Thursday, December 15, 2005

Gael Garcia Bernal

The people who are seeking a fair trade by the WTO have some celebrity voices to support them.One of them is Gael Garcia Bernal the man who played Che Guevara in the Motor cycle Diaries.You may think he is supposed to change after understanding and acting the part of an inspiring character like che Guevara.But actually gael has been as activist for quite sometime.During the iraq invasion the atmosphere in USA was such that any one who spoke against iraq invasion was considered a traitor.Becuase of that the whole hollywood kept its mouth shut during the 2003 oscars. Nobody dared to open their mouth, which included many champions of free speech. Very few people expressed their opinions against the iraqi invasion at the oscars.Off course michael moore gave his famous impromptu speech and adrian broody his sentimental one.Other than them there was another person who stood up and talked against the invasion, it was Gael garcia bernal.He had became an international hit with Amores perros , Yu Tu Mamá También and was asked to introduced the Oscar-nominated song for the mexican film Frida.

Before doing that he gave a small speech.He didn't go ballistic like moore, he was calm and composed in the speech he quoted painter frida kahlo. "I don't paint my dreams, I paint my reality " and used that to say "The necessity for peace in the world is not a dream, it's a reality. We are not alone. If Frida was alive, she'd be on our side -- against war".

So he has been an activist for quite a while.His current support to the aid group Oxfam's campaign for fair trade at the World Trade Organization meeting in Hong Kong is kind of personal.He say's he was moved by the plight of his uncles, aunts and cousins whose farms are suffering under free trade.

"Bernal said U.S. corn imports flooding into Mexico at low prices under the North American Free Trade Agreement are driving Mexican corn farmers out of business, endangering a crop that has a long tradition in Mexican culture. He said the genetically modified U.S. corn doesn't taste as good as white corn grown in Mexico".
Read more about his views here

Us corn dumping in mexico
kofi annan urges to end trade distorting subsidies

What is now called "free trade" is not actually free trade at all. Just like The Brits destroyed our textile business and the legacy continues.....
Though the anti-WTO protests happening now haven't reached Seattle-levels, it gives us hope, nevertheless
yep.It is Neither FREE nor FARE.The protests will always be big if the WTO meeting is held within USA.The liberal's here never miss a chance like these.
Hey Sen,
I think u mean Michael Moore and not the James Bond Roger Moore!Yes,i loved Motorcycle Diaries and his acting in Bad Education,to me personally,was his best!Didn't knew he was an activist too!That just puts his movies in more perspective now.
Looks like our celebrities do have something to learn from this guy.
:) did i write roger moore that was funny.i corrected it.Yes he is an activist.I saw the review in ur page.I wrote about it long before.same with before sunset.

yeah.our celebrities hardly speak out against things.except for pressing problems like ganguly being dropped from the indian team.
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