Monday, June 26, 2006

Mohanlal songs

Here are more songs.. This time it is all mohanlal songs.

onnam ragam from Thoovana Thumbikal
One of the many good movies of padmarajan.This movie has some great songs.check out the others here

Thodar kinnakaley from gandhinagar 2nd street
This is the original of the tamil movie "Anna Nagar mudal theru".This is the malayalam equalent of the beautiful "Methuva methuva kadhal pattu" in tamil.

chinkaaram kinnaaram from Minnaram

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The first song is my fav and the movie was completely shot at Thrissur, my hometown! :D The slang used in the movie is also Thrissurian Malayalam. (but Mohanlal and other was a failure in delivering the right Thrissurian slang. You would hear the right TCR slang in the dialogues of Innocent, Kalabhavan Mani etc).
And the movie is a classic one too. One of the best from Padmarajan. He is such a master of his craft.
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