Thursday, October 05, 2006

Good old days

what will happen when Illayaraja, SPB and chiru go on a rampage....??

One of those crazy chiru songs of IR, saw this song after a long time.What a wondeful composition by the maestro.The orchestration is so rich. Check out the orchestration Guitars,trumpets,congos,violins etc.This is good old SPB singing with frolicking S.janaki.

Haiyo! This thaiya-thakka telugu songs I used to hate!!
thaiya-thakka...LOL Me too!
Guess this is the other side of IR's magic..
Got your email. Will try to call you later.

Even i used to hate these songs.But can't stop in appreciating IR and SPB for their work in it.

Yeah call me.same number
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