Monday, February 13, 2006

weekend weather

And it snowed...

It snowed this many inches

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Never knew what it is like coz there is no such climate here. :-)

Nice pica budd, especially the first one.
nalla velai naan new yorkla illa. thappichen
nice pics sen, particularly the second one!!
Am blog surfing & this is the second blog I've seen (the other was Arjun Prabhu's) with a great post & great pics of snow...

Now I'm really feeling bad I've never seen any...

Where art thou?
These pix remind me of Munich, (I was there in the early part of this month. Great ones
Very nice photos. Thankfully I am in a place where it does nto snow :) did and spring is here now.
update plz.

check another 'when it snowed' pic
Planning to update?
Umm...cold..cold..cold! Nice pictures.!!

Did you know that it snowed in San Francisco..after several years..It was extremely cold.!! and still is.!
Hey what happened ur blog discontinued ?
really nice pics
Quit blogging?
Where are you????
Where are you??? Why no posts for so long????

Come back Sen!!
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