Friday, December 23, 2005

Random notes on some movies

War of the worlds
If someone asks you which is the biggest comedy movie of 2005.You can name this one. This movie could be classified in pretty much all the genre, it is a family, drama, sci-fi, thriller, comedy movie which will horrify you in your dreams. Spielberg seemed to be running out of ideas .where is the creativity that made him take movies like duel. This movie has alien attack stuff routine. It first looked like spielberg was re doing his old classic 'encounters of the third kind'.But the movie was a family sentiment one.Alien tripods attack humans.......iam feeling weary trying to thinking about the movie and the story and iam actually not sure whether there was any story in the movie, if at all if there was any story i deliberately erased it from my mind. The climax is the most comical of the whole movie, the reason that they give for the death of the tripods is pathetic i was laughing out loud for 5 minutes. Spielberg thanxs for this wonderful comedy.

It had the easy feel & structure of a malayalam movie, but don’t have a clue why vikram choose to remake Thommanum makakallum of all the good Malayalam movies available. For there is nothing great about this story, it belongs to one of those pathetic malayalam movies.Compared to Thommanum Makkallum, pasupathy did a better job than lal and manivannan was no were near Rajan P. Dev, vikram was ok.

Who ever this guy shafi is, he seems to be very average with screenplay and pathetic with story. Hero and heorine are at logger heads. One day in order to take revenge at heroine's villain father, the hero ties the Mangal suthra casually on a street to the un expecting heroine. What does the heroine do?. She honors the sacredness of the mangal suthra and accepts the worthless rowdy as her husband and they lived happily ever after.

K.B style scene

scene 1 person X: For shafi creativity means...
scene 2 shafi buying vegetable: Kilo enna vella??

Amol Palekhar movies seemed to have grown leaps and bounds in its aesthetic contents. Paheli which follows his pleasingly picturised 'Annahat' is another great movie in the cinematography dept. For any movie shot in western india brings the magic of those parts with it.Amol palekhar gets my appreciation for not letting shahrukh khan hijack the movie with his so called ACTING. The movie based on the beautiful Rajasthan folk story duvidha, talks about a women who falls in love with a ghost.The ghost and the real person becomes metaphors for physical and spiritual, dream and reality etc. Above all the movie is about giving the choice to the women, which again follows the same theme of Amol's previous movie Anahaat.

A magical folk tale like this gives the freedom for the director to escape reality and traverse the magic land. But somehow Amol didn't play that card too much. Not sure whether it was because he didn' wanted his core theme of a women making a choice on her own getting lost in the excessive fantasy part of the story. Could have been a lot better, but none the less a nice and different movie.

Wax house
A thriller story about a bunch of people who get lost and end up in an isolated wax house and you guessed it right somebody kills them one by one, until the heroine the only person kills the bad guy and escapes. A ok movie, does its job of scaring people.

Another thriller starring val kilmer, J.It is about a bunch of FBI recruits who are taken to a isolated island for profiling practice. Some mysterious killer profiles them instead and kills them one by one and of course the heroine gets away at the end.was ok.

Sydney Pollack's interpreter is an ok one. Follows the story of an UN assembly interpreter who over hears an assassination plan. Not much scope for sean pean, so he is wasted. Not a big thriller but a ok movie.

Charlie and the chocolate factory
Jhonny Deep is awesome in the movie, through out the movie he expresses himself like a kid/girl. Otherwise its a kids movie which i might have enjoyed a lot, when i was 10 yrs old.

Two pathetic chick flicks.
Bewitched and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.Like the indian masala films there is a hollywood masala formula on how to take a chick flick and both these movies follow it to the core.It is better to watch a TV commercial over and over on an endless loop rather than watch these movies, you can save yourself the trouble of puking.

ONG BAK the thai warrior

The movie has a typical kung fu one liner story, which is to find an excuse for the hero to fight in different places. What makes the movie special is the supposedly no-string attached action sequence by the hero. But if you watch the movie as such, then the action sequence will hardly impress and the story will put you to sleep.

Sen ,
War of the worlds is a very good movie in my view point .SImply because if u compare Godizilla ,Independence Day STyle and this one - I found there was a definitive focus .The style was definetely different .The way characters are shaped up are nice .The transition that Tom Cruise from being an irresponsible person to a responsible person is clearly etched out .Its not his best ,but not definetely a joke of 2005 !!!

Secondly ,the climax was one of the perfect ending to a movie and one of the most creative .Infact the movie starts and ends with that ,thats the beauty .Infact that is how HG wells ends teh story !!!
Added-Its the aliens which die and hence tripods cannot be operated!!
Tripods are just machines!!!!!
first of all, nobody went to watch tom cruise the daddy.everybody went to see a sci-fi movie.There itself it is a big let down.

Anyways,if you have to tell the transition of a man, a brilliant and resourceful director can tell that story without a single shot of the tripods.But the gimmicky speilberg does his usual aweing the audience with big stuff routine.what was the need for all those peoples running around and tripods searching the house like an anaconda?.here itself you cna see that speilberg is raiding 2 of a personal/ family drama and the other of a big sci-fi entertainment.And if you look deeper you can see that he didn't do justice to this 2 streams also.

The alien's died.but why did they die?.A comedy reason is stated in the movie for their death :).check it out.
Hahaha... war of the worlds.! :-)

Ramki -- I was dissapointed to see this movie, because it was from Spielberg. We sure do expect something else from Berg. Also this is supposed to be a sci-fi flick but it should have been made atleast 50 years ago. :-)
I saw this movie 2 times .SOmehow i liked it .I hate totally science fiction movies .Movies with that background +Family is what my choice is .ANyway ,we like to see what we have desire - SO the perspective with which we see differs !!

I think the reason why alien die are perfect !!!That the only logical reason u can give .Thats the power of nature .We can't live on Mars and its quite possible that some alien can't live in earth .
If the alien had landed in kanda chavaandi or Dharavi ( mumbai) it wld have got instant death .Speilberg should have got selected India as the location
My answer to u is
WOW made 200$ million only due to that !!!!
Else it wld have won oscars but no $$$$
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