart from bindra,So many good performances by india.what struck me the most was, how these people over came the obstacles thrown at them to be what they are right now.Everybody's story is an inspiration.But our lack of interest on sports other than cricket(Iam as guilty as anybody else on this) shows on the internet too.Except for the newspapers, there aren't much information available about these sportsman/women.They don't have a proper wiki page or there is not much video in youtube or there is no blogs on there performances.I thought i will blog and provide links to some of the good articles and media available about these great athletes.I have some videos also which i will upload later.

One of the best blogs that i came across was that of Manisha Malhotra a former tennis player, now the administrator for the Mittal Champions Trust.She has put down her journey from 2007 in her blog at would recommend you read the whole blog from jan 2007(actually there aren't a lot of posts) including the comments....

But here are some of her posts on Abhinav bindra.It will give you an insight into the champion.

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