Friday, November 11, 2005

Word verification

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Think there should be some limit on the number of words used for word verification. If i have to leave a comment like 'Good post' or 'Good One' i have to type in more or almost the same number of letters for word verification as my comments.

Hahaha... very true. And sometimes, the letters are too small and would have to resubmit the comment. Thank God, this time I got only a 5 letter word. :D
Oh yes so totally agree and in readable print
Yeah, you are right...I am laughing here.!! At this rate..pretty soon...Google Word verification..would change to 'SENTENCE VERIFICATION'

LOL :)
LOL @ N.Venkitu! (sentence verification!!!) :D
Good post :-)

(typed word: wyzqfbza)
agree with gets pretty irritating.
hahahaha... sometimes, the image is so damn complex that i type it wrong and re-type another word :-)
guys,Thanxs for the comments .Had to type an eight letter word to post this comment :)
Sen ,
It makes sense only for the following reason

1.AVoiding automatic posting .

2.The automatic posting programs may have OCR to read the characters .Thats why its atleast 5 characters and its always tilted to avoid OCR from reading it .
and they dun have a copy paste on the word verification.. i was so tempted to do that..

grrr.. qswsovl.

I thot i had a good typing speed..I take back.
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