Thursday, January 05, 2006

Reservation arguments...

There seems to be lot of discussion happening on reservation in the blog world.The best is this one at acron.some very good points raised by vasu.

The debate there has become really complicated. I see no inlet so I'll say a little thing here. Reservations were meant to be a solution to a problem - that when race starts, some are way ahead of the rest. The problem still exists but Reservations have not provided the solution. They cannot.

Try to see the parallel with Capitalism vs Socialism. Have the intellectuals settled that debate (the mother of all debates?) yet? No! The problem is the same, even there. And it cannot be settled. With or without reservations, the result would be equally wrong. Equality cannot be achieved, it will not be achieved. Capitalistic pursuits provoke the animal side and the socialists curb it. One desires unequal growth in the name of free market whereas the other, in an effort to curb it, supresses the desire to excel which is a must in today's world to grow in terms of the definition of growth we have agreed upon. Both are wrong.

I see reservations as a goodwill gesture. If a gentleman comes to my house and requests me for 20 bucks, I shall refuse. But to a poor man, I might give. Unfair, it might be. But one cannot neglect the terms of social contract. If society gives you more freedom, you cannot demand equal rights as others. Nature's balance!

-- Akshaya
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That's right the discussion is complicated..

"If society gives you more freedom, you cannot demand equal rights as others"

well said.I think there is a lot to it.If the society accepts the opressed people with open hands, there wont be this much of friction.

i will chekc out.
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