Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Like everyone iam also eagerly expecting the release of blogswara today.Wishing the blogswara team all the best.

ade ada ada vaaga annachi
welcome back dude
hope you have listened to all the songs.
to be honest -i made a nice story of ur disapperance (please don't ask that .Its damn cruel)
anywya i can pick up fights with u again.:)
Aha? are you back? thats cool mate. check out the songs and let us know your comments. :-)
Just one word -JO
SUPERB!!!!!I like each and every song.However the only the sore part was that the strings(violins in keyboard) sounded jaded.Other than that 100% success
Hey Ramki!

Thanks a lot pal! The thing is we had to completely rely on the keyboard tones and couldn't do the accoustic instruments. :( That's due to the financial problems of the project. :-)
thanxs guys :)..

iam little curious to hear that story :).

jo i have posted my comments...
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