Thursday, June 08, 2006

Emotional Reporting

Check out this video... this is far worse than listening to Krish srikanth or navjot sidhu talking...

I thought the discussions were very interesting. I think that the reporting was infact better than listening to srikanth or sidhu. The discussion was very very interesting thanks for the links dude!
We need to see who the audience is-they decide what the content to be.The same stuff would be packaged differently in NDTV -its the package which makes us brand "impartial","coarse","good analysis" .

Secondly "Information-Hiding" and "truth-Manipulation" is an intresting tool for success be it a business proposal,screenplay or a television new report.What people want to see is something SPICY and not TRUTH .Sad,but thats what we want !!!! IS it not ?

Thirdly with regard to the views they have said ,it all depends on whther India wins or not .India loses ,you have amaizing ways to raise ur TRP ratings .Indian win-just ride on that .thats what people want !!!!!!

With regard to selection proces ,statistics alone won't decide anybody's removal - Its the support ,instinct,bias on somebody' abilities that also counts .Its true in every field .
This kind of reports are coming only because of viewers like you da :)

yes, welcome to the age of "INFO ENTERTAINMENT".Everything is spiced up.wont be surprised if these kind of analysis start doing a song with video clips of the match.:)
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