Thursday, August 21, 2008

How is Vijender already a bronze medal winner??

I was confused.. how come everybody is saying that he has already secured a bronze medal in olympics.he has just won a quater final match.That means there are 4 people in the fray for the medals. so if two guys advance to the finals there will still be 2 losers from the semi final match and just for a second assuming that Vijender loses in the semi's and then he again loses for the bronze medal match between two losers of the semi finals..he will end up as the fourth guy and he wont win the medal.So how come everybody is saying he has already secured a medal for india.

Actually i just found out this.. :).In Olympic boxing,there wont be a match between the two losers of the semi finals for the bronze, but instead two bronze medals are awarded :).so there are four medal winners for every weight class.Hence for the 75kg weight class, all the people who won the quarter finals including Vijender already have a bronze medal... :)

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I am surprised to find so many sports related post in your blog. I was wondering whether I landed in a different blog. Then I saw ur kamal bashing dasa post. It confirmed your blog. ;)
:).. in olympic mood right now.. hence :)
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