Thursday, May 17, 2007

Windows Vista

This is something that i have been desperately wanting to tell everyone.Please don't buy VISTA.If you want to use vista without any problems you got to wait atleast for another year.The OS is pathetic.None of the old software's are working on it and the microsoft guys are sending patch after patch.

If you have an option on what OS to be loaded on your new machine.Please choose windows XP or some other stable version of windows OS or linux.Not Vista..

Hey, good to see you back! About Vista, every person used it says the same.
okey sir, will take your advice!

Incidentally, what IS it with the first comment here??!!!!
thnxs guys,
melody just saw it... it is not a comment.some wacko spamming my blog... at the first glance i was impressed that some guy was so impressed by my blog that he left a 10,000 word comment.But :(.... Anyways i deleted him.

jo, what's up man... how are thigns going on with u?
Going good buddy. :-) How have you been?
Vista SP1 is much better than XP SP1.
I'm using vista Ultimate, and its great. No problems at all.
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