Saturday, October 14, 2006

Intresting article in Outlook

"While we have squandered years whining about its appalling crudity, sex and violence, Bollywood is puréed babyfood compared to South Indian mainstream cinema. Down there, it does not count unless it's third degree. The Tamilians win the Olympics for Horrific Crudity, Sexism and Violence".More

yeah i do agree to a gr8 extent.i dont understand why we r degrading ourselves by showcasing simbu and dhanush movies..
by the way seeing ur other posts it seems to me u r too much of a die hard anti tamil movies and anti kamal..

i mean mohanlal may be good and for all u know even better but is that reason enough to degrade kamal whenever u get the oppurtunity..
ps i seriously doubt mohanlal is better than kamal after talking to a no of mallus whom i know..
hey.. hows u.. :)
ages since u dropped by at my blog...
Buddy, did you check BlogSwara Version 2 yet? :-)
Ohh..looks like you are also on hibernation! Come back for some "Guru" talk :)
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