Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Black Friday

Atlast got to see the BANNED movie. Definitely a very different movie.The movie is raw, realistic and hard hitting.

It tells the story of How the bombay blasts happened .It starts from the incident and takes us on the trip of how the police pieced all the information together.The movie which does a "how the incident happened?", somewhere in between changes to "Why the incident happened?".The movie which meticulously constructs the whole story of the blast goes to the roots and completes the circle.The vicious circle of violence from the bombay riots to the bombay blast.

The movie follows an internationally old filming style of Cinema Verite, but a first as far as indian movies are concerned."Battle of Algiers" is supposed to be one of the best examples of cinema verite style.This documentary style flm making focuses on realism and the idea, rather than a story about a protagonist(Means no hero, think about that an indian movie without an hero, isn't this movie different?).In the movie you can see that the, scenes are short, no dramatics, spatial and temporal discontinuity, realistic characters, real locations, non judgmental characterization, news clip inserts for authenticity etc all of them adding to the realism in the movie.The fact that the movie jumps from character to character and different locations break the audience continuity on the individuals and makes them focus on the incident.

The script is awesome, because the movie follows the non linear narration which depends on the information that became available to police and not a complete timeline narration, anurag is able to jump from bombay blast to ISI training to ayodhya incident with ease.He seems to have painstakingly constructed the movie.The movie when breaken into scenes will go into 100 and 100 of small scenes taking place in various locations.The movie is shot in bombay, calcutta, delhi,jaipur and many villages.To capture them one by one at various places that too for a scene that wont even appear for a minute in the movie is just awesome.

Anurag kashyap

Anurag does not take any sides and provides the movie from a journalistic point of view.He could have shown more about the root causes of the bombay blasts like the bombay riots and the babri masjid issue, but i guess that would be an entirely different movie.This is all he can show within the context of the blast i guess.

when the movie is seriously narrating about something you can see the screen play just break from the conventional style and does something different.A guy steeling from the dead bodies at the blast site, the inspector who feels bad to eat before the constable.And there is this guy who finds the unexploded scooter.He keeps saying that he always doubted there was something wrong about the scooter to who ever he sees.And when serious information are coming about the conspiracy the scene cuts to this small child which talks about how tiger memon, their angry neighbor shouted at the kids who were playing outside his house.The scene does not add anything to the investigation, anurag just takes his liberty and provides a lighter moment.

It's pathetic that this movie is banned.The book has been freely available for so many years but the movie that was based on the book is banned.

The movie addressing the blind peoples of both communities, starts and ends with Gandhi's statements "An eye for an eye will leave the world blind".

Pavan malhotra is great in the movie.

Got to watch it atleast once.

Music by Indian Ocean

Hey, its so wonderful you posted a review of this movie. Sometime very soon, I am definitely going to watch it. The style Cinema Verite that you talk about, was a revealation to me. But I hope you do not indicate that the indian cinema needs to switch to it for I wouldn't agree to that. Yet, I compeletely resonate with the idea of such narrative when the camera is merely trying to capture brief and representative glimpses of a tragedy as broad as this in its scope. When you focus on characters, and tell a story through them, its an absolutely different story.

Btw, I am a huge fan of Pawan Malhotra. There is little doubt that you have seen his 'Saleem Langde pe Mat Ro' which is such a brilliant movie. Incase you have not, please do review it :)

-- Akshaya
yeah the style fitted this movie, it wont fit the regular stories.
SLPMR is already there buddy...

Would you also be kind enough to suggest how you managed to see the film?? Is a pirated copy available in the market?
the movie was officialy released in USA.In ran in theaters here.Anyways want to talk to me.

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