Friday, December 16, 2005

Emotional cricket

Ganguly sacking issue is being talked by everyone from film stars, MP's to the BCCI cheif. Just dont understand what all these people have got to do selecting a cricket team for india.This is far worse than the politics that is ruining cricket. Sourav has become the new symbol of Bengali identity which is being crushed by the rest of india. And bengali pride can be restored only if a no gooder like him is re instated into the team and plays for the country for the rest of his life.Seriously if not now, when can we drop saurav?.

The problem with indians is most of them are so emotional that they start thinking with their hearts and not with their brains. It does not matter that australia, england, south africa, pakistan all have a strong team now.All that matters is that the bengali pride should be restored, we will see to the performances later.

There seems to be total confusion from many of the peoples who are commenting. Many peoples are saying that he should have been given a honorable exit.Yes agreed, he deserves that.But when did saurav say that he is quitting from international cricket.If sourav would have told everyone that he is quitting at the end of this series or next series everybody would have understood it and let him stay.Only because he thinks that he has lot of cricket left in him, he has been dropped like any other non performing player.He can proove himself at the local level and come into the team when ever he wants.

The scare for most of the sourav fan's is that he cannot raise from his present level.If he really has that same batting fluency that he had few years before.He would score centuries after centuries in the duleep and ranji trophy and obviously he would be noted.But we all know the truth, he is not going to do it.It is going to take some time for him to get back his batting skills.He is not the old sourav he was.So with all the antics everyone is letting this non performer piggy back on his past records and the fact that he was one of the successful captains.

We cannot keep him for his old records or cause he was a former captain.The only reason why he was in the team was cause he was the captain and he was backed by dalmia, otherwise he should have gone long before for his non performance.

Saurav still contributes to the opposing team by his sloppy running between the wickets.You can see how double careful sachin is when they are both on the crease, and for that matter anybody else in the indian team is little doubtful when it comes to saurav.The reason why saurav cannot shine even in local matches is, even a rookie bowler from a tiny state knows how to get saurav out.He still hasn't corrected his big mistakes or even seemed to have made any efforts in that direction. Imagine you are making yuvraj and kaif sit in the bench when this non performing lazy guy is given the cap.

Kiran Moore and greg chappell have done what india needs.International cricket is not a Rajinikanth movie. There are no superstars in the team.A player should be evaluated only on the past 10/15 matches. Records should not matter.If he has been failing consistently he has to go and correct himself at the local matches and comeback, that holds good for sachin too.To put it simply, a player should make himself worthy of the indian cap which carries the aspirations of a billion people.

I am still laughing at the "Rajnikanth movie" line!The real problem is nobody knows what the selection criteria is.As you say,if they make performance in past 10 matches as the yardstick, that gives an opportunity for any player,viewer and selector to evaluate runs/wickets in that period, taken under team's cause.That would also motivate players/stars in our team to know,a big performance is due on them else they will be shown the door,be it Sachin or Yuvi or Dravid!If they had done that two years ago, we wont be discussing Ganguly issue now and he wud have gone after the Aussie tour of India or atleast Pakistan test mishap in the first test! true! And how timely! :)
We need someone to say that. It's good that you stood up Sen.

-- Akshaya
wished they did it 2 years before.well then there was another coach, who ganguly never gave his respect.

:) thanxs.
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