Friday, December 23, 2005

Didn't know that there was a site called site now has become, the reason is on the old site.It says

"With our short-term goal partially accomplished, we now embrace our long term mission — to be cricket’s watchdogs by fostering healthy debates. 'You will be directed to shortly'.

Their short term and long term goals here.The site has 3,236 registered members.

check out this funny quiz at

Outlook has an article on Kumble, one of the most underrated bowler both in india and abroad.

hehehe. sooper.

ippo latesta players with experience venumaam sen. how abt mohinder amarnath? IMHO he will handle shoahib akhthar's short pitch stuff better than ganguly:D

nowadays for me cricket and any cricket news comes under mega -serial category...

not worth it
:).yeah right.lets bring gavaskar kapil dev back.It also means no retirement for sachin/saurav.

Definition for Indian cricket: A game played on and off the field.
Kumble is really genuine talent
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