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Spielberg's movie munich is getting released tomorrow. It is supposedly based on the munich massacre of 1972.I feel both happy and sad.Happy that one of the greatest counter terrorist operation "Wrath of God"(iam not sure whether it has any connection with the famous werner herzog movie of the same name made in 1972) is being made into a movie and sad cause speilberg is making it.

The story of munich is the massacre of 11 israeli athletes at the munich Olympics by the Terrorist of the Black September group.Black september is a group connected with the PLO and 5 of its terrorist held isreali athletes at the olympics village hostage and then murdered them.The important thing was this that the, whole incident happened in front of millions of viewers world wide. All the media that was covering the olympics covered the massacre also.The operation ended with the terrorist blowing up the helicopter in which they were about to escape, killing themselves and all the athletes. PLO got it's media exposure. It was double happy, not only did they succeed in getting across there message to the world, they also made israel loose face before the world.

What resulted after that was the secret operation "wrath of god" ordered by the iron lady of Israel, Golda meir. THE most deadliest secret service organization in the world is not CIA or KGB, it is the MOSSAD. some of MOSSAD's operation or stunning & precise.The very existence of israel in a hostile neighbourhood has been the result of some great operations & intelligence information by MOSSAD.

By the orders of the prime minister The black September group was hunted down and the brains behind the operation including Yasser arafat's favourite Ali Hassan Salameh. The operation was meticulous, agents were sent world over they followed the suspects for months before the assassination attempt and there were some mistakes also. which exposed Israel’s intentions.

But their success made the terrorist go into hiding into various parts of the world.But MOSSAD came after them, directly with its agents and indirectly through some hired specialists. It is said that when a terrrorist is assassinated, the family of the dead athlete will get an anonymous call. The caller will just say that we want you to watch the TV news tonight, and when they do watch, the headlines will be that the terrorist responsible for the murder of their family member was assassinated that day.The telephone calls where supposedly made by isreali secret service.

It was an ambitious operation worth telling as a movie, watching the whole operation as a documentary in discovery channel itself was exciting for a MOSSAD fan like me.But the sad thing is that this movie is being done by spielberg. He will invariably muddle the movie with sentiments and elevated music and family drama. After watching war of the worlds iam little afraid about this movie, Actually and iam not able to overcome my nightmares of "war of the world" to go and watch this movie. I wish some european director had directed this movie in a cinema verite style.But only the usual spielberg/maniratnam style of taking a sensational story and messing it up with family sentiments is what is available.

Anyways,every operation by MOSSAD is an exciting novel. Forget the rober ludlum books, read books on MOSSAD operations .Read their role in safeguarding their country in "Oh Jerusalem" by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins. MOSSAD has numerous successful operations.

Some movie based on MOSSAD operations

Raid on Entebbe:

One of the stunning rescue operation every made. Israel commondo's rescued the passengers of an israeli airplane which was hijacked by Palestine terrorist and grounded in uganda.The ruler that time was Idi amin dada, who was sideing with the terrorist and was not co operating with israel.The operation was done without Uganda knowing anything, it was surprised when the rescue operation happenend. Dont want to give out how the operation was done. watch it.

There is another verison of the same operation "victory at entebbe",not sure about that one cause this is the version that i saw.This verison has some actors who took part in the real operation.

The Man Who Captured Eichmann

This is a movie about the post world war MOSSAD operations to capture the escaped NAZI generals.One of the important guy was Adolf Eichmann(played by Robert Duvall), who was the emigration officer responsible for sending the jews out of germany and then was responsible for transporting the jews to gas chambers. He seemed to have sent over five million Jews to their deaths by way of his trains. MOSSAD wanted him and whole isreal wanted him.He was hiding in Argentina, again MOSSAD planned the operation to perfection and gets him back to isreal without the Argentinean government knowing anything. How they transport eichman back to isreal is an interesting climax to the movie.


very interesting sen

i too want to know about MOSSAD. koncham kelvi patrukken :)

unga alavukku ellam theriyadhu. pesama neenga madhan /sujatha madhiri magazines la badhil eludhalaam:))
read "Oh jerusalem" great book.will tell a lot about israel.

sujatha and madhan itself have now become redundant.when you have google who needs them or me :).
Mossad has been the most fearsome and the deadliest of the intelligence organizations.since Israel's neighbours and sometimes event certain western wolrd powers are dead set against Israel....hence...Mossad has has done the right eye for an eye..
Be it intelligence gathering,assasinations ...anything u name....and mossad has been the exceptionally successfull...
Our indian agencies should learn something from this organization...MOSSAD...

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