Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Oh sailabha

Guys, Any idea what malayalam movie this song is from.It goes some thing like OH SAILABHA.. of course KJY and the actor is Jeyaram... the song is refusing to leave my mind....

I think you are talking about "Oh Shainaba". It's from the movie Amrutham. Music by M.Jayachandran. It is sung by Yesudas and Chithra, a duet.

thank you that is the wonder i was not able to get it i was looking for sailabha... :)

Here it the link to the song..
Yeah, Kajan said it right. And its "Sainaba", a Muslim girl name.

And check out this too! And lemme know what you think. ;-)
my name is "shyna rasheed" now my boy frd always sing that song when i got i will be okay when ever he sing that song...oh!sainaba....
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