Monday, December 12, 2005

21 Grams

The movie starts with scenes of different characters going about there own life and with every incident you come to know that there is a big time and spacitial discontinuity happening in the story.You are left in a state of confususion cause you are not sure of the time period in which things are happening.By this time you should guess that there is some latin writter or director behind the movie.Yes that's right the movie is directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu,the mexican director of Amores Perros.Like Amores Perros this movie also involves 3 characters and one accident that binds them all.But this is very different from amores perros.

The three characters in this movie are Paul Rivers (Sean Penn) a mathematics professor on the verge of his death, ex-con Jack Jordan (Benicio Del Toro) who has reformed and have taken to god to save him and house wife Cristina Peck (Naomi Watts) who is happyily married.Jordon is the driver who causes an accident and it affects all there lives.Paul river fights for his life, naomi watts fights to forget the past and come to terms with her present while jordon's spirituality is tested after the accident.

Apart from the narration style the great thing about the movie is its cast.Three awesome performers have given wonderful performance in this movie.Sean,naomi and Bencio have done a wonderful job in this movie.Not many people are going to appreciate the narration style for sure.But even if you dont like the narration style, you can watch it for the acting.

The narration style actually does not add that much to the story like amorres perros.In this movie actually it dilutes the impact of many emotional scenes as the spacial and time jumps keep happing all through out the dont see a scene for a long time and before you could fully grasp it the scene cuts to a entirely different time and emotion.

All the characters in the movie represent certain things.Paul Rivers who knows the worth of a life is able to forgive, help. Cristina Peck who wants revenge represents hate and grief.Jordon represents guilt and repeant.Through these three people we go alternate between these emotions to understand the value of a life.

A movie is worth watching for the innovative naration style and the awesome performance of the lead actors.

Couldnt see it yet. :( Another movie buff friend told me its really good.
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