Monday, January 02, 2006

Blog Updates.......

Iam adding another blog.A movie one :D.Yeah what else am i goona write about.Been writing a lot about movies. thought i will organize them so that i dont have to put everything on the main blog.The new one is for international movies.But iam not going to write about the usual hollywood flicks.Iam going to write about the international master directors.So presenting you my new blog International Movies.

I have posted a story in my story blog dreamweaver called oldgar house.This is not a straight forward story, it uses a metaphor.check it out.

Have a wonderful year ahead buddy!

And gonna check out your new blog. :-) Great to know about it.
The more the better!
thanxs... HNY 4 u 2.

wish my office will pay me for blogging :).
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