Saturday, December 03, 2005

Nitham Nitham

The song that is featured today is from koottup puzhukkaL.The song is an easy feel slow one with a million modulations, by who else, the one and only S.P.B.Catch hold of the wings of this butterfly, let it take you on a ride.

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hey sen..i read ur blog inspired kamal...u say he is best among only tamilians...seems u go for mohanlal or kalabhavan i saw ur other posts..can mohanlal go for variety in acting(Aboorva Sago,Avvai Shanmughi,Indian,nayagan) or can speak all Indian languages wih its native feeling..u say as if KAMAL has got three national awards without competition...and i make a point that none of maniratnam's films compose of his story..pls for god sake u don't underestimate kamal
Look at the movies that you are talking, you know who is the real hero of those movies, it is the make up man.See u r just being distracted by the visuals, the hero is never bigger than the story, and all kamal is doing is giving you another variation of what rajini and vijay are doing.
initially thought 'nitham nitham nellu choru' seeing the thread title. never heard before (came before the days i started following Dhool SOTD), nice song except for that prelude.

even though it may be makeup man,Aboorva Sagotharargal at times he melts you with his facial not convinced that mohanlal can do that...i also agree Kamal annoys sometimes by crying which Mohanlal uses by his natural flicks...but Mohanlal doesn't have differnces..all the same man with same acting skills(be any sort of emotion he is trying to express)...did u watch Aboorva Raagangal(Climax)...Kamal too has tat natural acting but he goes for extra bit...he is far far ahead of Company Mohanlal's Hindi is not upto mark and in Iruvar too he hasnt done justice to his role...
I think the prelude is the one that really enhances the song.You hear such a strong voice like that of MSV and then SPB's melodious voice comes, the contrast makes it appeal more :).

i didn't write the post to promote mohanlal.Please do see lot of good movies and you will understand what iam talking about.why dont you make a resolution to see 50 good non kamal starrer indian movies and then make a judgement on him.check out my other blog for some good movies.
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