Thursday, January 12, 2006

Protest against Coke

Outlook has an intresting article on protest against coke by the michigan university students and its indian connection.

When students of the University of Michigan returned from their winter break this week, they found the vending machines on their campus having no Coca-Cola products.
The discovery sent a round of cheers among students who have been campaigning against Coke for allegedly causing environmental pollution in India (a court case is on in Kerala) and following dubious labour practices in Colombia.

Their sustained campaign, under the aegis of the Coalition to Cut the Contract with Coca-Cola (CCCC), yielded result as the varsity suspended the purchase of Coke products beginning January 1, in the process joining a band of over 10 academic institutions in the US to have imposed such a boycott.more

Also check out this excellent article Get Over The GDP-FDI Obsession by PRASHANT BHUSHAN

Hope folks back home boycott it, rather than considering it a hep status symbol.
Here is a complete article on MSNBC: which came a couple fo weeks back... and ofcourse people who want to foolhardily believe that this is not true can read:,20281,17744359-5001028,00.html
Yes! And those desiboys must go study in India instead of living in a country that kills innocents in Iraq and producues and spreads the use weapons of mass destruction like Coke and Pepsi.
Yes, the plaachimada protest is still on in Kerala. More and more of national activists are taking part in it.

@quitindia: I think it is equally good in protesting in USA where Coke and Pepsi has its roots, and it also helps to gain international attention. Also this protest is not against a country, but against Coke. So there is nothing wrong with these students protesting in USA against Coke while they study in the same country. They have done this atleast. What about the students back home in India?
People may boycott it for a while.But not sure whether a sustained boycott could be done, Cause there is no alternative, i mean a widely available soft drink. either it is coke or pepsi.The first move of coke when they came to india was to buy out goldspot,limca,thumbs up etc.And i dont think any new drink can come up now also cause both these guys will push the drink out with their incentives to the retail sellers.

thanxs for the links.

quit india
thanxs for stopping by

yeah i heard about that.
How does the matter stand now in Kerala? I mean, what was the court judgement?
I would have rather preferred if there was no direct boycott by college or some association. Ideally coke should be able to keep a stall in the campus and we should have persuaded the students not to buy them. Thereby due to lack of sales, coco-cola should have wound up on their own. That would have been a real victory.
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