Thursday, December 15, 2005

China massacre's protestors

China shot down around 20 villagers of the Dongzhou province.They were demonstrating against the lack of compensation for land confiscated by the government to build a power plant.

Believing that local officials had stolen the compensation funds, farmers have staged protests outside the construction site since October. Local fishermen also charged that the project would spoil fishing in a lake.

The state-owned Guangdong Red Bay Generation is building the power plant as part of $US700 million government project to supply electricity needs to the region’s booming industrial and urban development.
The confrontation was typical of the tension across China between economic development, which runs about 9 percent a year, and farmers' desire to retain the land that they regard as security for their families. The tension is particularly acute here in Guangdong province and the Pearl River Delta, where during the past two decades of economic liberalization, factories and dormitories have steadily eaten away at the rice paddies, corn fields and fruit orchards that used to flourish in the warm, wet climate.more


yes the chinese model of ruling is strewn with human-rights abuses which the world (especially the intellectuals in india) would not bother about.

I wrote about it recently on my blog

do take a look and a fresh new post much more hard hitting and looking at it from the view-point of what it is we should learn from is on its way...

I would link your article to mine..

thanks for sharing

Sen I did read that, not only this, there is more going on there, but indian press hardly covers them.
thanxs vasu,
will check it out.

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