Sunday, December 18, 2005

It's a shame

Can the ganguly issue get any worse than this?.I used to respect Somnath Chatterjee, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee & Soumitra Chatterjee.They are all turning out to be bunch of jokers in this issue.It is a crying shame that this issue is going to be discussed in parliment.I think we can soon expect a discussion why mithun chakraborthy is not given Bharath Ratna in the parliment?.when a farmer is dieing every 22 hours in vidharbha,when there are so many pressing issues in the country to be discussed.The important thing that these benglai politican's want to discuss is why a poor performer like ganguly was dropped from the team.

Atleast this joke has opened a bigger discussion on the selection proses.The BCCI should come out with certain rules on the selection process.A criteria or a point system for selecting someone into the team.That would have prevented this whole controversy.The team would have dropped ganguly a few years back.

ennachu sen, even u r devoting 2 posts for this 'sappai matter'?
PK got a point haha
sappai matter pathi exhuthunathan neenga comment panringa.... athunala than :).no i wrote to tell that there are so many important things but the parliment is giving more importance to this.
I don't think its a crime to discuss the process behind national selection in the parliament ,if the selection process itself is crap.A good 30 min discussion aimed at establishing a process or just forming a Revuiew committee will do a lot of good .After all ,its important you have a good process to select the persons whom u represent the Indian Team .

But the thing is this cannot happen every time .Once it needs to happen ,u forma process a review commitee and thats it .
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