Monday, June 23, 2008

Dasavatharam - A simple masala movie, very badly executed

I saw dasa this weekend and read couple of reviews.Some of the things that i read, forced me to write a review about a movie after a long time.Iam going to do this in installments.As usual, a kamal movie comes with loads of bullshit.The pre release promotional BS and the BS that is very much part and parcel of his movie. Over the years i have come to separate the BS and core of any kamal movie.

First of all i want to talk about the Non Linearity, Chaos theory and Butterfly effect of this movie.

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This should be the worst ever written . U are surely not fit to Blog..
Loads of bullshit only in your Review.
//As usual, a kamal movie comes with loads of bullshit.//

This clearly shows your ulterior motives!

I regret wasting few minutes of my time in your blog!

Very cheap publicity - sure you'll get a lot of it!
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